A Few Important Things That The Ignorant Black People Amongst Us Need To Know In 2013!

Yes, there ARE a few important things that the ignorant Black people amongst us need to know and YES, in 2013 they do still exist!

I have to really say that like myself, any Black man that can make it to the half century mark like me and NOT have some kind of major legal mark on them in America like a tagged pigeon while still maintaining ones sanity has got to applaud themselves and even more so, thank God for bringing them through unscathed!

Is this some kind of racist rant? Of COURSE not because the facts support my statement!

But no matter what statistical source you use as far as I’m concerned it never takes into account the unjust system that thrives on having us IN that position of being locked up, downtrodden, poor and out of doors.

So really what can a statistic do for one who is targeted in a system that is hellbent on making the Black man the Bogeyman?

It’s sad that an entire people are painted this way merely because of the need of the twisted mindset of another to keep the eyes on us while the real criminals operate unnoticed below the media radar.

Is this everyone?


So do know that I am not throwing off on everyone who thinks this way but to those who do!

I understand how I am viewed nine times out of ten in this country and I use it to my advantage to get over on the sickness of those in power and as far as I’m concerned it makes things so easy for me.

Look at the boxing master Floyd Mayweather and how he can break down an opponent by studying his style for a round or two, figuring out their rhythms to mount an attack of his own which makes his opponents pay dearly for their technical mistakes.

Floyd Mayweather

This approach is executed in many sports but the personal consequences are immediately realized by the absorption of physical damage more so than any other sport so every move is critically to maintaining ones safety and leads on the scorecards.

When you know that you have been painted as the monster of society who is a crazed beast who can commit the most violent of criminal acts, let THEM sweat their own media creation of you!

When YOU are branded to most subconsciously as the thief, the rapist and the lowlife who has no moral compass from which to gauge your barbaric actions on those in your midst, let THEM fear you as you walk the straight and narrow as an upright spiritually righteous man of substance making them feel stupid to themselves each and every time to show THEM a higher level of existence and awareness in the so called civilize society from which they consider themselves to be the appointed leader in.

At this point I don’t concern myself with how anyone views me because my life and the legacy that I build on a daily basis will speak for itself! And even if I WAS another Black ex-con who was demonized and slurred by the masses without any shred of proof other than my disagreement with the policies and principles inflicted on me merely because of my belief and the packaging that I was born in, then how can I feel bad when the very Jesus that they claim to worship in this “Christian” nation holds the same set of statistics that the aforementioned do when it came to his dealings with the Roman government?

So never feel bad if you are innocent but find yourself in the cross threads of the system, it is their job to profit from your incarceration whether you are innocent or not, that’s not their bother or worry, getting your Black ass in prison is all this system cares about because how else can they eat as well as they do if they are not profiting from your disadvantaged position?

So to have skillfully dodged their bombs in my life because of the proper teachings that were taught to me by my parents and countless Elders on how to truly survive this war on my melanin is truly a blessing in disguise and I have to thank all who have furnished the information to me that my oppressor would never have!

Always remember this if you remember nothing else from Lance Scurvin, that NO ONE who profits from your ignorance desires for you to possess the knowledge that will eventually set you free from their wicked clutches.

I’ve learned this from early and was placed under the spotlight in school from an early age and always found myself at the epicenter of their underlying attacks on my free way of thinking and my known desire to question EVERYTHING!

So understand when you’ve begun to stop questioning everything around you in every stage of your existence no matter if it is when you are young or old, that in itself is the beginning of joining the club of the living dead!

Your oppressor will always reward those FIRST who never question their strong armed so called authority over their lives. YOU who go with the agenda in an unresistant manner will move to the head of the line in getting those promotions first on a “job” which kills your capacity to think independently in order to progress an agenda that benefits YOU!

Many feel that going along with the program is the best way to advance oneself but they never realize that what they are receiving is mere crumbs when compared to what can be gained from the collective unity of the downtrodden masses to do for self!

