13 Year Old Florida Boy FIRES GUN Into Crowd Hitting 4 People! – The LanceScurv Show

Yes you read the title of this video correctly and I know that you had to ask yourself what was a 13 year old boy doing with a gun in the first place?

We have to reject this as normal behavior and put our feet down to take charge in our homes once again to restore order in the community! You can’t tell me that this boy simply waltzed his underaged backside up into a fireman dealer’s place of business and purchased a weapon just like that!

There was an adult involved in this somewhere down the line that gave access to the child who used the firearm used in this incident whether they realized it or not!

What’s even more amazing is not only did he have access to a loaded gun but he actually had enough knowledge to use it! He had to learn this from somewhere and whoever he learn it from just might be in a whole lot of hot water! Could you imagine how those who oppose the National Rifle Association in favor of Gun Control Laws are going to run with this?

13 Year Old Florida Boy FIRES GUN Into Crowd Hitting 4 People! - The LanceScurv Show

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