My Advice To Naive Men On The Predatory Jezebels Of The World

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First off, let me say that this blog article was NOT meant as a put down to all women as I love women and respect the sanctity of womanhood but as you all know I can be very blunt and somewhat raw when needed. That being said, we all know that there are women who are not living up to their divine position in the world and utilize their womanly assets both physical and spiritual for their own advantage not caring about the broken men and emotional carnage left behind in such a cold hearted fashion. I call them Predatory Jezebels.

Kim Kardasian & Kanye West

Late Nights With LanceScurv # 33

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Late Nights With LanceScurv is the new name of The LanceScurv Late Night Off The Chain After Party but with the same old fun and unscripted spontaneity that it has always been with the completely uncensored manner that our After Party Series of programs has been know for!

We welcome you as always to join us for the free flowing adult conversation that has made this particular slot a very popular destination for those who can’t yet find a reason to call it a night and close their eyes. That’s okay because if the truth be told, there are literally millions of you out here who feel the same way to and now have a place to go to when those feelings hit.

We talk about everything and ANYTHING GOES! Consider it a much needed vacation from an overbearing confining and anal retentive world!

Black Couple

The LanceScurv Late Night Sex Show # 4

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The LanceScurv Late Night Sex Show is an open forum live discussion between adults of all sensual/sexual tastes arriving from ALL lifestyle preferences dealing with the specifics of all things sexual that most are afraid to acknowledge in their personal lives.

I’ve found personally that too many people are not in touch with their erotic selves and have an abundance of hangups that usually have roots in their upbringing that block or filter out all possibility of the pleasure that they can potentially receive in the present.

Wealth & Greed

That Malignant Tumor Called Money, Wealth & Greed

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Money is a very emotional issue for many people whether they care to admit it or not, it’s an issue that can ruin lives and snatch your sanity in the twinkling of an eye as well as cause your spouse to be a memory at the sign of the first zero balance statement.

It used to be where money was merely a means of having a fare transaction for services rendered or items purchased but in 2013 it means a whole lot more.

The downsides and negative aspects of money are comparable to a malignant tumor that has spread to every aspect of our lives infecting it with a “get money at all costs” mindset. It is deadly because it moves undetected amongst the masses and only rears its ugly head when a situation arises to show what that person has become from within by their self centered attitude, greed and narcissism when feeling superior to all on a financial level.

Pope Resigns

The LanceScurv Monday Night Open Discussion # 35

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Every week on our LanceScurv Monday Night Open Discussion Forum ( we always enjoy an open yet laid back mature adult discussion on the various issues and topics that are on our mind at this time.

The conversation can and will flow in many directions as there is no set topic to speak on. The beauty of the program is that it will manifest in a truly unexpected manner.

Politics, religion, life experiences, sports, relationships, health, current events, sexuality and the full range of the human experience good and bad, accepted and taboo will be welcomed and embraced on this special night!

You are invited to join us to buckle your seats belt and get ready for the cerebral ride of your life!
Once you get a taste of our style of release, you WILL be addicted!

LanceScurv @ The Beach

The Unseen Shackles Of Time

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To acknowledge the time of the clock only and fight against your own internal timepiece will only cause you to miss out on the sweetest days of your life. You see, I hear so many employed people speak of that grand time when they will finally have their two weeks off of the job on vacation. But when they finally get it they complain how fast it went because they were more focused on the clock more than their “state of being” which is the element that drops the soul into any moment.


Was Fantasia’s Delusional Grand Diva Internet Brat Rant Toward Jet Magazine Really Necessary?

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After hearing of the classless Instagram social media rant attack that Fantasia Barrino levied on the one and only Jet magazine for not using her submitted current photos for her cover shot but chose to use a picture that’s approximately ten years old for its March 18, 2013 issue, I wondered if the current crop of today’s so called stars are delusional spoiled brats who are out of touch with reality.

Here are Fantasia’s exact words: “This saddens Me!!! It is clear that this picture is 10 Years Old and JET Magazine puts it on the Cover!! After I send them the NEW LOOK AND DIRECTION. . SAD!!! I WANT A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM JET. Now I’m not sure if the interview is correct. SEE!! America they and use me as they crash Dummy BUT NO MORE. IF I DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING ILL FALL FOR ANYTHING,”

…….now was this REALLY necessary?

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