Activating Your Hidden Potential Into A Fabulous Reality,The Time Is Now!



When I see how fast time is moving it creates within me a greater sense of urgency to accomplish more with the unknown amount of time  that I do have remaining. And I must say that it is a very good  feeling and I feel absolutely NO pressure from within. It’s just a  happy flow. I try to encourage everyone to find their unique abilities  to cultivate, hone and develop it to its most polished levels to grace  the world with.

We must understand that while we are all given a special potential individually to create something unique for the world, potential alone will not create a masterpiece and make it happen. You have to work diligently at developing your gift as well as sticking to it even when you may be discouraged or not very motivated at times.

To me, the reward for sharing my talents is that I feel I am creating a legacy that will live on beyond my earthly visit to help others that may not even be born yet understand a different point of view even of they don’t necessarily agree.

Another joy from going after your dreams and developing your hidden potential is that you feel as though you are truly connected to the world around you in an intimate and special way because you are involved in the process of striving. The research, the hard work, the hustling, the coming together of all of the various aspects of what was once merely a thought in the back of your mind is a feeling that borders on the orgasmic! Okay, ALMOST borders on the orgasmic! Lol!

What most don’t realize is that there is action required from the holder of great potential to make it come to life. You can’t merely
“ride out” on potential and expect to realize the God given greatness that He has placed inside of you. Like a man mining for gold, you have to first know that it is there then “mine” for it, “excavate” it. Get out your picks and shovels and get ready to do a lot of digging!

But you have to know that your talent is there. The worst thing that I could imagine in life since we are on this subject is to see a human being blessed with so many talents and abilities over and above the norm and just not even know it.

What a waste!

But do know that even that particular individual who may not know his abilities can discover most of them if he or she only took the time to indulge themselves in a varied set of activities, this will give them the exposure needed to “see” what they react to and what they may like that could be something that they can pursue. This is why exposing your children to many different stimuli is so very important and will help to mold the person that they will eventually become in adulthood.

But you do not have to only be a child to embrace new energies and realities as the opportunity to change your life is in every moment that you live this wonderful life. But the secret is that it comes from within. YOU have to decide what YOU desire in this life. Stop looking at others as though they are living YOUR ideal life. You were blessed with unique abilities that will satisfy your every need above and beyond if you simply tap into that inner source of unlimited energy!

Let me tell you that it’s also not about money. Yes, money IS VERY IMPORTANT but it is not the money that will bring you happiness, you have to already be happy already and it won’t come from anything external as happiness is a state of mind.

Remember way back when you were in school, maybe it was elementary school or college, but back in those days you may have had a best friend or someone so special to you that you just couldn’t stand to be away from them. Every chance you had to spend time with them, you made sure to make it happen. There wasn’t a time when you didn’t want them in your presence and whenever you had to go somewhere far away, you wanted to bring them with you.

Remember that?

Remember how good that felt to have someone to laugh with, to joke with, who knew what made you laugh and the inside crazy jokes that you shared together? Well let me ask you this, if you could have that special type of friendship in your life again that made you feel so ecstatic wouldn’t you jump at the chance once again? You would never be lonely or alone. You would always be entertained even when you had quiet downtime with this person at least you knew that they were there. Well let me tell you, you can have that type of relationship again RIGHT NOW! And yes, we all know that we can have that type of close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and if you do, you are definitely ahead of the game but this is not what I am speaking of.


What I am talking about is for YOU to rediscover YOURSELF!

Become your OWN best friend! Enjoy your OWN company once again. Give yourself the advice on every intimate situation that you may encounter and also the ultimate companionship that will never end. You will never lie to yourself. You will never hurt you and you will never leave you. So why don’t you invest in loving yourself as you go inside to learn what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life?

The time is now.

You want to lose weight but may be a little embarrassed to walk into the inside of a gym because you may not know how to workout? Well remember, birds of a feather flock together and from my personal experiences there are MANY PEOPLE at the gym who are very helpful and non judgmental who would LOVE to encourage you and actually applaud your efforts to have had the courage to even show up there. Now isn’t that so much better than those negative former drinking buddies that you used to hang out with who would always discourage you from anything outside of their narrow minded scope? Now while you may not have had drinking buddies it could have been another type of negative pairing with others that was bonded with a mutual vice. Smoking. Drinking. Loose sex. Gossip. Anger. Confrontational people. Anything that is not productive for your life you MUST LET GO!

This is why in cultivating your potential into reality I suggest that you learn to become YOUR OWN best friend because there will be many a day, month or year that you will have to WALK ALONE (Now I know you have Jesus!) in your quest for personal perfection. Once you have become self sufficient and not needy for the company of another (It’s very nice to enjoy new energy, just don’t become dependent on anyone else!) then you can attain the level of focus that few will ever realize which will keep them from realizing the greatness that God planted in you that may be unseen at this time. Just because you may not see it don’t think that it isn’t there. You must become like that master sculpture that can “visualize” an eventual masterpiece when all others merely see a big slab of stone.

You MUST be able to visualize.

I you can see it, it can become reality. I do this each and every time I look at a blank clean sheet of drawing paper. I already see the finished product in all its glorious detail long before my pencil and pen hit the paper. As a matter of fact, I have literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of illustrations in my head that are completely finished and possess a message to motivate one to “see” outside of the box. Now while your talent may not be the same as mine, it is definitely something that is needed and will be appreciated. You may not be an artist or a singer, but you may have the ability to organize and govern large groupings of people in a job setting, it may be that you have superior managing skills. Maybe it’s an eye for the camera, who knows? You might have a wonderful career as an independent camera person working on one of the big movies or television shows. Why not? Maybe you have a love for exotic animals and could find yourself in many distant lands working along with scientists to save an extinct species of animals? See where I’m coming from?

Your long awaited breakthrough will begin first in the deepest recesses of your mind.

Life is so much more than going downtown to fill out a mere “job” application to become a wage slave. Now don’t leave your job now if you have one until you have a secure plan that is actively being put into motion in a concrete solid manner. But continue to dream beyond the dismal realities that many others in your midst have accepted as being written in stone. I have even challenged myself on many personal fronts this year and can already see myself traveling to many different countries meeting many diverse groups because I have affirmed that what is inside of me is valuable and much needed to the world that we live in. I am bigger than a job just as I am bigger than being stuck to one country. I am worldwide and a citizen of the entire planet. while I am merely saying this to illustrate my thinking personally to motivate you, it is the way I feel and I know that the possibilities are endless just as the sky is the limit.

Is money an issue? well let me tell you this, when you develop your valuable talents and showcase them to the world, you won’t have to chase money, money will chase YOU!

It’s 2011 people, shake off the old idiosyncrasies, bad habits and negative people and let us get ready for the ride of our lives!

Buckle up…….



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