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Indiana Governor Restricts LGBT Religious Rights Just In Time For Easter & Passover!

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Dr. Ramona Brockett speaks on Indiana Governor Mike Pence & his move to restrict the religious rights of the LGBT community & its surrounding issues.


After The Verdict: How To Shut Down Corporate Amerikkka! – The LanceScurv Show

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While many will split hairs defending the Not Guilty Verdict in the George Zimmerman case, to battle those who are in denial of how the laws were manipulated to paint an entirely different picture of the actual tragedy would be a waste of time. Black people as well as many others are simply sick and […]

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The LanceScurv Show – Can You Test Drive A Marriage Through Cohabitation?

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It doesn’t mean that ALL unions of holy matrimony are going to take a turn for the worse because a marriage is only as strong as the individuals who have made the initial commitment. Heck, their are people who are joined together in the trial period of living together and can’t stand each other and are only together because it is cheaper to remain in that arrangement. That’s the sad part because they are technically free but are stuck due to their lacking the funds to be out on their own.

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The Gantt Report – Riding The Black Man’s Coattails

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In politics, Black coattails are worse. Non-Black voters in America are divided. Some voters are Republican, some are Democratic. Some voters are liberal, some are conservative. The only true block vote in America is the Black vote. Ninety percent of whites don’t normally vote for one party or one candidate nor does ninety percent of Hispanics or women. When every other voting group is divided, whoever gets the Black vote in a strong Black turnout has a good chance of winning.

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