A Woman Is Raped & Sodomized By Doctors In A Massive Coverup! – The LanceScurv Show

Today we speak with Ms. Shereen Nasser out of Cairo Egypt, a woman who has endured the unthinkable!

She is a brave and strong soul who wants to share her tragic story with the world in order to not only seek justice for herself, but to help others attain the courage to stand up against rape and abuse in a twisted system that oftentimes chooses to ignore such a hideous crime because of the affluence, status and power of those who are the guilty parties.

You will her Shereen take you step by step through her ordeal of violation, rape and sodomy that took place not in some dark alleyway or dangerous secluded place by a predatory stranger, but it happened in one of the most well known hospitals in Cairo Egypt, the Cleopatra Hospital by doctors who were supposed to be removing her appendix!!!!

Cleopatra Hospital in Cairo Egypt

Imagine the horror that she experienced upon awakening from what was supposed to be a routine medical procedure in a safe clean environment where a woman is supposed to feel her safest under the care of trained certified knowledgeable medical professionals?

But as you listen in to Sister Shereen you will begin to understand that this was only the beginning!

Listen in to this episode of The LanceScurv Show and discover why we need to help our Sister in Cairo Egypt and what is being done to her by the powers that be there in a massive cover-up that has done everything to shut her down to render her cries for help useless.

Please not that for those who speak Arabic, the first part of this conversation was done in English and the rest was completed in Arabic (beginning at the 49:08 mark), making it easier for Sister Shereen to tell her story in greater detail using her native language.

We are trying to get this story out to everyone, especially those who can help in the various Human Rights Activist Organizations.

It matters not where the help comes from, we need to cry out to the world collectively until justice is served.

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