Accountability, Responsibility, Sense Of Urgency & Purpose – Why Do Some Black Men Fail To Understand What These Mandatory Concepts Of Life Actually Mean?

First off, I want to say that this written expression of mine is not an article to bash Black men or to put my Brothers down in any way shape or form because my main purpose in putting my energies into my work is to enlighten, uplift and empower all human beings via my personal experiences and shared insights that could help an individual get to the next level.

That being said, assuming that most people know that I have an undying love in my heart for all humanity around me, I will trust in the fact that you know this even when I seem to go in on a subject hard in a relentless fashion because I am so very sensitive to the realities that are revealed to me that I just cannot waste the time to sugar coat a situation when an immediate and dire action is necessary.

So every now and again being merely a man and a human being who gets a little annoyed at times at what I see in people and the human potential that they seem to waste, I will often go on a rant that will resemble the outbursts of someone who is destined for a mental ward or one who is already in the nuthouse but off of their medication for the day. But those of you who have followed my expressions down through the years will simply recline in your chair, grab something to snack on or drink and enjoy the ride because these unpredictable high energy rants of mine are a thing of normalcy in the world of Mr. Lance Scurv.

Gotcha seat belt on tight?

Here we go!

Now earlier today I was driving my bus down through the tourist corridor of Orlando Florida, for those who are acquainted with this illusion of paradise in Central Florida will pretty much know that the aforementioned place is called International Drive.

International Drive is nothing to really write home about, especially when you come from a place like New York City. I really wonder sometime what the people here go crazy over when they speak of this place, once you go there a few times, you pretty much have seen all that it has to offer.

I’ll tell you one thing, there is a heck of a lot of money that passes not only through the tourist spots on International Drive, but all throughout the attractions of Disney and Orlando as well as all of the money generating machines here that rob the tourists of their hard earned money in making them think that they are having a really good time but in actuality were pumped up and fleeced long before they’ve even arrived and step foot on these deceptive shores.

Heck! Wouldn’t you love any place that is tropical sunny and warm if where you came from was cold, dank, overcast and gloomy?

Of course you would!

Orlando Florida

But the funny thing that I have observed is that the thrill only goes so far because while those tourists believe that they are having the time of their life in these establishments, the very people who live here in Orlando who have to work in those same establishments do NOT have possess the same feeling of bliss as those who can just sail on in for a good time and leave.

Same overlapping reality yet quite a different feeling and viewpoint.

Those who work in the tourist industry of Orlando Florida on an entry level (Which is probably ninety-five per cent of them!) are really barely making it. The pay is so bad that many have no choice BUT to work two of those thankless jobs merely to break even. And since the money is so bad they must maximize what little they have by commuting in from neighborhoods that resemble nothing like the luxurious conditions that they work in. Going to work everyday is almost a mockery to the sad living conditions and realities that they call home.

Hotel Cleaning Lady

Home? They work so many hours that the short time that they DO get to spend there is more like a mere visit as they are actually at work more or in transit TO work than they are at home. A baseball player who is running furiously around second base after knocking the ball deep into center field probably spends more time ON second base than that hotel room cleaner or that overworked waitress spends at their “home”, and even then their home time is only to sleep before getting up to be met with another thankless day of toiling with a starched fake Colgate smile on their faces as though they are really happy to see others living it up and spending more cash in two weeks then they could ever muster in a year.

Christmas? Ha! No other holiday exists for the working poor more so than Tax Return Day! This is the time when one can dream of having that ever elusive lump sum of cash that they can squander away in any manner that they wish in an always failing attempt to escape the reality that they seem to be trapped in of endless days working and sleepless nights wondering how the bills are  really going to be paid.

I could tell you so much about what I see out here in the belly of Orlando Florida the same way I can take you on a trip with my mere words also, but I said all of that to set up the point that I wanted to share in an encounter with a Black man that truly pissed me off so bad without a confrontation or even a bad word spoken.

What did he do?

While he didn’t do anything to me personally, I can sometimes be deep in thought or so viciously focus on a goal so intensely that I get upset when I see someone in my midst who doesn’t possess a modicum of inner drive or accountability whatsoever. If I ever hated anything, it would have to be that! If you are not really about anything then get the HELL away from me with your time wasting ass!

Let me explain what happened…….

