A Job Addiction Is A Perpetual Poverty Affliction!

It never ceases to amaze me time after time when I hear these grown men (And some grown women too!) cry out about how bad their job situation is and how they are afraid because they don’t know if they are being set up to eventually be fired or if the workload that keeps them employed will soon expire.

This is very sad and actually pathetic!

Look, I’ve said it before and now I will say it again: “Stop depending solely on a job for your sustenance and future security!”

The present time is not like days gone by when you could have depended on just one income for all of your needs! If you are thinking in this manner then it is just a matter of time before you are bunking up with someone to share the load of bills and even doubling up on the jobs just to barely make ends meet!

The handwriting is on the wall and there are just too many people who refuse to see it!

But what really ticked me off today (Actually to piss me off isn’t that easy of a task to do!) was the whining of one of my regular passengers on my bus route who happens to work at a local McDonald’s that is located in the tourist corridor right here in Orlando Florida.

Apparently it was his day off and he was running a few errands when he boarded the bus. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time like we used to so It was quite surprising to see that he possessed the same old negative mentality toward his job that he had when I saw him the last time.

But to tell you the truth it really wasn’t a surprise at all!

Let me add that this gentleman is my exact same age (48 years old) yet we are on two different planes of thought. Now I am not putting him down because he happens to be employed at McDonald’s, because I feel just like the Bible does in that all work is edifying, but yet and still how are you going to let such an elementary place of employment dominate your total being over some petty foolishness?

Well after greeting me by giving me the customary fist to fist “pound”, he informed me that he had it with his job and he was absolutely THROUGH working there (Never mind you that was exactly what he said in the last conversation we shared!) because the management had been blatantly  taking advantage of him!

Well to tell you the truth, what IS management supposed to do? That’s their job to exploit you with a smile on their face but I felt it was really a shame for him to reach an age where he should have understood this by now.

But his gripe was that he was always the person who everyone went to when they wanted to learn something about the function of the restaurant. Three of his immediate supervisors were trained by him while he remains a part of the regular crew. He felt slighted over there years when those very same supervisors that he trained went on to make more money than him (Well what did HE expect? They were now supervisors!) his morale hit rock bottom because of these incidents and he has just been hanging on in a disgruntled manner merely for the paycheck.

But what was really a slap in the face to him was when his particular McDonald’s hired  about a half a dozen Asian temporary exchange students that he claims took all of the excess hours that were there to be worked. He also said that to add insult to injury that his hours were reduced to half of what they were while the exchange students had more overtime than they could handle.

Sure, if this is in fact the truth, anyone would be quite upset in getting the second class treatment after putting in years of hard
work, training new hires to become managers and believing in a system that views you as an insignificant interchangeable component.

While he went on and on verbally about the alleged injustices committed against him, I started to get angry because it dawned on me that while these present conditions were far worse than any other time that he shared his complaints with me, he has been crying about one thing or another at his job at McDonald’s for YEARS!

It seemed as though he was addicted to his job drama!

Not only that but I felt that I was on to something in my personal discoveries into human nature…….what I discovered also is that
many people have a permanent perpetual poverty affliction!

These types see absolutely no other way of generating an income for themselves and it seems as though they subconsciously believe that it would be some type of violation if they DID make their own money independently.

They will hold on to the very end in thinking that a mere job is the answer to all of their financial woes!

Even on these jobs (Just Over Broke!) that the masses have agreed that pay “well” (Which is a relative term anyway!), you will hear the bickering and complaints of how bad the conditions are or how the company didn’t give the employees the raise that they were promised or contractually guaranteed. These people do not realize that their jobs were not created to be individually tailored to fit their personality and temperament, but to basically be a “one size fits all” machine to generate funds for the people “up top!”

So in actuality one will never feel the total sense of satisfaction that they craved or the feeling of being irreplaceable and a necessary component to the growth of their company. This was the way it may have been many decades ago before globalization and the technological advances were made that fleeced the workplace of the warmth of the human touch and interaction.

More ATM’s, less bank tellers. The human resources departments have been slashed to a fraction of what it used to be because you can now apply for your job online. What happened to the face to face interactions of our society? It has slowly become a cold terrain of a “every man for himself” kind of battlefield and the only reward that we really expect is not the job satisfaction but merely cold hard cash!

Employees are the new corporate prostitutes! We quickly lay down with the shallow promises of a company and when they get what they want out of you they will fire you just as fast without as much as a thank you and symbolically pass you in the street like the exchange never took place!

So the disillusioned of us move about the earth like a prostitute who falls in love with her client never to understand the cold hearted nature of the business and always being the last to know what our potential transactions were all about!

The jokes on you of you think in this manner!

