A Humble Spirit Willing To Submit To Divine Law Will Always Attain Mastery Faster Than The Arrogant!

In this world it is easier to LOOK like the real thing then actually taking the time to walk through the fires of self discipline in a chosen area of expertise in order to BE the real thing!

What do I mean by that?

In this day of the instant rush and gratification that come from the narcissistic indulges such as Facebook and YouTube, who needs to go to acting school to become an actor when an uploaded video from your smartphone will show the world that you are the next Robert Deniro or Meryl Streep?

Robert Deniro In Taxi Driver

Who needs to learn how to be a model when a few uploaded photos to your social network profile page will do the trick? It’s just a matter of time before the big money contracts from the top modeling agencies come flying through the door!

Who needs to take the time to study to be a musician when a few nifty computer programs can help to avoid the years of intensive mandatory practice to elevate a non talent into the forefront of all who have sacrificed to make one a star who will go down in history as one of the greats?

It’s reasons and logic such as this why we don’t have the quality and expertise in the world that we used to have back in the prior decades. No one wants to slowly learn and master their chosen field from the ground up and toil through every step of the way to learn their craft through and through.

There is a reason why the field of “Masters” are thin these days because nobody wants to submit to the disciplines of their field and take the TIME to become the field of their choosing.


Yes. Become!

What do I mean by that? Well, look at it this way, does a lawyer drag along ALL of the books of law that he has ever studied to become a lawyer? No! He doesn’t have to because hopefully he has submitted to the discipline of intense study to absorb internally all that he needs to know so that he won’t have to lug those countless books around with him. As a matter of fact, I don’t think any lawyer that HAD to carry around all of the books they’ve ever studied with them in order to perform their duties would be perceived as being successful and might not get too much work!

Anyway, what I mean to say is that once we have internalized the laws and by-laws of our chosen field we don’t have to keep going back to externally absorb the laws again because we have become the law and only have to merely look inside for guidance. Sure, things will change a little here and there depending on what your area of mastery is, but for the most part unless you are in a field that changes constantly, the principles pretty much remain the same.

If the majority of happy frauds understood this, we would have an awesome depth of quality in the world today that is sadly lacking.

Our schools of higher learning are packed with students yet there is more ignorance in the world with a lack of common sense.

The health spas report record numbers of memberships yet we have more people in ill health with preventable conditions because of their lack of adherence to the laws of wellness.

Our churches and houses of worship have been ridden with scandal after scandal with situations that would have at one time been unheard of because of the unaddressed dysfunctions that are allowed to fester in our midst because we are too frightened to swing the sword of truth that we claim to carry as a one who submits to the divine laws of God.

Eddie Long

Nothing is mastered without first seeking to submit to the laws of the field of mastery that you seek to conquer. If you can’t humble yourself and submit to the long tedious discipline that is required of you to reach the pinnacle of your field then don’t even waste your time and the time of those who are the designated nurturers that would bring you into excellence by your willingness to learn everything that you possibly can to reach your goal.

Any teacher or professor can tell you that they can literally see who will do well under their tutelage as well as those who possess an attitude of arrogance who feel as though they are already too smart to be told anything. Those are the students who learn the hard way in life and will foolishly hold on to their false pride and arrogant demeanor until it takes them so far away from the upwardly mobile life that the humble student will easily achieve.

It’s all in the attitude for sure!

This is why anyone who is in a position of teaching would rather take the student who is willing to learn and has a humble attitude as opposed to that person who is arrogant and hard to instill a willingness to go the extra mile in their quest for perfection.

Seems like everyone these days wants the notoriety of excellence without those countless hours of learning ones craft away from the spotlight exhibiting a dedication that most lack but will eventually bring them into a place where the world will revere them.

This is a fact as well as a law but for some reason the masses feel as though they can create some type of shortcut to success while bypassing the necessary character building trials and tribulations that will leave you equipped to handle any situation that life throws at you. When you’ve earned what you have the tough way you are more than likely to hold on to it because you know how hard it was for you to attain that level of achievement whether it is a material possession, a scholastic achievement or a personal best in your spiritual growth where you may have defeated a vicious addiction with the loving help of God.

So do know that the tougher the road that you may have had to travel will make all other tests that come your way seem to be very minor because you’ve worked hard to BE the real thing instead of merely appearing to be so. And that in itself is definitely a rarity in today’s world for sure…….

…….and the whole entire “knock-off” no substance having mentality of a world around you will then understand when they see you what they should have done with their life in the first place!

And you don’t have to apologize because THEY missed the boat and looked so terrible in doing so!

Stress kills as well as ages you!

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