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I was so pleased to hear a wonderful young man speak for my camera a wisdom that went so far beyond his short time on this earth. I had no choice but to think how many of us as adults don’t even possess a small modicum of the sense that this young scholar displayed in the few short moments that I had the pleasure of being in his presence.

Flanked by his Father, the Honorable Dr. Vibert White Ph.D. and the Reverend Samuel Taylor, it was a joy to capture this moment in time so I can later reflect on the fact that there are many youngsters out here in the world doing the right thing by living a clean obedient life which can only lead them to an immeasurable level of success and a peace of heart that only comes from being obedient to God.

Young Chess Player

I also have to say that his depth of awareness and tremendous foresight could not have been present if he were to – like many others in his age group – indulged in the mind numbing pastime of endless hours of watching television, playing video games and indulging in a wonton, hedonistic, unstructured pleasure seeking life whose only desire is to satisfy their lower desires and no nothing of the discipline required to truly become an independent thinker whose very presence affects the entire community around them!

…….no entertainer or ball player there!

He will definitely be a mover and a shaker sooner than we think and it is only because of the time spent with such an effective passionate teacher that he has been blessed with in the personage of Dr. Vibert White! How do they say it? The fruit never falls too far from the tree!

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