A Misunderstood Hero Passes While A Highly Celebrated Cheat Gets Caught!

As Americans, we are so pompous and all knowing to the point of arrogance. Heck! Arrogance is an understatement! Many of us believe we are the Alpha and the Omega all because we have become overconfident on a stolen land that was someone else’s house that has been soaked in the blood of the natives who were mass murdered in the largest sustained terrorist attack in recorded history!

Recorded history?

Someone did some poor recording! Because anywhere and everywhere I go I see street signs with the unique and beautiful names of a great God fearing people whose only faulty trait was to be too trusting to those who possessed absolutely no sense of spirituality to be able to carry out such a greed fueled generations long massacre while proclaiming “In God We Trust!”

What God is that?

Surely it couldn’t be the loving and merciful God that you claim to bow down in submission today! Well maybe it is, because in an even more recent historical account that has been documented on film in the Civil Rights movement, most of those who called themselves Christians had to shower up really good before attending the church services of “their faith” to wipe off the blood that stained their fists from the beatings they doled out to innocent Black people who begged them for the right to eat and shit next to them.

Better them than me, ’cause I ain’t beggin’ NOBODY who hates me for absolutely no logical reason to have to so called “right” to hear the repulsive sounds of gas escape from an anal retentive racist who happens to be in the bathroom stall next to me!

What a “right” to gain by taking an ass whipping! I guess I’m weird because I am cut from a vastly different cloth!

But back to the arrogance.

We all know a person who has borrowed something from us for so long that they began to believe that the item loaned to them was theirs all along. Those of us who are sheepish will “kindly” ask for it back as though WE are borrowing THEIR possession! Others will put it to them straight and tell them to “Give me my shit back!”

Well those who claim to be Americans didn’t “borrow” this land from the Native Americans, they didn’t steal it from under their feet without doing harm to them in a somewhat civil manner. They straight killed them OFF for no reason whatsoever! So the next time you watch the evening news and grimace at those “damn uncontrollable animalistic low life thugs” who not only robbed a man for the eight dollars and twenty-six cents that he had in his pocket to last him for the rest of the week but killed him after getting what they said they wanted, then save a grimace or two for your wonderful ancestors who did the very exact same thing TIMES a couple of hundred million when you read your history books!

Yeah yeah. If you read that crap that they feed to you in these public schools of indoctrination to poison the minds of the young to not be independent thinkers, then I can understand when you get upset at the fact that I am not under the influence of the same propaganda that you were raised on! My Mother and Father had the presence of mind to teach me the difference. And oh boy am I thanking them with every single day God blesses me with!

You would think that as arrogant as we are that we would be too smart to be tricked into seeing the world through a system of mass manipulation through our media influences in the television and Internet mediums.

But the reality of the situation is we have allowed the media to mold our psyches to the point where we cannot see the world for what it is and only view it through the eyes of the great deceivers!

Deceivers? Yes. Deceivers. Stop visualizing some dude in a red suit with horns on his head called the devil when Hollywood has you willingly deceived every time you pick up that remote control and surf the channels for your next shot of poison! And if the truth be told you are better off playing Russian Roulette by putting a gun to you head and taking a chance that there isn’t a bullet in the chamber than picking up a remote control that once activated will blow all common sense away out of your brains more effectively than a gun EVER could!

Your mind gets filled up with all kinds of jingles and tunes that you find yourself humming to yourself without even consciously seeking out to invite this information into your head. You are the walking dead and LOVE being this way. Because the proof is that you love being tricked and fooled, why else would you pay for some high priced popcorn with an expensive behind soda to sit down and be fed a digitally controlled and engineered to make you buy their “memorabilia fantasy” instead of going to the library or a cultural book store to read something real that will arm you for mental and spiritual warfare that is free of charge? No wonder you can’t retain anything that is worthwhile, you head is jumbled up with reality TV useless baggage!

So if that television box that is really a mental guillotine tells you that a hero is the one who says all of the right things and follows the script handed to him that was used over and over to fool the masses then you will believe it because “it was on television!”

So what! Mickey Mouse is on television also but have you seen him walking around the ‘hood or the crack-spot looking to cop a hit? No! So when they bring out this young handsome charismatic Democratic candidate for the Presidency Of The United States then you feel that you have no choice but to believe what you “see” and what they tell you!

