A FULLY OPENED THIRD EYE Will Allow You To Observe THE UNSEEN SPIRITS Among Us! -The LanceScurv Show

In the wee hours this morning I shared several random thoughts, perspectives and experiences on spirituality and cannot stress how our spiritual awareness and gift of discernment is such a powerful thing to have in this demon infested world.

Many who vibe with me here in cyberspace and on many social media platforms will understand it when I say how evil has increased across the land while the majority of the people around are simply not aware of it.

These unaware individuals will go about their day telling themselves that everything is just fine while ignoring the ever increasing obvious stress that they are going through as their precious life force is being usurped right from them in the most devious of ways.

The amusing part of this is that in order to feel a sense of relief from a spiritual malfunction that they refuse to acknowledge, they’ll plug in to the very thing that is robbing them of their life force not knowing that it is a trap that leaves them even more depleted than ever before!

The so called innocent distractions of web surfing which opens the mind to be strongly influenced and controlled, getting caught up in the illusion of politics, the “reality” television shows, these glossy Hollywood styles made for television religious entities whose message is curtailed to never step on the toes of the sinner and the very depressing evening news programs will most definitely keep one’s mind locked in from the pursuit of any spiritual awakening whatsoever!

The pursuit of the God Force within is the only way to defeat these damn demons who come into our lives like angels of light!


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