A Few Strange And Unorthodox Practices That LanceScurv Does To Get His “Mojo” Back!

It’s so amazing to me when I go about my day and take the time to really observe how many people who cross my path are “off” in their spirit and don’t even realize it.

Not to sound condescending but it is like they are all in a state of perpetual darkness and are in desperate need of finding the light. So they indulge themselves in activities that give them a temporary sense of relief from that ominous sense of doom that looms over their heads in a way that has no form yet is a constant presence over the psyche. It’s almost like that “spook” that one sees out of the corner of their eye yet when they turn to see what it is it vanishes into thin air.

So when one possesses a modicum of an inner light the masses who are starving for direction, confirmation and a purpose to validate their existence will flock to you to see what it is that you possess and if it is truly the “light” that they have craved all of their life.

So will try to emulate you in the hopes that they too will possess the calmness and peace of mind that you exude from your inner glow and others will be curious and watch in a bedazzled state trying to figure out the dynamics of your positive energy from a physical/carnal standpoint never realizing that this is a spiritual thing and can only be understood with a mind that is on that plane.

Then you have those who feel doomed forever to a life of living in the darkness, they too want the light that you shine out in abundance but they are not willing to part with the activities and lifestyles that they are seemingly addicted to in order to ascend into the existence of bliss that comes from the righteous recalibration of ones life.

Those are the most dangerous because they will attempt to kill your light in order to not realize how much in darkness they are. Even when you reach out to those who feel as though they are doomed to darkness you will always come back disappointed as to why you would be attacked by someone that you were trying to help.

Logic in their mindset is diametrically opposed to your understanding of logic, as long as they choose to stay on the other side of where you stand in this universe they will NEVER see eye to eye with you and will be a constant drain to your mission merely because of their refusal to grow.

Now do understand that they do not have any power to stop YOUR growth but if you allow them their small attacks on your process of growth is enough to destroy your momentum if you take their petty aggressions too lightly.

Take a bumble bee or a yellow jacket bee for example, if they were on the ground in front of you, you could step on them and crush their life instantly with no threat of them doing any damage to you. But if you were driving an eighteen wheeler truck at top speed down the highway and had a childhood fear of bees that paralyzed you a visit from a bee flying into your cabin at that precious moment just might cause an accident that would take lives and back up that highway for miles untold all because of the appearance of a bee that in another scenario would be so harmless!

So while we all must deal with our “bees” in this life, nothing can stop us from hunkering down to strengthen our on resolve, determination and drive toward holding on to our light and actually making it shine brighter with each and every passing day.

Yes, even amongst those who secretly wish to see your downfall you can thrive as long as you stay connected to the processes that brought you this far in the first place, never abandon them and NEVER ever forget of knowing how to stay grounded by going back to basics!

This is how I keep myself strong in times of adversarial aggressions and covert slights that are tossed in my path along the way. It all comes from within because that’s where God lives – Inside of YOU!

Let me toss a few things your way as food for thought that might help you recalibrate your mind and sharpen your resolve to becoming the best that you can be!

These are common sense things that most of us know but sometimes tend to take for granted because of how complicated our lives have become and the myriad of distractions that are competing for our attention that can surely take the best of us off course.

Spend time with yourself:

In the modern day with all of its demands on a twenty four hour basis, it is really hard to ever get to spend time alone by yourself, it seems as though for most of us the only time that we get to spend alone is when we are sitting down on the toilet and even then someone will interrupt by knocking on the door or call/text you on your smartphone to snap you out of your temporary peace of mind! When you find yourself going to the restroom more for the quiet time and not for excrement purposes, then you KNOW that you are in need of a long break from the hustle and bustle of life’s demands on your mind.

If you do not feel as though you had sufficient time with yourself then your interactions with the world and everything in it will not be a complete as they need to be because you have that unfinished business with yourself. If you are not right with yourself and have catered to YOUR every need and whim then you need to back up from all of the drama and demands that others try to dump on you and bask deep into the resources that YOU have built up for yourself to recharge YOU!

These entities who will surely be there to drain you down with the issues that THEY caused will always be there and will simply move on to the next enabler if they can’t get to drain you down for THERE purposes! They will be just fine and you will have the chance to recharge your batteries as you should.

Spend time with nature:

Spending time with nature in the outdoors is one of the most healing things that one can do and will always leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as you reenter the artificial terrain of urban life that in fact drains you without replacing what it leeched from you. Nature is not like this, just to merely steal away to the park if that is all you have available to you will work wonders for your soul.

To get away and not be forced to hear the sounds of sirens, car horns, people bumping into you, people watching you and the constant threat of having to interact with these toxic entities who will leave their demons with you to piggyback ride on your back all day. Living in Florida, there is an abundance of natural landscapes to escape to away from the prying eyes of the world where I can be myself without interruption as I disengage my cellphones, computer and all other forms of communication that I don’t need to indulge when I am on my daily vacation which for me is just a few steps away in the huge yard that has been a staple and secret weapon in my psychological conditioning for years.

