A Conversation With The New Black Panther Party’s Chawn Castro Kweli! – The LanceScurv Show

Today the intoxicating Ms. Nikki Taplin and yours truly speak with Brother Chawn Castro Kweli, the National Chief Of Staff of The New Black Panther Party.

Brother Kweli shared his vast knowledge with the Black Community and offered many well versed perspectives that would surely change the dynamics of our Holocaust in this place called America literally overnight!

This dialogue was of the highest quality and a very inspirational display showing that all Black men are not pleasure oriented hedonistic buffoons and that there are some of us left who intend to step up to the plate to teach, inspire and guide our lost Sisters and Brothers to a higher level of divine consciousness!

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  • Sabiola007Mr says:

    This dialogue represents a moment in history for the restoration of our
    true natures.

    Thanks Lance for your skills in presiding over this and keeping it real.

  • Tony Barnes says:

    Wonderful show

  • Thejustin626 says:

    Good job Lance keep up the work keep it coming

  • Chawn Kweli says:

    My Interview with the Lance Scurv show on the arrest of Eric ( EJ) Sheppard
    and the newly formed ‪#‎notmyflag‬ movement, The Baltimore rebellions, the
    murder- coverup of Kendrick Johnson, the reality of black independence,
    modern black nationalism, the black power movement, white supremacy, the
    truth about black on black violence and more….worth the listen
    Thanks to all involved !!! HERE IS THE LINK:
    Thanks 4 the support
    ‪#‎IamthePeople‬ ‪#‎Notthepig‬ ‪#‎blackpowermovement‬ ‪#‎Power2thepeople‬
    National NBPP Number: 347-903-0886
    [email protected]

  • David StudioArtsGuru says:

    “Black Empowerment important.” A group of five organized peope can do an
    job a Million people could do. You can be all over the world and still take
    over. “Skilled” people across the world, create small groups and connect
    with another/other small groups of skilled people to create “Group

    Great video Mr Lance. Kweli, and Nikki

  • >