While driving the bus down International Drive and enjoying the upbeat feel of the festive tourists going about their merry way, I had to keep a sharp eye out on my time in order to keep in tune with the bus schedule. While I may make it look to be a simple thing because in actuality this is something that I do anyway, watching the time is not a thing that comes easily for everyone. Some people seriously have a problem with organizing themselves and managing their time wisely as well as keeping up with their finances. Finances? Heck! There are TOO MANY people out here who have a major problem just even holding down a JOB!

International Drive

Now with the so called economy being what it is these days one would think that a person would do everything that they possibly could in order to not sabotage their chances to hold down that very job and increase their chances to make not only more money but to build a rock solid reputation of reliability and character.

But I guess some don’t think this way and probably never will. Oh well.

But while cruising down I-Drive (International Drive) I eventually stopped for a red light and was approached on the bus by a befuddled passenger who had the stupidest look on his face and I knew that either he was lost or maybe he needed some information on the schedule of my bus…….

The gentleman was a Black man who was about thirty years of age, 5’8″ tall with a slim build dressed in jeans and a tee shirt that bore the name of one of the local eateries that I assumed he was on his way to work in, which I would later discover that my assumption was correct. He had an upset look on his face when he watched me pull the bus over at the next bus stop due to the fact that I didn’t want to run ahead of schedule and make anyone miss the bus and make it late to their destination. But after the bus came to a halt, this man finally spoke up about what his personal concern was.

Since I have a bit more of a sarcastic bone in my demeanor tonight let’s just call this gentleman for the sake of brevity “Dumbo.” I could think of a lot of other words to describe him but it would cause the ratings of this article to not be family friendly anymore…….understood?

Well the first thing Dumbo asked me was if i was on a break and how long was my break going to be because HE had to get to work on time.

He wasn’t being to nice in the way he said it and I must admit that he spoke those words in a very much condescending way. It was almost like he had the mentality that he was running things here! I mean, here I am driving this big ass bus and he wants to play as though he is the boss because he dropped two dollars in the fare box! Since when did the bus which falls under the umbrella of “public transportation” become one man’s private limousine?

Not to get off of the subject but too many people forget that if they are in a rush then they need to take a cab!

But the thought of the cab doesn’t even take up any residence in their mind because a taxicab means MONEY! And the reality is that if they had THAT type of money at their disposal then they wouldn’t even be sitting up ON a city bus much less demanding that the driver of the bus conduct himself in a way that is comparable to a limousine driver.

Well needless to say while I am usually in a great mood when I am on the road, I refused to allow this knucklehead ruin my day, so in order to dump the stress right back on him, I quickly explained that this bus runs by a strict schedule that must be adhered to and that his situation of being on time or late was beyond my immediate control.

Lynx 17 Bus Route In Orlando Florida To Apopka

Dumbo wasn’t too pleased to hear that so he asked me how was he going to get to work of time if I am sitting there waiting to align my schedule back. (Believe me, he DIDN’T say it THAT intelligently at all!)

I responded by telling him that it was HIS responsibility to making sure that he got to work on time and that it would be unfair and illegal to leave that bus stop ahead of its scheduled time in order to accommodate his individual needs over those of the people who are depending on me to adhere to the official schedule!

He sure didn’t like hearing that and retorted by saying that he didn’t even know the schedule and shouldn’t be made to be late because of it!

I really didn’t believe that he had the nerve to say that!

How self centered!

How selfish!

This guy was clueless as to how the system worked and didn’t seem to care as the world had to stop and accommodate HIS ignorant ass!

I told him that he needed to get a schedule of the bus route and service as well as taking a bus that would get him to work on time even if he had to get to work an hour earlier! I also said that it was no one else’s responsibility other than his to research where he is going a day or two before by actually riding the bus to make sure he knew where he was going so that he could show up to work on time and prepared to complete the duties of his employ.

Should I have to tell a grown ass man how to conduct his own business when this is something that is a universally accepted fact?

I am seeing too many of our Black men caught up in the mindset that something of worth has to be handed to them without them having to make an effort to achieve what it is that they want.

That they want?

This brings me to another major issue.

Too many of us don’t even seem to want anything other than a place to crash, some food and a woman to go lay up with when the libido finds itself in full gear.

Black Woman In Bed

Is this the way God meant for a man to live?

