50 Cent Causes Palm Beach County Deputies To Forget The Rules Of The Slave Plantation!

Rapper Mogul Celebrity 50 Cent made headlines once again days ago after dealing with a civil suite involving his brand of headphones.

What brought the attention to him was the fact that two Palm Beach County Florida Deputies who were in uniform and on duty appeared to many to get a little too friendly in the presence of the celebrity that 50 Cent is.

They were verbally reprimanded because it was stated that their conduct was unbecoming of an officer.

But the question that I ask the world is would it be considered conduct unbecoming if they were to draw their guns and shoot him down dead?

Remember, this is Florida and if they did just that then they would definitely be acquitted and given praise as well as hero status and a bronze statue of their likeness to stand tall forevermore for the great deed that they executed!

While there are so many more important issues that we should be focusing on, this minor incident is a silent message to many in government jobs that you better walk straight or ELSE!

Palm Beach County

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