A Wake Up Call: The Village Is Dead? – Queen Kimberly On The LanceScurv Show

Queen Kimberly Santana and King Scurv have yet another passionate conversation that speculates on whether “The Village Is Dead” because of how the Black Community appears to be in a hypnotic out of touch with reality trance while being in a state of emergency.

While other communities are working hard to build themselves up as they maintain the original fabric of their respective cultures, it appears that Black people are only concerned with the engineered realities of the hedonistic offerings offered by the oppressor’s media platforms that keep us entertained and oblivious to the world around us.

It’s our disconnectedness that places us in the cross-hairs of destruction because no one is yelling fire in a house that’s about to be engulfed in flames as we happily remain asleep.

This conversation is a wake up call to those who are asleep and a big reminder to those who aren’t that there is plenty of work to be done to save those who would be lost without us.

No one else is going to pull us up by the bootstraps but us because all we have is us!

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