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The Funny Pages – Morgan Freeman, Incest At Its BEST!

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What happened Morgan? You went to drop your step daughter off to the Day Care Center and thought you were in the nightclub with all of those young nubile chicks that were learning the ABC’s! Come on man! There isn’t ANY excuse!

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The LanceScurv Talk Show – Sexual Fetishes: Are We Afraid To Share What Makes Us Tick?

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Our Secret Fetishes: Are We Afraid To Share What Makes Us Tick? How many of us know that we have an advanced turn on that the world may night understand completely that we also might be too ashamed to share with our partner/mate or spouse? Sexuality is more mental than many of us care to […]

Backed By God But Ruled By Fear!

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Always stand up for what’s right even when it may be something that would be easy to avoid. You must know that YOU are the representative of your God and MUST do as He would in every moment of your walk in this life! Anything else would be considered a sin!

Jenna Jameson

The Tortured Souls And Eternal Damnation Of The Merchants Of Lust!

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I mean, many young ladies and gents have figure this out from a young age because of the amount of wayward older predators that have approached them in unsavory manners for the purpose of pleasuring themselves at the expense of their intended victims. So why not get the attention along with some cash for all of the bother some might say?

If You Think That Is A Threat Then It Must Be Doing Something Right!

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While I pale in comparison to those great examples of strength who have boldly spoken truth to power, nonetheless in the present day with all of the technological tools that I have at my disposal as a citizen of this country, have become somewhat of a “little potential threat” to SOMEONE who may feel as though too many people are listening to what I have to say.


MadamWhipAss Speaks #1 – Eddie Long & Creflo Dollar

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Madamwhipass shares her insights on Eddie Long & Creflo Dollar in a prequel to a later more detailed report on the tactics of cults and wayward predatory churches.

When Will Some Of Us Realize That Some Things Will Never Change?

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Know that you were born with a divine purpose that is so much bigger than wasting your energy on a street corner waving a huge sign to campaign for a politician who in the end doesn’t give a damn about you when all is said and done.

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