And yes, those aforementioned things are quite nice and well deserved when you have earned them!

But when you are a lazy, pleasure seeking, uninformed, classless, uneducated broke fool trying to push off your responsibilities off on someone else then it is time to self evaluate your life situation and make a major change!

I don’t believe that guy will even last but a day or two on his “job.”

Black Man Fired From Job

Why? Because from that short time spent verbally exchanging words with him told me so much about his sense of purpose and urgency as it is all to common a mentality that is steadily destroying us as a people and ensuring that we as a collective will always be the stepping stone and laughing stock of the progressive world.

You see, America isn’t the big man on the block anymore and many people don’t seem to understand that. We don’t compare academically and we surely don’t occupy the top ten of any list like we use to. Asian countries have blown us away as their work ethic is a miracle to behold.

Now that being said, if the United States of America is on a downward spiral and we as Black people are accepted overall as the bottom of the barrel, then we can consider ourselves the worlds worst! Now see, someone out here is getting angry and like I said before, I congratulate and applaud all of my people who are not the norm and doing the right thing, these words of condemnation are not for you. But someone has to get down and dirty to deal with this mess.

Watching reality TV show after TV show will NOT change our condition on the many poor levels of performance that we have executed for all of the world to see. And if the truth be told many of us are not even interested in manifesting the talents and abilities that God has so abundantly placed in us but we have to work it until our change comes.

The Braxtons

To even use myself as an example as a blue collar kind of guy who could easily fade off into oblivion finding excuse after excuse as to why I should not push myself to share with the world my talents refuse to do so because I KNOW that I have a greatness inside of me that won’t be denied!

We seem to have no problem in being the class clown, playing the fool or being the in house minstrel man as opposed to shunning the stereotypes of stupidity and taking up a serious stance in the mess that we seem too oblivious to want to face. we need to get on our jobs and be about our divine mission! Because when your oppressor sees you in the foolish roles that we play he has absolutely no problem with it. But when he sees you go after the positive change to banish the exploitative and very lucrative grip that HE has on your life he won’t be smiling to much then!

I use to HATE to see the little Black boys down in the Times Square area of New York City at lunch time looking all hungry and poor at the busy lunch hour Break-Dancing for the White executives who thought it was so amusing and found it within their kind hearts to “dig deep” to toss a few spare pennies their way as they spun around on their backs on the flattened cardboard boxes before moving along to the next corner to perform the next act for another handful of warm sweaty pennies that could have only gotten them enough for a McDonald’s happy meal before returning home to the impoverished conditions that drove them out there in the first place.

But isn’t it funny that when the older brothers of the same little Minstrels in training show up to the same offices of those “oh so kind” White men who tossed those few pennies to the Break-Dancin Black boys that those same charitable feelings that they had which were probably driven by some kind of subconscious guilt will go right out of the window as they tell them that they are not hiring?

Yet they will spend a fortune on the bigger sisters of the Break Dancing Black Boys at the strip joint to ride their asses until they wet their pants in orgasmic bliss just imagining what it would be like just to find themselves wedged between those well rounded cheeks that their wives at home could NEVER have?

They spend tons of money to see your woman as a whore Black man and you are sometimes the first one to want to pimp her off to them for a few bucks in YOUR pocket! NO GOOD!

To all who are reading this rant we must take responsibility for ALL things wrong around us and begin to be accountable for these conditions no matter who neglected them to get like this in the first place!

If I walk past YOUR HOUSE and there is garbage strewn out all over the yard, i have no right to call it a nasty yard when I could have taken control and used that same energy that I used to complain to clean it up and set an example to all who have observed my unselfish actions.

This is what it will take for us as a people to return to our former glorious forms and we can never do it until we learn to embrace these all important words into our vocabulary and replace the profanity and words of disrespect that we are so easy to express to one another in order to build the esteem that has been siphoned from us in our sojourn here on these shores and continue to this day as the world watches down on us in disgust and dismay.

Accountability, Responsibility, Sense Of Urgency & Purpose…….

If you can’t even master a damn bus schedule to get your butt to work on time then how in the world do you think that you can master this thing called life?

these are the questions that we ALL need to be asking of our Black men right NOW!

Time is not only running out but it RAN OUT a long time ago!

…….am I the only one who seems to understand this?

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