10 Tips To Living A Vastly Improved Life!

When a person surpasses the half century mark, their thinking is a lot different than when they were approaching their 30’s or even their 40’s for that matter.

There is something so magical in a great and frightening way about passing that half century mark in ones life.

On a psychological level for many it is the point of no return.

I mean, you can’t merely explain away a lifetime of transgressions when you are over 50 the same way you can when you are 25 because you no longer have the stupidity of youth to use as your scapegoat.

Whatever is lurking internally in your character you will have to face if exposed and for most what’s unearthed may not be too much of a pretty picture at all.

But when you reach this junction point in life, the passage of time and the granting of a new day is understood as being that much more of a gift because you’ve seen so many of your peers pass on never to see the light of the day that you now enjoy.

While we all must pass on, I feel that too many of us rush ourselves to that point prematurely by the life robbing practices that we willingly indulge in thinking for some reason that we are exempt from paying the price with a shortened life.

Many will say that “we are all going to die anyway” but when one tells me that it shows me that they do not have an overall appreciation for the gift of life that they have been blessed to experience.

God, the ultimate gift giver, just might take someone saying that about the life that He has gifted to them as an insult and a slap in the face.

Anyone who has given a person a gift would understand that feeling of not being appreciated if they told them that “the gift you gave to me is going to break anyway so why should I take care of it and preserve it?”

10 Tips Graphic

So to do everything that you can do to preserve life is one way of showing your Creator that you truly appreciate what He has given you and maybe just maybe He might extend that gift a whole lot longer if you are doing right by it!

…….that’s just my personal opinion on it.

But personally, being the happy eccentric that I am, have a few “off the beaten path” type of practices that I’ve done for many years that I feel will not only keep you here for many more years than the average person (barring an unfortunate accident) but also increase the quality of YOUR life as far as how much satisfaction that YOU extract from it.

Here they are in no particular order of importance:

Sleep Until You Wake Up Naturally:

Sleep in this modern society has no respect as it has become something that we have to do between the more “important”tasks of making more money and having more fun.

Too many from what I’ve seen will even use substances like Cocaine and other drugs to push past the normal limits of physical output just to avoid the “time wasting” practice of getting a good night’s rest.


These types of people simply do not know that the fountain of youth resides in those delicious hours of slumber where so many processes transpire that will make our lives that much more pleasurable and our performances on so many levels that much stronger.

When we lack sleep over a prolonged period of time, I believe that we are doing irreparable damage to ourselves and cause our natural defenses to illness and physical breakdown to fall low in a world where so much comes at us in the form of germs, stress other people’s damn issues!

Get your rest and be prepared for a life of success all the while enjoying every minute of the journey!

Never Eat Around People You Don’t Know Or Are Confirmed As Negative:

Eating – whether you know it or not – is an intimate act on the same level as having sex.

Eating is so much more than throwing down some food merely to knock the hunger away at the present moment.

Your natural physical hunger is also a call for you to sit down in meditation. Most people don’t get it as the art of absorbing our nutrition has been reduced to doing anything to avoid hunger but not allowing ourselves to replenish our spirits and recalibrate the direction that our lives are going in.

Friends Eating Together

Can you remember a time when whole entire families would sit around the dinner table to eat and discuss how their days went and what their dreams and aspirations were?

Well is it a surprise that because we have turned away from this divine practice of bonding that our collective lives feel that much colder as well as the world?

This is because there is so much more going on in the spirit realm when you sit down to consume a healthy meal with others. While your digestive system readily accepts and absorbs the nutrition that you put down, it also absorbs what is going on around you at the moment as far as the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the people around you.

So if you have someone who is full of jealousy and/or hate, you will absorb some of this into your system and possibly begin to feel that something is “off” in your own spirit. You just might – if not strong enough – begin to project those toxic thoughts out to the world as though they were originally your own!

Madness during the act of eating is transferable so be careful WHO you eat with as well as WHERE you eat.

Public restaurants are suicide in this respect but if you have no other choice stay prayed up in that atmosphere because the toxicities are flying in abundance!

Avoid Letting Strangers Into Your Private Space & Life:

There use to be a time when I was known as the party guy who would have a party at my home at the drop of a dime and on short notice. Not only that, my parties weren’t limited to a few trusted friends but anyone and everyone could come into my home as long as they “acted” right.

Well anyone can act right, but how many of those smiling strangers brought spirits with them into the place that I call home and left them there with me to wrestle with long after their departure?


How many of these guests smiled with me and thanked me for opening my home to them all the while being jealous of seeing how good I was living?

Whether you know it or not, your home is like your Mother’s womb. That sacred womb protected you, fed you, kept you warm and prepared you for the potentially hostile environment of the outside world after you were born.

It was somewhat of a “pre-pitstop” before you entered into the race of life. It was also probably your final breather before the many decades that you would be running on full blast in a life of unexpected twists and turns.