I don’t need to spend lots of money to travel to some exotic location to only return broke and staring the same old problems in the face. All one needs is to clear their lives of any outstanding issues that remain and escape to their favorite spot in nature to return feeling refreshed every single day in the small increments that will add up to a feeling of being on top of the world!

What amazes me is how so many people depend on that one slice of time in the form of a two week vacation from a job that has deemed you to being a dispensable commodity when there is so much pleasure and bliss to be absorbed every single day! I bet those same bosses of yours are taking multiple vacations in nature enjoying life while you are slaving away watching the calender and hoping beyond hope that your vacation comes quicker.

The amusing things about this is that most of us are too beat up to enjoy any time off and merely count down the days until we return to work and miss out on what is right in front of us at the moment as far as the miracles of nature that we tried to escape into. In other words, a short walk in the park will work wonders for your life. For me, weekly beach trips and daily sunbathing rituals in my yard keep my mind impenetrable!

Eat natural foods only:

Well you all know the drill on this one as much as I’ve spoken on this one aspect repeatedly in prior blogs and several videos but I will say this: The foods that most normally consume are robbing and leeching the life right from under them and they are aging themselves prematurely because they have refused to totally detoxify themselves from the toxic goo and poison that most have become addicted to in the form of the man-made grafted chemicals called modern day food.

I am surprised that most have lived as long as they do while consuming these substances that were certainly not made for a long healthy life but for someone else’s corporate profit! There is a big profit today to keep you eating these substance that you call food because the junk food companies get paid from your addiction to their products and afterward the medical profession gets paid WELL to give you even MORE chemicals and toxic substance to hide the symptoms that come from an unhealthy diet.

You can hide your head in the sand all you want too because for most of the people out here eating all of this poison which is an abomination to God just as much as murder (Because in a sense it is) hide themselves from the mirror when they get out of the shower because they are ashamed of themselves when they see themselves naked!

TELL ME I ain’t saying the truth!

Get right with your eating and you will rid yourself of that inner battle that you can never win while consuming the poisons that God never meant for your body!

Praising the Lord all day long and kissing your food up to God in order to protect you from the negative aspects of that chemical laced lard laden plate of “food” will not protect you at all as we are to seek knowledge in all that we do and that includes your MENU also! God’s natural food will have you feeling like you did when you were a kid with BOUNDLESS energy! What happened? Now you are too lazy to get up to change the channel on the television if the remote control is on the other side of the very same room that you are in! SHAME ON YOU!

Go get an enema or a high colonic and stop clogging yourself up with the food of death!

Filter who is allowed into your personal space:

You must be in control of who is allowed into your personal space because that sensitive area needs to be clear of the foreign energies that can invade your being and take you off of your desired course. People are not the bodies that you see them as, they are energy. And as energy they will cover the full spectrum from the positive to the negative, what we need to understand is that there is no way on telling what type of energy that they possess inside by merely looking at the surface.

They can come as an angel of light into your life doing great deeds and favors yet have it in for you and will strike a deadly blow to your life at the most opportune time once they are close enough to you. The only way to know what they are in essence is to constantly walk in the spirit and stay in prayer, always stay connected to your higher source and you will never be infiltrated by the negative energies without seeing its intent from over the horizon to stop it in its tracks every time.

Make sure to control and filter what enters your mind:

With this one, you are going to have to be your own personal version of Homeland Security with your mind. You cannot allow ANYTHING to enter it unchecked or you will run the risk of having a foreign agenda enter into your precious generator of positive thought and kill off all of the good things that reside there as far as your personal plans go.

Would you leave the keys in the ignition of your car with the windows rolled down while parked in the shady side of town? NO!

Would you leave your front door wide open with all of the lights on to take a trip out of town for a few weeks and expect to find everything still there when you return? NO!

So why would you allow so many entities to whisper thoughts into your mind and influence the very powerful yet delicate processes that transpire mentally to drive you on to higher planes when most of those external unchecked thoughts coming in are tainted with someone else’s agenda and secret motivation on YOUR energy?

You don’t download everything from the internet down on your computer without protection and you shouldn’t allow everything to enter your mind because most often it is a Trojan horse attack on those sensitive places in your mind to render them useless to you altogether! Especially if you have achieved a great amount of proven success in a particular area of expertise.

GUARD YOUR MIND WITH YOUR LIFE! It’s the only thing that you have left when all else is taken! Remember that!

Make sure that you have down time where you have absolutely nothing to do (Self induced boredom):

Down time is very important because this is the time when we regenerate our spiritual power and it can be quite a challenge to come across this down time in this modern world without making a point of scheduling it as opposed to back in the simpler days we would find ourselves in that place without any planning of our own.