Oh but all things appearing pristine and perfect are not always what the seem. The visual veil of arrogance of the American mainstream will never allow themselves to learn from the past lessons and examples of brazenly displayed corruption that resurfaces time and time again. They turn a blind eye to it…….Like a domineering father who lives the past failed and broken athletic dreams of his youth through his son who feels pressured to perform and cheats using performance enhancing drugs for a tarnished win that means more to the ego of the father than it ever did the emotionally disconnected son. We in this country want to be the good guys so bad that we will look away from the obvious signs of wrong doing just to see our so called elected officials who smile so bright and posture as the saviors of the day.

Saviors? Hell! We need to save ourselves from these crooks! Look at John Edwards, a crooked piece of crap that paraded around like a family man with a wife who had cancer and eventually died but not before cheating on her and fathering a child while running for the Presidency of the United States! Whew! Imagine if he had won?

Now I am not going to get into the details of this story that is developing as we speak but look at how his followers worshiped him and gave him so much campaign money! Now I am not mad at him but while the Republican party was grilling Senator and eventual President Barack Obama about his background, John Edwards wasn’t put through any grilling whatsoever and HE was out there straight getting it and making BABIES! What happened? Couldn’t find anything on Barack?

Well, we know how history work itself out now don’t we?

Like I said many times before. Perception is everything to the gullible sheeple of the world. If it looks like a perfect (HA!) politician, then it MUST be a perfect politician, even if he is getting those good hot wet slurpy (Yeah, make those noises on it baby!) blowjobs from a woman who is NOT his wife in the oval (oral) office!

But look at how a highly celebrated LYING CHEAT in the form of John Edwards who gets so much attention mainly because he is a broken illusion gone wrong and here we have a certified HERO of a REAL MAN named Geronimo Pratt who exemplifies the sum total of the rare qualities of what they SAY an American Icon and Hero but will never get that type of honor only because he was a Black man who was in the Black Panther Party.

Now from MY point of view, what in the hell was wrong with THAT?

First of all, let me tell you what type of person I am, I am NOT AFRAID to give credit where credit is due no matter WHO it is! I don’t care if you shut YOUR mind down because HE doesn’t fit YOUR description of what a hero is. Because if the truth be told many of you, no, MOST of you at one point would have sworn up and down that Geronimo Pratt couldn’t even stand NEXT to a man of John Edwards pristine character only because he was white! Yes! This is Amerikkka’s sickness! It’s a sickness that we as black people had to dance AROUND all of our lives as though it was OUR ailment because YOU who are in power here never wanted to see how twisted and sick you are!

Is this ALL American white people! NO!

So do NOT send me those dumb ass e-mails telling me that I said or insinuated the opposite because if you do then that will show me how much of a jackass you are because you don’t know my spirit…….but in this case it is what it is!

But Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt spent 27 years in prison for a murder that he DIDN’T commit and came out of this whole entire sham without ANY bitterness or anger! Now you show me a Black man who received a PARKING TICKET that he didn’t deserve and you will see some anger! But Geronimo Pratt simple stated after doing his twenty-seven years in a 1999 CNN interview that ““I don’t think bitterness has a place. I’m more understanding, understanding doesn’t leave any room for bitterness or anger.”

By the way, Pratt did two Vietnam tours and I didn’t here to many people crying injustice, there were many, but not enough. But those same folks who choose to turn their head and remain silent will gladly go after a clown of a man named O.J. Simpson and rack their brains catching seizures when that decision was rendered in his favor proclaiming his innocence.

But you have to remember your bloody history America, whether “O.J. DID IT” or not, for every 10,000 wrongly imprisoned “Geronimo Pratts” who will NEVER get out or who get shot down in the back alleys of the ‘hoods or the backwoods of the country, you WILL get an O.J. Simpson in the mix! So if you compare the two Amerikkka, you are getting a sweet deal. so what’s the “effing” problem?

So why haven’t we heard much in the mainstream media about this Ghandi-like American Hero who served this country to keep the very people who would hate him for the color of his skin safe? That is my question to you amerikkka? See, I am NOT afraid to ask it! And I don’t see why it is so hard TO answer it as HIGH as you fly that damn facade of a murderous flag that represents the dirty deeds on covertly “destabilized governments of the world for your profit of another’s resources” so proudly in your front yard! And half of you do not even want to even cordially greet your hard working law abiding quiet “don’t make no (Put on your shufflin’ subservient slave voice when you say this one!) trouble or bother nobody” Black neighbors because they do not fit into the mold that the Evening News paints every night of “their kind!” You can see it on their faces what they are thinking: “Dammit! The economy is going to hell and these niggers just bought a new car and their house is the BEST house on the block! They are NOT supposed to be living better than WE are! We are American’s! I know! I know what it is…….THEY MUST BE SELLING DRUGS!”

