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For many, the desire to go to a Spring Break Party will never be the same.

Why does it seem like there’s always one in the crowd who wants to mess it up for everyone?

While this is not a race specific problem, when it comes to Black people, there is always that one wayward person who can smear the entire image of a peaceful group with ease.

Seven people were wounded at a Florida Spring Break Party for apparently no reason at all except for simply being a hater.

Now maybe there will be updates on this story that would have discovered why this young thug shot into a crowd of unknowing college students but common sense tells me that there is absolutely no reason to do something of such a disgraceful magnitude.

The young man who allegedly committed this cowardly act had been arrested six times since 2012 and was out on bond at the time of this incident.

I’m willing to bet that those other arrests were most likely something of a violent nature or maybe I might be wrong. I don’t think so.

But WHY was this “accident waiting to happen” out on bond?

How would the judge that allowed him to get a bond have felt if this fool had killed seven people instead of wounding them?

He came pretty close to killing SOMEONE and it was only by the grace of God that allowed no one to be killed that night after taking a shot to a part of the body that would have taken their life instantly.

So even though this was a certified tragedy the miracle in this is that everyone lived.

Even though I am much older now and far removed from the days where I would gravitate to such a gathering, even if I was the type to want to spend time amongst the festivities in the present day I simply wouldn’t feel comfortable at all because of tragedies such as this that really never need to happen.

But to go deeper, we see that those who were shot were college students letting their “hair down” to relax, laugh and have a good time. I’m assuming that this monster punk wasn’t in school and was more interested in collecting charges for a long list of a criminal record for a doomed dead end existence than collecting good grades for a promising future.

Yes, it’s safe to assume that.

So if this is the most likely scenario then I will also add that there had to be a strong sense of jealousy running through the veins of this punk to do such a thing because he probably felt that he didn’t measure up to the higher standards of these young women with a bright future.

I see absolutely no reason for him to even have been at that party and the end result was that after possibly several “rejections” he decided to “get back” at the crowd because of his low self esteem to do something as low down as this.

In this day and age envy is at an all time high and we have to unfortunately be very aware that our perceived successes – whether it be material or academic – can stoke the fires of jealousy in the people around us while they hid behind a smiling face with deadly intentions in their hearts.

…….you’ve got to be careful today more than ever before.

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Many years ago during one of my more “wilder” parties I had an older gentleman swing by to say hello to me because in passing by he heard the music and saw the huge amount of parked cars that jammed thestreet in front of my house.

After signaling a few of the more “friendlier” women to cover themselves appropriately and pause the intense festivities that they were indulging in with others who were in attendance, I spoke with him for a few moments before he left as he shared with me the most profound statement that I’ve learned to be the absolute truth as I’ve gotten older.

He told me that I’m to remember this phase of my life really good because there will come a time when I will prefer to walk alone and away from the crowds.

How prophetic!

This man – whose name is Julius – who I haven’t seen from that night (and I’m assuming passed away because this was 25 years ago when he said this and he was almost 80 at the time) never knew how hard hitting those words were to me and how I would carry them with me for the rest of my life.

I think maybe I’ve gone overboard a bit because after some very toxic house cleaning of the individuals who meant no good for me I’m damn near a happy hermit and am enjoying it so much while literally kicking myself for not living my life this way earlier.

Yes, I avoid the unnecessary toxic energies that have a way of creeping into one’s world in the name of friendship, those who I totally embrace and open up to MUST have the approval of my Third Eye or Holy Spirit because THAT in itself will never lie to you or lead you astray!

So listen to your inner voice and if a situation or an individual doesn’t seem “right” then abandon ship without explanation and symbolically RUN for the hills because it’s better to avoid the drama or the bullets than to find yourself wounded physically, mentally or spiritually in the way that these evil entities who are going nowhere love to execute!

You owe no one an explanation nor should you ever look back!

Let’s pray for those who were wounded at this Spring Break Party and let us all take a lesson from this unfortunate incident!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Happily Drama-Free & Isolated Brother,


Florida Shooting

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