Many of us are too “punked out” to even think in this manner and it is THAT fear that is reinforced on the television, radio and print/online media that will always keep us deaf, dumb and blind to the REAL TRUTH of who we are in this present time and what we can and should be doing to stop accepting being on the bottom of the barrel in a society whose “higher echelon scholars” know the divine positions that we are to fulfill at this point in time.

So be prepared to be shut out from much of his rewards as a covert punishment for not going along with his program. Only the strong survive and if you can live frugally and in a disciplined manner then that is a major step to releasing his clutches around your neck to allow you to live and breathe freely in this world the way that God intended!

Now as much as I enjoy the freedom of being online in the many hats that I wear out here, I do know that this medium will only stay in existence for us as long as we concern ourselves in the foolish bickering and the poison of being entertained while are communities dive in a free fall of doom and destruction.

Money Sandwich

If we were to use this medium called internet to share precious knowledge and mobilize the same resources that we have in our communities to build it rather than pay dearly for the same from another who rips us off for every little thing then the internet as we know it just might not last too long.

I’ve often wondered that why is it that the slaves on the plantation were killed for actually speaking to each other on the plantation yet we are “given” an awesome medium in the internet as though technology and the people behind it are so nice! Don’t believe the hype people because this technology that we take as some great advancement of society is actually a high tech noose that we ourselves are placing around our necks as WE profile ourselves to the authorities better than any law enforcement gadget EVER could!

So if you are going to tell anything online in a very public way then TELL THE TRUTH while you can on what a wicked system that we are living in and the ways to turn THEIR hold on us around to make it an advantage to us!

For the first time in history a person can stay at home and get up to date news on the unfolding events of the world and educate themselves beyond their wildest expectations WITHOUT having to go to a University or College for FREE yet we spend our time either on Facebook watching what others are doing, who they are sleeping with or what they have as far as their new possessions are concerned.

Statistics show that much of our time is otherwise spent watching porn to titillate ourselves to orgasm to reduce the tensions felt from the perception of hopelessness that many feel because the gloomy life that they think that they cannot escape from.

So we are trapped in a cycle and most will never get out of it because of the state of our minds. Well how do you think our lives will change if we continue to send our children to these schools of mind control under the mass manipulators of underachievement called teachers and professors?

Don’t let the “piece of paper” called degree fool you! It is an incomplete knowledge that will never be activated to benefit you as long as you use it as a key to merely get a job that has a predetermine set wage which is far below what you can earn as a natural genius who thinks out of THEIR oppressive box.

My job for me is merely a foothold for me to pivot everything else that I do to go beyond its narrow scope. This was taught to me from birth by my parents as I MUST have much more than one steady stream of income over and above the kind that is given to you by a company and can be taken away from you just as fast.

So we must be disciplined with our money to see the overall power of the knowledge of finance even on the most basic of levels. So whip your oppressor by refusing to support his poisons that not only drain your pockets but ruin your body to compromise your quality of life and better judgement.

Shut the liquor stores DOWN by not ever drinking alcohol products!

ABC Liquor Store

Stay out of these poison chemical food plants that have us addicted in being overfed and undernourished as a set up to having no other choice to support the predatory health care system which really is a system that merely softens the blow of a tragic death that came from ingesting their poisonous food in the first place!

Stop allowing this devil to seduce your mind in manipulating the use of your sex drive to lay with many and eventually catching something that you can’t get rid of which will remove you off of the face of this earth with the quickness along with all of the hidden potential that this world will never see or benefit from because of your timely death. Ever hear of population control?

Stop fucking around because pretty soon you won’t BE around! Get yourself in a committed relationship and freak off until your horny heart is content and stay away from the porn that will seduce you into doing otherwise!

Leave these damn churches alone if the cannot speak the truth to the people! Somebody in the pulpit is lying to you if your church is the most lucrative business entity in a crumbling community where unemployment, crime, drug addiction and hopelessness reign.

