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I had the pleasure this past Saturday, September 7, 2013 to attend The 3rd Annual Network Music Conference & Entertainment Convention at The Beacham in downtown Orlando Florida.

It was a virtual who’s who of the Hip Hop Music Scene here not only for Central Florida, but from many other states abroad. I have to say that I have not met a collection of such passionate people who are very focused in improving their craft and making a splash by working hard, displaying discipline and doing all things necessary to become a success.

There was a Forum Panel with many distinguished guests that were a proven product in an industry whose winds change swiftly and the ability to adapt quickly to those changing demands, fads and trends make the difference in who survives and who gets blown away and run over by another who may have been smarter in their business dealings.

Managers, Artists, DeeJay’s, Producers, Promoters, Graphics Specialists and Audio/Video operators were all present showing that for an artform that is still profiled, it takes a team of the best in their respective fields to make great things happen in a medium that will never die and live on forever! After my up close and personal conversations with those who make up this amazing artform, I can see why!

Big shout out to Kim Simon of Certified Proof Productions (@certifiedproof), by getting me into this business I hope you know that you created a MONSTER!



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