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In light of the Eric Sheppard American Flag Challenge, many White men have found themselves in quite a quagmire as far as speaking out on how they feel about “their” flag being disrespected.

One popular non-confrontational option is to take on the role of an internet troll on Black dominated Social Media forums and ranting their true feelings from behind the comfort and protection of the keyboard.

The other option? Well, it takes more guts to do it this way but it’s to call The LanceScurv Show and state your feelings up close and personal to the world with no restraint.

This is the route that our guest – nicknamed named The Ghost- took in boldly speaking what many White men are hesitant to express publicly.

Again, it must be stated that here on The LanceScurv Show we encourage and challenge everyone to speak their mind and share their most passionate perspectives in order to incur a dialogue that is rare and very healthy to indulge in.

Hopefully more people from different backgrounds and upbringings will accept the challenge because we all need to know what’s on the minds of our peers.

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