A Divine Stirring In My Soul


If I know that I’m an artist, I shouldn’t have to stamp it on my forehead or shout it out through a bullhorn while standing on the double yellow line in rush hour traffic in front of the cameras of the local evening news,

I shouldn’t need to do that, my work should speak for itself.

I’ve never had to get into this campaign of one man “upmanship” to make you like or dislike anything that I have created.

When one creates sincerely from the bottom of their soul utilizing every fiber of their being to express what is held silently within, there isn’t any concern or anticipation of any worldly fame or superficial acknowledgment because that is not the goal when you realize that THIS is what you were put here to do. You silently push along over years as the enlightened few begin to understand your mission.

A blessing or a curse?

As a human being with great strength and annoying frailties, I shouldn’t have to wonder but at times I do.

Many can NEVER understand the righteous torment that one must endure when you are blessed with an ability to see what most are oblivious to as they cater to serving their very demanding bodily functions.

Eating, sleeping, excretion, procreation (merely for the hedonistically pleasurable sensations without the responsibility incurred for indulging in the act) dominate the minds of most who do not realize how time is slowly slipping away and the opportunity to leave a legacy is vanishing right before our very eyes.

What will we tell our Creator when we stand naked in His presence? What will be the excuse?

Should we even waste the time to even move our mouth to lie to the ONE who knew our thoughts long before we were even thought of?

This is what I am all about now.

Being prepared.

This life is just a test.

A test that will be over sooner than we think.

This isn’t it and I know it. It’s hitting me so hard at times and causes me to be reclusive.

Reclusive to enable me to enjoy what little good times this life has to offer away from the distractions of the superficial pursuits that ultimately mean nothing.

I don’t really care at this point what the talking heads say, what the covert soothsayers do, because they’re not preparing as they should and I can see that.

Their time is wasted on unrighteously attempting to thwart the plans of others its really damning them to the pits of hades.

Is this what I want for myself? To set myself up for the nether forces to have the last laugh on my soul?

The answer is obvious and the time is now to be all you can be. Hold that sense of urgency forever more in your heart like your life depends on it because it does!

Run this race called life to win and realize that winning may not truly be what this world tells you it is!

How can you win a race when you haven’t a clue where the true path is? You will never reach the finish line if you don’t possess the guidance to properly execute your energies.

Most are set up to be lost and wont find out until its too late. You must have the courage to run against the grain in this world! This is what our Brother Michael Jackson was killed for!

A creative soul who utilized that side of his brain that can bring about music to touch others in ways the the Illuminati mind control machine couldn’t curtail.

He was used for a long time to serve the needs of lucifer without even knowing it. Don’t get me wrong,he loved us and would never look to do us harm.

But once he realized that his work was used to distract, entertain and preoccupy the dumbed down masses of the world who question NOTHING while the shadow entities who manipulate the government and media permeate our minds to become the trained monkeys for THEIR cause, he said ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!

And I know that most are saying what in the hell is Scurv saying but one day you will understand. One day you might see.

One day you might see what I see from my perspective, but I can not waste the time trying to convince those whose refuse to leave the comfort of the Matrix.

You will see it in my work, my words and my expressions. Maybe one day you will know that I was onto something.

But until then, if my time on this earth is cut short for some mysterious reason, my children can embrace me through my work as well as those who are welcomed to decipher the hidden messages within.

Whether a piece of mine makes you laugh, cry, think or angers you, understand that it was created as a key to unlock the chains that were placed on your mind so well by the deceiver.

And THAT’S a cause worth dying for!

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