The day of depending on anyone other than yourself is over! It’s too sad the so many of you do not even realize this. The handwriting has been on the wall for so very long and the signs have been evident for what seems like an eternity! For those of you who have forfeited that divine innate ability to subdue and conquer the earth around you for your personal nourishment on a mental, physical and spiritual level, you will find yourself in a sorry state of affairs when these companies to whom you depend on dry up and cease to exist with you holding the bag with your pile of ever growing bills.

While we beg at the feet of those who could never give us the gift of life, we tend to forget that we were built with a supernatural ability beyond all logical explanation deep within to overcome any obstacle placed in front of us but have been disconnected from it along the way in our major distraction of a physical journey here on this planet.

Slowly but surely we have been taught to only see the physical and never taught to cultivate the things of the spirit……

…….and because of this lack of ability to manifest a vision, we were made unable to fend for ourselves while the thought was placed in our minds that we needed a “job” to survive and in turn we began to accept the degraded reality of being in a constant state of poverty and spiritually/financially bankrupt.

By solely depending on a job we lose all sense of freedom and adventure that comes from the unknown factors that you will encounter during a day that YOU control and maneuver according to your experience, energy levels, goals and desires!

When you are independent of the job mentality, everyday feels as though it is a vacation as your flow from sun up to sun down is one of empowerment as opposed to one of subservience.

The feeling of dread is replaced by an anxious feeling of anticipation. Bland predictability is traded in for the bliss of  experiencing the possibility of the unexpected. You walk taller because you know that you take no orders from NO man and you wake up to every new day with the spirit of a winning warrior who WILL go above and beyond in the quest for personal ascension!

No matter how they dress it up to appear appealing to your six senses always know that the corporate world can never give you that feeling! As a matter of fact, everything the corporate world can do for you comes with a price, the price is keeping up with you projected results if not constantly surpassing them. The company car and the office overlooking the river doesn’t feel as good when it is inferred that those perks can (And will!) be lost if you allow your production rate to slip below par.

So as you can see, the ability to look good at the red light in traffic in a luxury vehicle comes with a heavy price indeed. This is something that you would never have to worry about when you take life’s reigns in your own hands to forge forward economically by your own rules to make the life that YOU want in the style, pace and tempo that you desire!

Just the other day when I was driving down Hiawassee Road heading south where it intersected with Silver Star Road I saw an enterprising Latino man who I would say was about in his mid-thirties. He was standing on the concrete divider between the north and south traffic which stood only about six inches and he had next to him an ice cooler that was filled with small plastic bottles of cold spring water.

I remember thinking to myself that this man was great and very much aware of how to really make money while the ghetto acting ‘hood rat mentality possessing teenagers sat on a nearby bus stop and made fun of him by yelling out repeatedly “dollar for a water!”

As I crept up through the traffic on the turning lane getting closer and closer to this very busy man who must have made about ten sales in the short time that I moved up toward the light, he walked near my car to see if I would have given him a signal through my eye contact to come to my car and sell me one of his bottles of water. Well, I did motion for him to come to my vehicle but when he got there I told him that I didn’t want any water but I did want to tell him how much of an inspiration that he was to see him out their trying to make an honest dollar in a humble manner and I gave him a few crumpled singles out of my pocket…….not out of pity, but of admiration, respect and encouragement.

The Florida sun beat down hard as he earned his money directly with no middleman. Nor did he need my “donation” as it was evident that he was getting paid more than any neighborhood employer could have every paid with their barely over minimum wage eight dollar an hour offering. I noticed that just before the light changed for me to finally get through that as he made change for another thirsty customer he had WADS of money in each of his four pockets. One pocket had a huge roll of twenty dollar bills while another had tens, fives and ones!


He literally made HUNDREDS of dollars out there unnoticed in a very humble manner right under the radar of those who felt that they could turn their noses up to him as they drove by in the luxury cars that they probably couldn’t even really afford!

This is one man who definitely did NOT have a job addiction and was NOT in a state of perpetual poverty affliction! LOL!

Now if this was a grown man out here doing what he had to do then what happened to those teenagers sitting on the bus stop making fun at his efforts while having nothing in their pockets except lint and the few quarters that “Mommy” gave them!

Motivation, success and happiness is a way of life that is taught to the young from the Elders who knew of the divine principles that would manifest such results. so when I saw that man I knew that he came from a lineage and legacy of hard working proud people as opposed to the lazy-assed “you owe me something” teenagers who possess the mentality that is destroying our very communities for as far as the naked eye can see!

So the choice is yours if you want to continue to have a job addiction and to perpetually be afflicted in the mindset of poverty, or you can dare to dream like my ambitious friend at the feverishly hot corner of Silver Star Road and Hiawassee Road on that Friday afternoon and instantly create success with an imaginative means of generating some money and the balls to get out there and make it happen!

Do you think HE will be filling out job applications any time soon?

Of course not!

He has REAL MONEY to go out there and make!



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