In front of the Seminole County Criminal Court, a very level headed Shauntel Wimberly shares her feelings on the George Zimmerman case that was actually taking place mere yards away in the Courthouse behind her.
Her fair and balanced outlook on a very touchy and emotional situation shows that one doesn’t necessarily have to be unaware of the dynamics of a case of this magnitude to be a great juror if the opportunity presented itself.

What do think of her expressions? Leave your comments below.

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sarah says:

GZ is going down.

Lady P. says:

Well said. I do believe the truuth will adventully surface. And justice will be served. :)

mable says:

At least she’s honest,regauding both sides

Speedy Johnson says:

Shauntel makes a good point. Right is right,and wrong is wrong. Zimmerman should’ve stayed in his car until backup arrived. Or until real law enforcement arrive. And this would all have been advoided.