A LanceScurv Late Night Rant On Politics

This is just a short rant on a few things that I had on my mind as we move closer to the 2012 Presidential Elections…….

Earlier this week on Twitter I made the comment that there was a small part of me who sadistically wanted to see Governor Mitt Romney win the election so that those who proclaim that they wanted “their” country back could be happy for a time until they realize that Mitt Romney doesn’t give a damn about them and the only thing that they have in common with his is the color of their skin.

What really irks me about those who speak in this manner is that they are so hung up on the fact that President Obama is a Black man that they will do absolutely anything to get him out of office because of their own hangups that were brought to light from within themselves since he took office.

Here are a few of the postings that I put up on Twitter that stoked a lot of controversy in my e-mail inbox:

Most who claimed that Barack messed up this economy had suffering finances that were jacked up before they knew how to pronounce his name!

Mitt Romney has got to be the most out of touch candidate for the Presidency of the United States in the history of politics!

Mitt Romney has the demeanor of a man who thinks that everyone in the same room with him is an idiot & must sadly tolerate their ignorance.

Romney on The View? HA! He would’ve gotten chewed by Whoopi after giving her the “You’re only the hired help” look that most Blacks get!

To me, this is not a Black or White thing but a truth thing, if the truth be told about my feelings toward the political process is that I feel that it’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. Barack Obama could not have been placed in his position if he wasn’t approved and designated to be there by the shadowy figures who purposely keep themselves out of the spotlight who are the real movers and shakers that pull their deceptive strings away from the view of the gullible public who really feel that their vote pulls much weight.

Barack Obama Mitt Romney Debate

Now I am not saying that one should not go out and vote because I do believe that whoever is in office can influence some smaller issues on the political forefront but when major issues are hanging in the balance I don’t believe that they have complete control over what decisions go down. That’s just my perspective.

I also believe that if the one who holds the office of the Presidency of the United states goes against the wishes or rather commands of the shadow government, they will be killed or shamed out of office from a manufactured scandal that will diminish their credibility in the eyes of those who believe and back up their policies and philosophies.

But for someone unknown reason I feel that Mitt Romney is the closest and most visible manifestation of those shadowy figures who pull strings from the dark corners of those worlds that we will never be allowed to see into. He is more so one of them and would truly reek havoc because no one would be shocked when they look over his uncertain stances on certain policies as he would flip flop the same way if he got in office.

But Barack Obama is not as ignorant to some harsh realities as you want to believe either as far as what he knows that WE don’t know. Presidents are privy to frightening information on things that we will probably never find out about in our lifetime, it’s the nature of the job. But I believe that he is in a struggle with his morality and the decisions that he has to make concerning the American people and the entire world and realizes that you can’t please everyone all of the time.

So it is a heck of a position to be at the helm of world power as the President Of The United States no matter who you are! Let’s forget about those who will automatically oppose you just for who you are as well as how social media has developed to watch you every minute of everyday recording and dissecting your every move micromanaging your life to put it on the world stage immediately.

Wow! Just imagine if past Presidents and politicians had to wade through an army of well armed civilians who were hellbent on recording your every move to share it with the world at the push of a button! There are so many scandals that we will never know of, so many affairs that will never be uncovered and unfortunately so many deaths caused at the hands of those long forgotten crooked politicians that never felt the kind of pressure to walk the straight and narrow because there wasn’t the threat of being discovered by that small palm sized bit of mobile technology that hangs over the heads of all politicians today to make them think twice as to not become the next Congressman Weiner.

Again I say that while I am not that type of person who will wholeheartedly profess the greatness of this political process I will say that if you have read any of my older writings that I have come a long way in my maturity on so many fronts but will still always be that guy who will exhaust all of my resources in the pursuit of a higher existence before sitting down to depend solely on someone who might claim to be someone that they are really not.

My time is too precious to take a gamble on something only to find that my time was lost on a shyster. So yes, go out and vote this November but do understand that it doesn’t stop there. We must arm ourselves as Social Media Activists who hold these politicians accountable for their actions and their promises no matter what party affiliation that they are representing.

Once they step into office they have become the direct servant of the people and must deal with the issues that we feel are important to us and stay on top of them to make our collective projections come true!

If we don’t, nobody will!
Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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