A Typical Night On My Bus Route: The Sexy Evil Lady…….

Urban Soul- Alright

This might be just a rambling blog today, a random collection of thoughts that go through my head as I drive. Somewhat, because today on my job driving the bus, I am “seeing” so much so fast. So I don’t know what direction that I will be taking in writing tonight.

Ready for a ride with your Brother Scurv?

Okay, let’s go…………………

Let me tell you about a few of the interesting people who boarded my bus tonight.

It being a Friday night makes for some very usual happenings, its like a thunderstorm. You have the hot and cold air colliding to make the conditions for the storm to come about………

Its the same way in the streets on a Friday, you have many people coming home after a long week at work who want a release from the stress, on the one hand they are tired, but on the other hand they are on their private time now  and want to start the weekend as soon as possible making the most of it!……………

As I gaze into the mirror which reflects back to me the sea of varied faces that make up my human cargo, you can see the full range of assorted energies radiating from within the eyes of my passengers………….

Some are dog tired, overworked and underpaid from toiling unhappily on a going nowhere job, with no other apparent goal with their life at this point but to get home as fast as they can and climb up in their warm bed………….

Others might be full of boundless energy, a welfare check, the totally free rent that is government subsidized and some food stamps can leave one with an abundance of energy to burn, especially when one might have the luxury of playing like a care free couch potato all day long watching Maury (He IS the Father!) Povich!…………

I see the young guy who looks to be about 20, he nervously asked me about a particular stop on my bus route, this indicated to me that he never took this bus or doesnt know the side of town that he is venturing into. Looking at his clean cut profile and the fact that he dressed like a nerdy college kid WITH a belt that kept his pants up respectably, I got the feeling that he was on his way to pick up a young lady for a good old fashioned “let me take you to the movies and have you home by ten date!”

That notion was confirmed when he called THAT young lady on his cellphone to let her know that he was getting closer by telling her the landmark which indicated his position. This warmed my heart over because contrary to popular belief, there ARE some decent young men left in the world. All hope is not lost for our youth……….

As soon as I was beginning to enjoy my very alert tranquility, I saw a woman about a block ahead of me who was very animated in her demeanor as she spoke on her cellphone. She switched hands frequently as though the phone was a very hot handle of a pot off the stove. After I approached the stop and pull close to the curb, I happened to lock eyes with this woman and felt a chill go down my spine for that split second before I ripped my gaze from hers.


I don’t know her but I remember her! She took my bus before and acted very strange and I never forgot it! She possessed an air of extreme evil even though most men would be ALL OVER HER by the way she was built. She had an hourglass shape, full thighs, absolutely NO WAISTLINE and knew she had it going on with jeans that must have been spray painted on! But I picked up the fact that she fully utilized her body as a weapon to seduce men and I also felt strongly from her that she had a deep resentment for men and took joy in getting next to them and wrecking their lives after milking them dry of all available assets.

This is why I do not like to even look a boarding passenger in the eyes at first because if they are agitated or high, the eye contact can bring about a temporary “transferral of madness.” Some may not understand this and maybe you might think I am nuts for saying this but I think you like me because I truly say what is on my mind and I am going to you a shoot from the hip juicy tidbit now: I strongly believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul. There are days when I am highly intuitive more so than others and can literally FEEL a persons intentions and their spirit. When passengers board my bus I know who to open up to and I know who to tune out by the vibrations I feel from them.

On the flip side, when I start my driving day (Which is actually 5:45 in the evening but it the start of MY day!) I am completely centered and in tune with myself and in the spirit. I have found this state of being to actually agitate a few people who ride my bus because my “centered demeanor” makes them realize how far off they truly are and they become self conscious of THEIR madness! So in order to feel better within themselves they have to now find a way to agitate me and SHARE their confusion by transferring it to me by means of a confrontation!

Did I lose you?

So now they will complain loudly about the bus being too cold or will purposely pull the stop request chime cord at the very last minute before their stop and attempt to have me mash the brakes hard and get me out of my game by possibly causing an accident. It never works because I stay calm and smooth while kindly bringing their a*s to the NEXT stop! They will think about doing THAt again as they have to walk half a mile BACK to their intended bus stop!

No back to the sexy evil lady who got on my bus……….

I remembered this woman because everytime she would get on my bus, she demanded everyones attention by doing something outlandish. Most of the time she would be in an imaginary argument with a man who she had to “straighten out” or she would try her best to get my attention by acting as though she was in a rush while I had to stop for a few minutes to make a mandatory connection with another bus.

It was ALWAYS something with this woman!

She just wasnt happy within herself and it showed. She had the lewdest hoe stroll “hooker strut” that one could ever imagine. She winded her backside to the point where her well rounded booty cheeks resembled two pigs fighting under a blanket! Each butt cheek was in constant chaos!

You couldn’t help BUT look!

Even the old church lady in the back couldn’t break her gaze of how this woman used the movement of her body to let you know EXACTLY where she was coming from and EXACTLY what she was all about!