So yes, Geronimo Pratt will NEVER be celebrated as the highly controlled deeply spiritual man that he was. WAS? Yes. At the time of this writing, he JUST passed away in Tanzania at the age of sixty-three. So you do the math. Twenty-seven years out of sixty-three.

But I find it so ironic that Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt went through so much more than his fair share of trials and tribulations in his life that he didn’t deserve as an innocent man but had more character and dignity in death than a man who was seriously considered as a man to have a great shot at being the President of the United States in HIS life yet now has no credibility left at all to look forward to.

How much more valuable would he have been if he was free to influence the youth of his community with his strong example of what a man of great strength and wisdom is supposed to be in light of these watered down down low punks who parade around on the television sets of amerikkka receiving great awards for their contribution to the community when in essence they are helping to lure in the youth for the sick agenda’s being played out on their minds to keep them from ever becoming what their God made them to become! Award?  Award for doing what? For doing a great job in turning a young boy into a GROWN WOMAN? Or turning a young girl into a GROWN MAN?

Not to get off topic but there is a whole lot of sick shit going on right under your saved and sanctified noses and you don’t have the balls to say a damn thing!

But I will.

Let me ask you. WHY are they pushing these “Cop Shows” on television showcasing women in the traditional roles of men as cops? NO NO NO! Shut up and let me finish! Because I KNOW where some of you are going to try to take this! And I don’t mean it “that way” because I think it is a great thing that a woman can do whatEVER she desires to excel in any area of expertise that she chooses, so don’t even move your MOUTH to say that I am sexist because I am NOT! But why are the networks FOCUSING ON this mental conditioning of role reversal so hard? Don’t you notice it? Because at the same time we are finding more and more programs showcasing men in the traditional female roles. Let’s not even talk about how our men are being showcased to the world wearing dresses! why are you trying to make the younger generations see this as being the norm and as being an option as they experiment with their strange new feeling of sexuality?

Now don’t get me wrong, when I said “strange new feelings” I meant the NORMAL STUFF. Yes I said normal, if you don’t like this blog now then allow me to escort you to the upper right hand corner to that white “x” contained in the red square and I bid you adieu! But normal stuff…….. you know, when your young son puts down the comic books and starts staring at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a bit too long……those kind of strange new feelings!

But when he starts to stare at a women but finds a little “extra” (She-Males) as he explores those websites that we as parent can’t seem to stop them from getting on then that is BOUND to confuse him! And when our righteous women who unknowingly celebrate their progress in a sexist male dominated world by supporting the Cop show that showcases women, little do they know that they are shooting THEMSELVES in the leg when they now begin to look for a man and all they can find are men in damn DRESSES! Do you want to walk down the aisle with a dude who wears size thirteen pumps, has a voice higher than yours and is rocking a wedding dress that looks better than yours? No you say? Then keep on supporting these very subtle invasions of the conscious mind and letting your kids watch them with you. STOP IT! Because if you don’t then your child may have to come to you one day and admit why they don’t have a mate for the high school prom! Let’s be real!

But wait. wasn’t I speaking about John Edwards and Geronimo Pratt? How did I get to talking about a man walking down the aisle getting married in a dress? I think I need a checkup at the doctors office y’all! LOL!

But anyway, I am going to wrap this up even though I could have made this one three times the size of what it is already (Do you read these long behind blogs of mine? Y’all are CRAZY!) but I want to start another project or two before I hit the sack. I’m lying, I NEVER sleep! LOL! But seriously, leave some comments for me and the rest of the Scurv online family to hear your point of view and let’s bring some good wholesome and interesting dialogue to the table. This is the only way that we can grow as a people and as human beings of all hues and colors because in this world no matter who did what to who, we all have some wounds to heal up from, guilt to work out of ourselves and countless other “human things” to cleanse ourselves from before we can ever think about reaching out to the world in a healthy manner. Do know that this blog wasn’t written to make anyone feel bad or to hurt anyone in a venomous way. But we need to talk about the raw facts to be empowered to move on people. Understand this.

But know that I work so hard on this because I love my human family and it is my dream that one day we can work beyond the divisive tricks of the devil and come together as one the way that OUR FATHER meant for it to be on this big beautiful green earth!

God bless you always,

Your Brother,

Lance “Scurv” Scurvin


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