Now these days, people will ask you if you are busy and if you reply by saying no, they will automatically hijack your time without even asking if you want to be bothered with what they are even suggesting. Down time MUST be treated as a crucial segment of your existence in order to maintain a healthy mind as well as PEACE of mind. If you do not have that down time to truly saturate your spirit with those unseen energies that no one can see but you can feel the drain of, it will automatically render you ineffective in your endeavors and probably be the difference between success and failure!

You can’t tell how much gas in in the gas tank of a vehicle by merely looking at it, you have to be inside to view the dashboard gauges that will tell you the level of fuel remaining. This being said, no one can tell you how YOU are feeling when it comes to your downtime and how much you need before you feel as though your spiritual/mental and emotional fuel tank is full! Downtime helps to keep things in perspective and keeps your perceptions from getting out of hand to give you a fair reading of where you stand in your life.

Many times when we see on the news that person who we literally thought they had it all yet took their own life we realize that we really didn’t know what was going on in their mind and the internal unseen parts of their earthly walk. Don’t let that be you. Claim your downtime away from all indulges, stimuli, sound, people and things that trigger thought and you will agree that within moments you will feel a rejuvenation coming from the inside so powerful that you will wonder why you didn’t ever do this before.

The body and mind is a self healing mechanism if we would only allow that mechanism to operate as it was made to! You don’t need a psychiatrist or a bottle of medication, all you need is some time to rest your total being away from the madness of this world that will rip your solitude away relentlessly and have you seeing your wonderful gift of a life as a failure when in essence you are so bless over so many other people than you could imagine! Cut that cell phone off and turn off the computer and television to earn your sanity BACK! You will thank LanceScurv one day soon! LOL!

Do something for a cause that is bigger than you and out of your comfort zone:

We, in this modern society of hectic jumbled schedules, can sometimes get so caught up in our on sphere of endeavors that we can easily be amongst the many people in our world yet be disconnected severely from them on the deepest most necessary levels. No man is an island as they say, and God made us to be social creatures NOT to run up in everyone’s business and gossip till the cows come home or to go hang out every night with strangers who possess a spirit that might not be too conducive to progress in your life, but to reach out to others righteously in the spirit of giving to help someone build a legacy that will help others and there is no better way to accomplish this than to give to a cause bigger than yourself!

It doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t even have to be anything that is of high profile nature, it could merely be to take that elderly widow to the supermarket safely and maybe throwing in an extra fifty bucks to add to her struggling budget, no fanfare, no hype, just being there to help someone through some rough times and to make them feel as though they are included and loved. To give is one of the greatest feelings in the entire world and when you give to someone who is humble and TRULY in need, then your heart will fill with a happiness that will overshadow any depression that YOU might be going through at the time.

But beware, you will NOT get this feeling from those who will attempt to pray on your kind heart and you are NOT to be as foolish as to give to one who merely wants to use you because of it. Your good feeling will NOT come from giving to these types and as a matter of fact you will feel even more down, more depress and drained out if you do.

Spend the resources of your heart wisely and do know that this is not always about money but the resource of time, elbow grease and/or being that ear that listens or that shoulder to cry on. To give the precious resource of you to just anyone will take away the limited magic of giving away from the very one who really needs it!

Indulge in lots of laughter:

Laughter is so much more than giggling at a funny joke, it is a strong medicine that proactively attacks many ailments that may be coming over the horizon and stops them dead in their tracks!

There is so much to our mind/body/soul connection that we in this so called advanced modern society does not understand but the main thing that I will say that we overlook is that our total existence on all planes are interconnected much more closer than we could ever imagine! Look at the example of how our ears, eyes and throats are connected, thus, the ear-eye-and throat doctor.

Well our mind-body- and souls are joined in the same manner and a healthy dose of laughter washes over us a great dose of unseen healing that we can feel almost immediately as it will wash away all deceptive perceptions and make us see the brighter side of all like the sun peeking through the clouds after a rough storm! So laugh every chance that you get and cleanse away the pains from the past, the resentments that you hold and the untimely situations that you were forced to bear!

Laughter is a healing balm for the soul and if taken in regular dosages, will extend not only your life, but the quality of how you absorb that life around you! trust me, it works, and the ultimate manner of laughing is to not take yourself so seriously and laugh at yourself, to be self effacing is another added plus to the laughter cure as it puts your perception of yourself in the proper perspective!

Ever wonder why certain people are always uptight and can never laugh at themselves? It’s because they take themselves TOO seriously! It’s all connected and these methods of putting yourself back on track are merely a few of the things that I do on a constant level and I will share so much more soon because I want to see everyone around me uplifted and living life the way God desires it for them!

Blessings & Righteous Love Always,

Your Intuitive Introspective “Dr. Phil-like” Brother,


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