Now that you were born, your home replaces the womb and now we have the responsibility of taking care of ourselves. Most of us never look to the example of the womb to guide us in how we should respect our homes.

Our homes are made to nourish us, protect us, keep us warm and prepare us for the trials and tribulations that are ever present in the outside world awaiting us.

So why do we put out protective “wombs” at risk by allowing these foreign entities in our private space when the wombs that we lived in for nine months wouldn’t ever allow such a thing?

We need to rethink how we treat our homes because there is so much more to our private space than merely a place to store up our possessions behind a closed door.

Have you ever had the experience of coming home and “knowing” that someone else was there? You have to understand that people leave things behind when they enter into your home and if THEY are not rooted into the proper things in THEIR LIVES, then you will be the unwilling recipient of a residue that you want no part of!

Think about it!

Avoid As Much Eye Contact As Possible With People In Public That You DO Not Know:

“The eyes are the mirrors to the soul!” Never have I heard a more accurate statement before in my life. This is the truth and because your eyes ARE the mirror to the soul, you must protect the mirrors to YOUR SOUL from connecting up with those of another who may not be a peace from within themselves.

The gaze of a stranger with bad intentions can be very powerful, the very dynamics of a relationship no matter the length of it can be determined in those few brief seconds of an unguarded gaze.


Have you ever notice how the eyes play such an important role in the animal kingdom? Predatory animals can sense the fear in a potential victim through their eyes which in turn gives them the permission to go on the attack.

Do you think it is any different for human kind?

That man who is a woman beater can “see” that slice of vulnerability in a woman who lacks the resistance to not deal with a man of such caliber. That sexy opportunistic seductress can “see” the weakness that her physical charms can cause in a man who can’t resist giving in to his lower desires while she sees an opening to exploit his cravings for the benefit of her bank account.

So understand that half of the battle is to keep from given the instruction manual of your soul away to strangers by not allowing your precious gaze to be given away with ease. Doing this will truly keep plenty of drama out of your life!

Never Broadcast Your Plans To Anyone Outside Your Certified Inner Circle:

You’re buying a new house, you are dating someone and want to take the relationship to a deeper level with a possible marriage, you intend to go to school to learn a new skill…….

The list goes on and on…….


The fact of the matter is that these are all great things to aspire to but to share them with the world may bring about a resistance that might thwart your positive plans and cause you to trash them!

It’s best to move unnoticed and only reveal your personal movement of positivity when your goals have been reached. Why? Well it’s obvious that everyone who learns of your plans may not have the best feeling for you to succeed.

Some of your most intense haters will make sure to maintain a close proximity to you because of the personal pledge to keep your life in a state of perpetual stagnation because they themselves may not have the belief within themselves that you do.

So to keep your dreams and very much real aspirations OUT of the public eye will ensure that you will have less distracting energy around you whether it is negative OR positive.

Make Your Home The Best Place In The World For Yourself:

“I need a vacation REALLY BAD!” You will often hear this from individuals who just don’t have a clue as to how to make their homes their own personal vacation resort.

People like this feel that the answer to relieving themselves of the stresses of their personal lives is to find themselves at an exotic tropical faraway location sipping their favorite alcoholic beverage with the feet kicked up enjoying the view of the waves kicking up on a tropical beach.

So while that scenario is beyond the grasp of most blue collar individuals I guess many feel that they are relegated to a ho-hum mediocre life of stress, worry and the never ending incidents that will cause their blood pressure to rise.

Living Room

To embrace this as a given in ones life is a concept that is a lie to the core and if you do give in to this mentality then you are truly selling yourself short!

The problem with most individuals is that they would rather run away for a few weeks on a vacation only to return to the same exact issues waiting for them upon their return!

Drama causing Mother-in-laws, lazy step-kids, an unequally yolked mate or just plain ol’ bills that never seem to stop filling the mailbox and e-mail inbox are the things that can make a home a virtual disaster and very much unbearable to live in!

Why not take the vacation AFTER cleaning house so your trek to a different place can be a celebration of the new life that awaits you instead of a temporary escape that will soon return you back to that same sad reality?

Just think of all of the places in the world that make you feel good and try to figure out why they have that effect on you.

Why am I saying this?

Well if there is a cozy corner in your favorite restaurant or an area lit up in your favorite boutique that makes you feel so excited then why not emulate those same qualities at home so you can feel great all of the time as well as looking forward to arriving there?

Stop feeling that the best place for you to be is somewhere else INSTEAD of your home and make home the best place in the world for yourself to spend your time!

I can attest to this because it has worked for me. I can’t get home fast enough when my outside errands are completed.

Avoid Putting Any Substance Into Your Body That Didn’t Grow Naturally From The Earth:

If you’ve listened to The LanceScurv Show for any amount of time you will know that I am one who believes in taking care of one’s body. And THAT means putting in things that support your life force as opposed to the things that take away from it.

