A Locally Defeated Mind Will Never Become a Victorious World Conqueror! Who Really Benefits?

“I’m merely a tourist living in Orlando on an extended stay. My allegiance is to no one part of this earth because I roam the entire planet!”

This was a statement that I put out over Twitter the other day that received so many positive responses because I guess many people felt the same way that I do.

This mindset to me is the healthiest that I could ever have because from what I see today in the world, we have carved up God’s creation as though it is something to be divided up and claimed with our artificial borders and hogging of resources in the name of the various countries that we reside in.

But what if there were absolutely NO borders in this world and NO separate countries to deal with but merely a more heightened sense of culture depending on where you traveled to?

No! I am NOT attempting to suggest that we have some type of One World Government, New World Order, One World Religion or anything resembling something so underhanded and sinister to the wide range of humanity, far from it and actually quite the opposite!

What I am trying to suggest is why can’t China still be China  and Czechoslovakia still be Czechoslovakia? They can still be the countries that they are in all respects but without the hostilities to others who want to travel about in a manner that reflects this planet as something that was made for ALL of God’s children!

What’s so hard about that?

Why is it that many of the world’s nations claim the belief in some higher power yet have a major problem treating each other as Sisters and Brothers?

I would never want any country to open its borders to the world thinking that it will lose its identity or become diluted after some mad rampage by some mythical “evil foreigners and tourists”, although with the many separatist mentalities out here the instigators will be out against such a concept in full force but what do you think God sees when the planet that He created for us has been hijacked by a few and divided up as though it is a place exclusive to a few and not the masses?

It is already bad enough that many of our fellow world citizens will never leave the region that they were born in because of the lack of funds, opportunity or mindset that it takes to travel. Many are ruled by fear, the fear of leaving their present reality for a time to see how the rest of the world lives, to do this can NEVER be a bad thing and can only empower and enhance ones own personal life and encourage us to improve ourselves as well as to appreciate what we DO have when we see how our lives fall on the bigger scope of things.

The bottom line of what I am trying to say here is that we should truly free our minds of the imaginary limitations that have slowly crept up on us or have been fed to us through living in a stagnant place where we never challenge those borders.

Seeing yourself as a WORLD CITIZEN and not merely a representative of some small bordered nation would force us all to treat our planet with more respect and to treat each other as peers related under one God no matter what we call that God or how we worship Him.

But too many people will never see it that way and too many people seem to benefit from it staying that way because where there are wars and division, someone stands to profit from it and those who benefit from the manufactured hate that comes from the masses freely and anxiously sucking in the viewpoints of the media culture creators will always maintain a position of dominance over the mentally stagnant individuals in this world.

We now have the ability to sit at home and communicate with anyone on the entire planet instantly and relatively cheap on this thing called the internet yet we have regressed by going off into our own cyber-world instead of reaching out into our actual REAL WORLD!

How sad it is.

So until then I really cannot expect much from those who are not even aware that there is a huge world out there to learn and grow from personally. I can’t expect much nor would I continue to sometimes badger those in my midst to expand their horizons not only to embrace the bigger picture but to see the opportunity even on a business level to broaden their ability to secure themselves financially as well to empower and protect themselves by freeing their business activities up from just merely dealing with the American consumer. If you go into business, don’t just deal with those in your neighborhood, serve the WORLD with your goods and services and go beyond those oppressive forces that will fight you tooth and nail locally in order to hold you back!

Understand that you are bigger than that! Understand that there is an entire planet yearning to embrace the fresh concepts that you bring to the table even when your own boss tries to belittle you into staying under his rule by gently reminding you that you are in a “good place” shackled into serving HIS dream because there “is nothing out here in this BAD economy!”

The trick that your oppressor uses one your mind is to keep you thinking on a small scale. Keep you thinking on the frivolous local affairs that amount to nothing. keep you bickering over foolishness and even manufacturing some distraction of a drama that will always keep you small minded and forever occupied while he forges his contacts over the entire planet in order to stay rich and independent from your ignorance and continued dependence. This is truth!

Travel the world and see that this is a damn lie! And if you do not have the funds to travel the world at this time of your life, then get online and stay off of Facebook for a minute to explore other cultures and to see how others live, knowing that THEY TOO have a system of making money, a system of gaining wealth and more often than not a mindset that is so far advanced over the gluttonous, self serving reprobate mind that the typical American has and generally repulsive to all of the rest of the human family in this world!

So expand expand EXPAND your mind and your situation WILL change as you become TOO big of an entity to be trapped off like a caged animal in any segment of your existence!

…….and like I said in the very first statement at the beginning of this blog article:

“I’m merely a tourist living in “Orlando” (<—-Fill in your own city or country here in this spot!) on an extended stay. My allegiance is to no one part of this earth because I roam the entire planet!”

Live by that and watch your life CHANGE!

…….need I say anything more?

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