Her walk said: “You want some of this? Then you got to PAY ME! PAY ME for every man that hurt me! Pay me for every man that told me that he loved me, took my sex and LEFT me! Pay me for how messed up my life really is because I found out that one day you get older and the booty hustle doesnt work anymore like it used to and I’m scared and don’t know any other way to make money!”

She was in pain! But she was also MAD! Now, I didn’t do a damn thing to this lady as I am quite the gentleman to everyone in public, but I think I represented something to her that ticked her off in a very deep way and I think I realized what it was. Now first off I am not saying that it was ACTUALLY me but how I come off in public to SOME women, because I’ve noticed this type of thing happening in other scenarios.

But I think that this type of woman has given up on EVER finding a good man in her life. I think this type of woman really NEVER had an example of a good man in her life and said to herself: “Well, since these no good dogs just want me for sex, then I am going to cut all emotion and stop dreaming about a nice guy for myself and get all I can get before they use ME down like all the others!”

Maybe I’m wrong but a few of the female passengers seemed to feel that this is what it was as we discussed her after she left. But she positioned herself in a way that allowed me to see her in my mirror, then, she picked up her phone and began to tell this guy off about how much she has and how much she doesn’t need “no” man for any d*mn thing. The funny part is, all the while she was talking to this person who seemed to be imaginary, she was looking me DEAD in the eye as she cussed this man out! She told him that she doesn’t care if he has a good job. That she doesn’t care if he is a good looking man. It really seem like she had a problem with me because now she finally sees a guy she likes and he is not PAYING HER ANY MIND!

Although I am married, she probably didn’t see the ring because it is on my left hand and that hand is hard to see while holding the big bus steering wheel. So in her mind maybe I was fair game. Maybe she felt dirty and was in shock that I didn’t give her some slick pick up line like the other “pimp daddy” bus drivers because for a little while before she started up her charade, she sat quiet and absorbed my conversation with two very decent hard working and clean woman. This conversation was of a spiritual and prophetic nature which kind of showed where my mind is at.

Something she is not used to.

Now there is so much more to my day that I can share like this on a free flowing level with some really deep anecdotes and viewpoints. Maybe if you would like, I can do this on a regular basis maybe like once a week or something. Let me know, because EVERY single day out there in the streets of Orlando Florida at night, I can tell you a completely new set of bedtime stories every night! LOL! The difference with me is that this is REAL stuff that happened just hours earlier and not some cooked up fiction from a gifted authors imagination!

I am going to hit the sack now and can continue with more when I wake up. Give me your feedback, we can do it like this every Friday!

P.S: One more juicy tidbit before signing off………………

On my last run last night coming inbound heading downtown through one of the residential ‘hoods. My bus was empty as I slowly approached a stop sign. I stopped for a moment, took a swig of the last of the now warm carton of orange juice that was my constant companion for that day and noticed a female off in the dark distance SCREAMING!

I tentatively held my position at the stop sign and attempted to locate the source of the shrill terror filled voice but I just couldn’t. But as soon as I wrote it off to some young girls having fun with the bus driver by making some noises, my peripheral vision kicked in and noticed some swift movement to my immediate right!

Coming into view was something that temporarily just DIDN’T make any sense at all! Running quickly toward my bus was a totally naked woman who ran for her LIFE! Frightened and shocked, I visually trailed her nude form as it passed in front of the bus to my left side and into the night. Now she wasn’t skinny like a hungry crackhead, but she had her hair done and a few pieces of jewelry on as well as what appeared to be pedicured toenails. Now don’t question me on how I saw all of this detail so quickly, remember, I am an artist and see EVERYTHING! LOL!

My ghetto survival senses now kicked in and realized that I better brace myself because unless she was just nuts and out of her mind, she was running from something REAL! And I did NOT want to get caught up in someone else’s crap so close to being able to coming home!

Just as soon as I thought that, coming from that same direction from my right, was a man that was totally naked except for wearing ONE SOCK! He wasn’t destitute as he appeared to be well fed wearing a nice bracelet and a “still very happy” manhood that was blood engorged! Whatever he was running from must have just happened, ’cause the brother didn’t have time to get OUT of the mood! What the heck? Now I’m REALLY curious and just couldn’t move just yet. Now what I forgot to mention that as they both ran in front of my bus they looked back constantly in the direction they ran from. Now I’m REALLY frightened!

Want to hear the punchline to this story? I mean, this JUST happened and I found it sooooo amusing and self explanatory. But as I waited to see if anymore clues would be revealed as to what could scare these two, it appeared! What you might ask?


It was ANOTHER man with ALL his clothes on running after them with a BIG A*S butcher knife in his hand………

I believe the moral of this story is self explanatory! But if it went over your head let me tell you what the lesson learned here is……..

IF YOU ARE GOING TO CREEP, MAKE SURE TO COVER YOUR TRACKS BETTER THAN THAT! But please realize that it really isn’t worth it, stay home with your OWN mate or just plain use your doggone hand if you are alone! You will get it good the way you want it without all the unnecessary embarrassment and drama!…………

I am not judging, I am not condoning such wayward behavior, but that is all I am saying on THAT subject until I write some more for you tomorrow……………


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