10% Sugar Daddy Pimp – 90% Damn Fool! A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Woman!

The dating scene these days are so different from what it was a few short decades ago. Forget about the art of courting someone to see if they are a suitable mate who might make a great potential life partner, no, it’s not even about that anymore! It’s about straight up dollars and cents! Many of our young men possess the mindset of wanna-be po’ pimps and too many of our young women are playing the role of independent contractor hoes!

The males slap “high fives” with each other every time they “score” to degrade another chick while embarking on the age old male ritual of sharing the sordid details of what specific acts of freakishness were performed and how “good” they were executed so that this young girl’s most intimate expressions are now publicly plastered across the mind of every person in that particular inner circle for the sole purpose of being the current gossip item of the day!

But the world that we live in has thrown a monkey wrench in those grand bottom feeder plans and ghetto posturing indeed! The current economic storm has made the lofty goals of our misguided youth who think in this manner appear to be nothing more than a circus sideshow!

Yet they refuse to stop their foolish ways regardless!

In a time where living in excess is a remote memory that seems to have never existed, we have those who attempt to appear to have more material possessions and financial means than what they really have to impress (?) others in order to satisfy the pain of a personal self esteem deficiency.

No one wants to admit that the pickin’s are slim and there is just not the same amount of available money floating around to carry on so foolishly!

But yet I still see our young men “doing what they GOT to do” to maintain this image of flashing the rent money and putting their freedom at risk by indulging in the illegal underworld activities to merely have some flashy rims, an expensive car and some extra cash for beer, smoke and a cheap hotel room for a night of procreational activities with an interchangeable piece of booty whose only purpose there is to get as much money as they possibly can before moving on to the next wanna-be pimp!

You seem to be a bit quiet over there as you read this. Are you shocked at what I just said? Why? This is known to be a common practice amongst our youth and their sexual liaisons are not based on finding the love of their LIFE but merely finding a piece of ass for the NIGHT! And these young women who now possess the mentality of shrewd veteran prostitutes are “oh so willing” to thoroughly accommodate the carnal desires of these goonish clowns!

I know you’ve witness the changing tide of the present day in comparison to a time not to long ago when “certain activities and exchanges” were contained and relegated to specific predetermined areas of the city that were usually called Red Light Districts.

Now? HA!

There ARE no boundaries to corral the public posturings of the young wanna-be pimps and the Jerry Springer inspired-Maury Povich Show destined hookers who “love” them!

These misled young women on a mission brazenly walk amongst those of us who are trying hard to live a decent life in search of their next victim who will pay their rent, finance their next trip to the beauty parlor or subsidized their ever mounting baby sitter fees!

You see, many of these young women didn’t get into selling their wares for the highly projected glamorous life that many are duped into believing after watching the few Hollywood creations that mislead one into thinking that this is such a lucrative profession. No! These women are whoring themselves out because they are merely trying to make ends meet and ANYWHERE and ANYONE is fair game if they are capable of paying them to have a “good time!”

So while back in the day we might have caught a “glimpse” of something wayward going down in the street if we happened to be driving through the Red Light District, we weren’t shocked at anything that we saw down in those parts because that was the area FOR those things to go on and if you weren’t into those things you were even embarrassed to SAY that you were even down there! Lol!

But oh how times have changed!

The entire town is now a newly converted Red Light District and Hoe Stroll as our young (And NOT too young!) women brazenly prowl the shopping malls, supermarkets and residential streets dressed in a manner that let’s you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are out here for a reason and that they can be “had” for a price!

Tattooed heavily lotioned bulging breasts barely contained in the strained fabric of a skimpy top that’s threatening to burst to the delight of their peripherally blessed salivating onlookers…….pushed, propped up and set on public display to be ogled – like that meat shop butcher who puts his best cuts of meat in the window – to catch the wandering eyes of any man or women who might be able to ease the strain of her seemingly endless personal responsibilities in this age of ever rising inflation.

Skirts that are so short that a belt would cover more than that dress ever could, are the main reasons for most non routine traffic jams that would otherwise not exist if not for the men who refuse to focus on the task of safe driving in order to steal those voyeuristic glances beyond their abilities to multitask an fantasize at the same time.

Or maybe some will utilize their preferred method of auctioning off their wares by laying low out of the public eye to be a modern day Tele-Hoe, you know, whoring online from the comfort of their own home.

While the business lingo of these “stealth hoes” are not as cut, dried and raw as what would be shared on a late night darkened street corner between the prostitute and her potential customer, it still leaves nothing to the imagination and confirms all hunches beyond a shadow of a doubt.

