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What has happened to us as a people when we cannot even take care of ourselves like we used to in an economic sense?

I remember growing up in New York City and seeing independent businesses dotting the landscape in abundance at every twist and turn and as far as you can see.

Now it appears that Black people haven’t a clue on how to take care of their own basic needs to service the community and to in return replenish that community with those very same dollars invested.

We don’t seem to grasp the concept of having economic freedom on our own to keep those dollars where we live to circulate them as much as we can before they go beyond the physical constraints of that neighborhood.

To gain any economic strength in our community at the rate that we are going it a radical change in our thinking is going to have to take place.

We cannot any longer afford to continue to support businesses that take our money out of our community while we are left with nothing to build on as we are continually disrespected once those dollars are pocketed to build up another side of town leaving where we live downtrodden and below par.

How can one fill that bucket up full of water when it is laced with dozens of holes that cause the water to flow out of it?

We only have ourselves to blame and as long as we continue to see ourselves as individuals refusing to move on a unified front, we will always be relegated to third class citizen status never reaching our full potential and greatness while being viewed as a failed people who are so easily taken advantage of.

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