I couldn’t stress anymore the importance of this discussion because many of us are so caught up in trying to make a toxic relationship a healthy one.

We often times waste precious time, years and often times decades in a situation that was doomed from the beginning and lasted as long as it has simply because you chose to ignore the red flags that were screaming for you to acknowledge them.

Hopefully this discussion will prevent many from being blinded to the fact that their particular mate may not be the best choice for them and they can move on before those permanent bonds and soul ties are formed which would make it much harder and challenging to end a relationship that really shouldn’t have been.

Here on this platform we will always discuss those topics that might be difficult for others to grasp in the hopes that we can prevent bad situations from happening to good people.

Many of us do not understand how our childhood plays a big role in how we approach toxic relationships and why we stay in them.

If our childhood example in our homes growing up were dysfunctional and toxic that has formed the template of what we will tolerate and expect in our own adult relationships when it comes to making a committed union.

If our childhood we felt safe, loved, able to communicate freely without discouragement and embraced in a manner to make us feel that we are included which will build a healthy esteem and high standards are what we will tolerate in our future relationships.

This is a discussion that in essence is never ending because there’s so many unique angles to dissect that we can explore to help those in that particular situation.

I would love for you to share your perspectives on this discussion and hopefully we can make others aware of the pitfalls of attempting to turn a toxic relationship into a healthy one.

Do enjoy our talk and make sure to share this content someone who you might think needs it and can make a difference in their lives. Thank you.

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