It’s all about money. Nothing more. Nothing less.

While the best of them will make you feel as though it may be a little more than a business exchange, this is only to make the experience more palatable and enjoyable to possibly facilitate a return appointment.

Believe the illusion if you want to, “dem hoes” don’t love you! They are cold-hearted vipers who are only out to get what they want, straight up assassins, and if you want to stroke your ego by having a private sex toy and trophy by your side, then pay the price and the fleeting dream can be yours Mr. Paymaster! Lol!

How are going to be a Sugar Daddy Pimp when all that you have is lint in your pocket and the only money that you have on that debit card is the overdraft protection that your bank affords your dumb ass!

Give me a break!

Just because times are hard you need to know how these chicks are still getting money! Do you really think that YOU are the only one that they are playing? Please don’t tell me that you really believe you are the only one. See, back when things were good and money was flowing freely, these types didn’t have to run around with so many men to get what they wanted. They would find some weak married man to milk of his resources and ride the gravy train until the wheels fell off…….and it seemed like it would NEVER end!

But flash forward to the present time and many of these weak minded men have gotten strong and wizened up. They are crying broke and keeping what little money that they have in their pockets. If anything, they will splurge a little every now and then but from what I have observed with these types, they aren’t paying anyone’s rent anymore because they are having a hard time paying their own!

So instead of messing with one married man who only now has about a ten percent disposable income to pay out for the lustful activities with his designated mistress, she is now messing with TEN MARRIED MEN at ten percent so that at the end of the day they are getting a FULL SALARY! It’s plenty of work but they see each man very infrequently and not as regular like they did before. Now that is an extreme scenario but they do exist and I only shared this insight with you to show you the depths that some women will go to to get money without having a job.

And to you ladies who play this game with your sanctity, don’t believe that this hustle will last forever. It’s only a matter of time before you realize how short a shelf life your goodies really have. it truly will be a rude awakening when you see that you have given your most sacred possession away as the masses of men who you have formerly captivated with your charms now pay you no mind.

These fickle carnally driven weak souls will now swoop down on the next generation of foolish women who have been duped into feeling that what they have has never before been seen and experienced in a world that they are determined to conquer.

Are we an artificially grafted nigger culture whose mindsets were created in the covert Hollywood studio laboratories who are now programmed to relate to each other on such low barbaric terms? Why as men do we see in a woman a mere disposable object of pleasure and not the divine creation of this world that God meant for her to be? Why have our women given up on ever receiving the righteous respectable treatment due to a Queen that the women of other cultures get as a mandatory amenity? Why have we all settled for less and take this stripped down Pimp and Hoe mentality as the norm in how we relate to one another? We have the high standards vanished to? How long can we go on like this before we are degraded down to the next level of low down standards?

I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me 20 years ago that things have been dumbed down to the level between the sexes as it has!

…….and trust me, we haven’t hit rock bottom or seen the worst of it yet!

So to all of you men who think it is so cool to treat our women in the manner that you do, know that you are perpetuating an agenda that fits deliciously into the plans of your oppressor as you have made his job one of the easiest on the face of the earth! You are now the chief exploiters of our women and as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said time and time again – “A nation can rise no higher than its woman!”

Let me also say that as a man you cannot place the blame on the women who are already engaged in this sick activity of whoredom which has become a cancer in our communities as though it is their fault! No!

We have to still treat them with a respect due to a Queen because this is the only way that we will be able to reach their minds to help them to change! Sure, their titties are hanging out but that doesn’t mean that you have to emulate a dog in heat and keep your gaze transfixed on them as you engage in conversation with her! No! You talk to her and look her straight in the eyes to communicate to her in a manner that she will receive as obviously different from the other men who only want her for the pleasure that she has for sale.

How else will she be able to compare the difference between the two if you don’t treat her with a respect that she is not used to?

This will make her willing to hear what you have to say in a Godly way as this approach will always have a high success rate because she won’t detect any hidden sexual agenda. Her guards will come down and her consciousness will have a better shot of being restored over time but it won’t happen overnight.

So do NOT be part of the problem and commit to being part of the solution. Whether you know it or not you can make a huge difference by shedding the Sugar Daddy Pimp Mentality and being a righteous Sugar Daddy possessing an unlimited store of Godly wisdom to the hungry masses who are not being fed the right spiritual food properly and are suffering from a malnutrition of the soul.

Our nation will never rise if we as men stay determined to be that 90% damn fool…….

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