Tell the preacher to get from behind that pulpit manipulating you on an emotional feel good level and head a summit that will have the masses signing petitions downtown to the very politicians that are paying HIM off to keep YOU dumb! Watch the secret handshakes of your preacher next time when your local officials find out that you exist only when they want your Black vote. How stupid can we be in 2013 to the game that’s being worked on us year after year?

Stop hating on your own Sisters and Brothers if they appear to have more material possessions than you. Feel great that they’ve worked hard for it (That is assuming they did) and draw motivation from them to achieve more for yourself if not only in the material realm.

You might desire a deeper spiritual depth or more wisdom and not a new home or car, whatever it is that you desire then work your field until your change comes and stop waiting on that check in the mail or “breakthrough” that your pastor keeps telling you about as you take no action to improve yourself but make sure to keep HIS collection plate full! Real talk!

Take all the mirrors in your home except ONE and put the rest in the Goddamn trash!

Black people, and I hate to say it but too many off our Sisters are in that mirror to much spending the time on their hair and making sure that they “look” alright and acceptable to some imaginary standard of beauty that doesn’t exist! Let’s take less time in the mirror and more hands on time with our kids in order to ensure that our subsequent world in the future will be ebtter than it is now.

We have been brainwashed into being a very insecure people, accept this and don’t get angry with me for speaking out of love for you because I have nothing to steal from you and nothing to sell to you.

Know Sisters that you are the most beautiful thing ever created on this Earth and your majestic beauty cannot ever be realized until you shed the pursuit of someone else’s beauty standards and radiate the wisdom of a spiritually powerful and wise LADY!

And if the truth be told there is NOTHING MORE SEXY than a Woman who knows her worth and value without having to present herself as somebody else’s cheap plaything! I’m not calling every Black woman this because I love you ALL no matter WHERE you fall on the vast scale of conscious awareness.

Just never compromise your throne to wallow in the mud by aspiring to the low standard of your oppressor. Be the Queen that you were created to be and show the harlots of the world who are placed as the ones who are the most desirable by the media that they are NOT!

Black men, if you find that your Sister acts as though all she has to offer to the world is her sexuality then you must show her otherwise by your respectful treatment of her no matter how she carries herself in this world! Sure she may look good and sure you might have a desire to bed her down but show her that you are different in the fact that you will not deny your attraction to her but let her know that there is so much more about her that pulls you to her than her titties, round ass, warm wet pussy and an ability to suck a dick until you see your life flash in front of you in seconds!

Karrine Superhead Steffans

We are men and will always struggle with the control of our desires but in the meantime give that woman some spiritual nutrition and a jump statrt on her esteem to maybe think to herself later on that “maybe there IS more to me than what I see most men want!” Do that and you’ve done a good thing indeed!

Leave her with MORE than a load of sperm dripping out of her vagina or out of the corner of her mouth!

Stop looking at her as a mere sex toy even when she presents herself to you that way out of an ignorance of her true position as the Mother of all civilization! Do you think you can talk to the Queen of England the way that many of our men speak to our own Black Queens?


So don’t do it to them if you don’t have the guts to talk to the respected women of the other communities who will beat your Black ass down if you even have the balls to LOOK at theirs in a disrespectful manner!

Trust me, I just ranted a mouthful but that is what the spirit moved me to do today. If my raw language has offended you then so be it because the decrepit communities that we accept to live in to me is even more insulting, especially when some of us take no action to reach out and change those conditions to the delight of the ignorant and motivationally deficient do nothings!

Take the good parts from it and discard the rest.

Thank you for once again enduring my latest very passionate and spontaneous rant. It helps me to stay out of the crazy house in a medicated out of my mind locked away in a glass room in a straight jacket pissing myself. You have done a great thing by allowing me your ear and your precious time.

Peace & Righteous Love always,


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Marko Parden
Marko Parden
June 5, 2013 1:07 PM

Wow !!!!
I just stumbled on your blog. I am highly impressed!
A Man with common sense!
How rare in this country!
Keep up the good work!

Marko Parden,
From the Republic of Communist California…..

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