Accountability, Meditation & Cleansing: Taking Back Control Of Your Existence For A Better Life Experience!

Even with all of the evil deeds being committed in our midst, we cannot allow these happenings to force us to not seeing how beautiful a world that this truly is.

New children are born every moment somewhere out in the world that are the blank templates that await the programming of our instructions to carry out the rhythms that have become the unique private signatures of our character. Fertilize the earth with humble, gracious and productively bred children because it is through that conscious act that our world will be saved from the clutches of evil and pulled away from the edge and brink of destruction.

Understand that our spirit – whether it is negative or positive – has a profound influence on the world around us and definitely gets more powerful as others get physically closer to the possessor of that positively charged or negative aura that we possess from within.

This is why it is very important to watch the company that we keep.

The negative or positive charged individuals that we choose to spend our precious time with will either boost who we are at the core or compromise us and cause what was a formerly easy task to become such an insurmountable challenge merely because our energies have been drained. Unplugged from anything around you with a strong sense of urgency that is not seeking the truth and not in constant pursuit of God’s true light because you will suffer a deep loss of perception and be caused to maintain a more negative view of the world and your life and not even know how it got to that dark place that is most guaranteed and certain to come when you constantly bathe in negativity.

Deep Meditation

At the time of this writing I am suffering from a cold or possibly the flu, but it’s not a severe situation that will force me to retire away for a few days to nurse it at home – I’m still full of energy and very functional – but the fact of the matter is that some germ got past my natural defenses and into my system to cause this minor ailment to become a force that I must reckon with as it definitely drains my natural energy fields as the simple tasks are a bit more difficult to execute in comparison to the fully functional “me” that moves about the earth effortlessly with a joyous boundless energy.

So I had to ask myself, was this the result of me being in an unfortunate environment where the “evil germs” attacked my system in predatory fashion or was it a case of me not taking care of myself properly which allowed this ever present opportunistic nemesis of the human body a free pass into the inner sanctum of my physical vehicle?

You have to embrace the fact that the moment that the cold germs enter your body, you are unaware of it. You don’t feel its effects until sometimes long after the discreet event of entry occurred. But when it begins to battle your defenses it surely makes its presence known, and by that time it is just too late to merely wish it away.

When truly pondering this thought I have to say that “I” must take the blame for my present condition, because if I had gone through what I’ve always known to be protocol in taking care of my physical body then this I am sure wouldn’t have happened. I have to take full responsibility for my being sick at this time.

But for me to take total accountability for it shows a huge leap in my maturity levels because if this had been maybe even five years ago, I would have blamed every other person up under the sun (And maybe some strange green beings from a few other planets! LOL!) for having the drain and hindrance of a common cold in the first place. But no, the first part of healing completely is to be accountable and take responsibility for those mishaps and miscalculations even if the one who executed those blunders happens not to be you!

Accountability of our present realities will lead us into taking the action of making a difference from the inside, for this is where our victory is won. There is no potion, lotion, pill, injection, concoction or substance that can heal us like the deep meditation and cleansing that will rid us completely of the lifeless degenerate muck that has clogged up our very ability to enjoy this beautiful world around us regardless as to what wickedness covertly stands by looking for the perfect opening to rob our joy.

But in order to accomplish this inner metamorphosis we have to understand that it is imperative that we remove ourselves from the negative environments that will always compete for that precious priceless space in our mind, body and souls. So attempt to rid ourselves of those wayward factors without doing a proper cleansing is comparable to taking a bath in some very dirty bath water then taking the finest fragrance that your money can buy to spray it over your dirty stinking backside.

It just won’t work.

While a mind accustomed to the sensationalism of this world that is levied upon it from every conceivable angle from sun up to sun down, understand that there will be an internal resistance that will war against all attempts to take your life to the next level. It’s the nature of the beast that has been ripping apart lives long before you reached the earth and this is why you should never come down to hard on yourself when you slip back into your old ways because that entity is a pro!

Merely get up, dust yourself off and get back on track once again with you internal mission. You’ve only lost when you’ve refused to get back up again. As long as you are in the game of life there is always hope and anyone imparting to you anything different is NOT in your corner with your best wishes at heart!

I hope these few words have given you a boost and I wish I could stay and share some more of my deepest thoughts but this medicine is kicking in and my presence is required in the land of slumber right about now! LOL!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Meditative Brother,





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