Many people ask me just how I’ve sustained the high output level of energy that I’ve been known for all of my life and the secret is that I’ve always watched what I’ve eaten and never let myself go too far when it came down to indulging in the “bad things” that we all get a taste for every now and again.


There will be many products put out there to confuse you as to what your body needs and what will give you the maximum nutritional punch for the dollar and the calorie but the best gauge is to follow the lead of Mother Nature and consume only those things that have grown from the earth!

But be careful, companies like Monsanto are purposely altering our natural food supply to benefit a profit driven market in the form of genetically mixing natural foods with animal genes to extend their shelf life. All at the expense of your health!

So if you want that never ending supply of energy as you age and want to look good while enjoying it, go natural and see the difference!

Be Careful Who You Have Sex With:

Sex has more things going on with it when indulged in that is unseen to the naked eye than what is obvious. Most do not understand that when you have sex with someone, you blend into their energy and open yourself to absorb their spirit.

This is the true “marriage” between two people who have checked each other out long before the act was committed so that they don’t make the mistake of joining onto the wrong entity.

Having an orgasm with someone who possesses toxic energies is like signing a thirty year adjustable rate mortgage with a high interest rate at the beginning and a balloon payment at the end.

You’ve accepted to walking around with someone else’s tainted spiritual terms that cause life to be stacked against you because of the burden that you’ve undertaken from that one seemingly innocent intimate act.


Most of us simply jump into the bedroom with someone because they were visually appealing as our lust has gone unchecked and caused us to fall victim to a bad decision that will have consequences and ramifications that could possibly last a lifetime!

I sincerely believe that we can open the doors to absorb the mental issues of another as well as the spiritual deficiencies that they possess if we are not strong enough to resist that aspect of the sexual joining of two people.

The problems really multiply when one goes off of the radar and has multiple partners unbeknownst to the others only to cause an amplified confusion because of the “sexual gumbo” that’s happening below the surface but will soon manifest in a circus of confusion.

This is why we are supposed to be patient and allow God to guide us to our divine mate that HE created for us and STAY FAITHFUL no matter how good that sexy stranger may look.

There’s a reason for everything and this is why our Creator instructed us how to righteously contain the gift of our very powerful sexuality until the proper time would come for its indulgence.

Just notice how many lives would have turned out differently and for the better if we had just put a lid on it until the time was ripe!

Spend Some Uninterrupted Quiet Time With Yourself Everyday:

It’s a shame that the only place that many of us will get some peace and quiet in our lives is when we go sit down on the toilet bowl!

We have to do better than that but it is a definite indication that our lives are out of wack and we need to set aside some time to be to ourselves so that we can attain a righteous state of inner calibration so that we can face the challenges that are sure to be there in front of us with each new day.


It’s our right and anyone in our lives who doesn’t want to understand this no matter who they are needs to step aside because your mental and emotional well being comes first!

Remember, YOU are the only one who will be with you in every moment, second, hour, day, month and year of your life.

You are the one who will not lie to yourself or hurt yourself, so doesn’t it make sense to spend time with yourself a little everyday before your world makes the mad grab for you to be what THEY want you to be in the form of a caretaker, employee, family member, provider or sex partner?

Always stay connected to yourself because the saddest thing is when you become so much for others that you begin to lose touch of who YOU are and what YOU are all about! Trust me, I’ve been there and refuse to go back!

Do Not Get Pulled Into Someone Else’s Madness & Confusion:

Whether they are good or whether they are bad, everyone has agendas. Not only that but everyone also has secret motivations. We can know someone for decades and not really know what makes them “tick” inside.

I found this out several times over in my personal life over the last few years. The revelations came as a shock but it truly was a learning experience and a rare opportunity for growth as I was a better man because of it.


You have to make sure that if you are going to align yourself with the battles of another that you have certified that they are legitimate and not the mission of an unstable mad man or woman that will cause you to appear as though you are a loose cannon yourself.

First of all, to get pulled into the confusion of another is emotional suicide for you because the energy drain is tremendous and takes you away from the things that you should be doing for yourself.

These entities who love to constantly pull you into their madness are really energy leeches and will leave you drained and lifeless after they have settled their differences while moving on to leave you alone with no one to help you with yours!

So when someone comes to you with an emergency of drama, the most I could say that I will do is to give them advice on how THEY can settle it. But NEVER get involved in it because you will run the risk of being blamed for your participation in the break down even though you were never there! Trust me, it has happened to me.

LanceScurv St. Pete's Beach

So I hope that you have enjoyed my few abstract “off the top of my head” tips to making life a little more enjoyable and edifying for you because they surely have worked for me.

Let me know what advice that YOU have to make your life easier and maybe I will give ten more new tips depending on the response and demand. Trust me, I have THOUSANDS of personal laws that I live by and don’t mind sharing.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “More Than Meets The Third Eye” Brother,



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