Adaptability And Submission – Why Do We Think We Can Achieve Anything Without It?

After waking up this morning so peaceably, the first thing that I had to do is to thank my Creator for continuing this very interesting earthly experience that has allowed me to garner so much wisdom from my interactions accrued in this life.

The two words that came to me as I got my thoughts together were “adaptability and submission”…….

Why did I feel this word so much at the point of awakening? Well, while I thanked God for all He has done for me, it dawned on me that as my personal blessings are immense, they all arrived into my life in such an unexpected way. I mean, who would have thought their lives would have turned out the way it has when looking back on the original blueprint of your personal aspirations?

Dare to go back years and really think about how you viewed life and what was it that was important to you at that time and then compare it to how you’ve evolved in the here and now. It’s my guess that 99.9999% of you are not where you really thought you would be!


Now that could be a negative “appearing” scenario or it can be something over and above your most ambitious dreams, but the fact of the matter is that you couldn’t have predicted that your life would have been exactly where it is now good OR bad.

Disagree? Well you tell me ONE person who in their budding and formative teens that has predicted how their life would go and twenty or thirty years later nailed it right on the head with every trajectory graph being right on point. That’s impossible!

Now I am not saying that we can aspire to succeed in a profession or career all of our lives and not achieve that, No, I wouldn’t say that because so many have. what I am speaking about is the TOTAL man/woman and NOT merely the one aspect that is so easy to separate and claim personal success.

So while many from young may have wanted to rise to the top of their ordained calling and achieved it, what about those life happenings that have thrown an unexpected curve in our plans and have taken us off course into a place that we never anticipated and never had a plan to deal with?

That’s where ADAPTABILITY and SUBMISSION comes in. We can be as “brilliantly rigid” in our narrow minded ways all we want with the tunnel vision of well trained veteran military special ops agent, all will appear to be well when it’s going according to plan but what happens when it doesn’t?

Now I’m am not being negative but I have to speak this way because in my life I’ve seen too many inspired, talented and once focused individual fall by the wayside because of a small mishap that wasn’t anticipated come into their path and throw them off for an entire lifetime!

So because of one misstep in their quest for personal excellence, they are now lost and many of them NEVER return to their prior positive rhythm because now they’ve told themselves that “it wasn’t supposed to be that way.”

This is why it is so important to know that a higher power exists and that we are not the ultimate architects of our lives when it comes to the unexpected events that our God has allowed to transpire in our lives. By accepting that everything happens for the greater good and that we all have a work and a purpose for even being on this earth we now have empowered ourselves to go through anything that life throws at us. But when we are self centered and think that we are running “this thing called life” away from God’s mercy then it is US who set ourselves up for disaster because we are too arrogant to adapt to what is placed in front of us.


Think of how many talents have been thrown by the wayside never to rise to fulfill their life potential because of their inability to adapt to life’s circumstances?

What about that brilliant nerd of mastermind youngster who was a literal sure shot at acing any endeavor academically that he so desired only to have his aspirations destroyed by a woman of HIS choice (Not God’s) to whom he fell in love with that had no motivation to do anything for herself and worked hard to destroy his dreams which would have elevated him to the wonderful existence that God promised if he would only have listened and stay obedient to His will?

How about that sheltered young lady who, after the passing of her parents, was left to fend for herself against the wolves of this world who wouldn’t stop coming at her until they got the generous inheritance left for her in THEIR hands? Now she has no clue on how to adapt to the abuse of her naive and giving heart so she now lives in a shelter while “her needy friends” enjoy all that was meant for her to secure a life that would have allowed her to do as she pleased with no financial limitations? Her heart is broken after being disappointed by her “so called friends” and she can’t seem to adapt to the shock of it all!

I see it all of the time in the sport of boxing where a great fighter begins to lose more than win because he refuses to acknowledge that he has aged a bit, gotten slower and is the same fighter that he was many years earlier. If he had only adapted his style to the level of intensity that he can muster in the present day then his career would have lasted a bit longer and wouldn’t have caught the losses and injuries that he did. A perfect example of adaptability and submission to and ever changing boxing landscape as one ages?


Bernard Hopkins defeats Cloud

Not only do I have many tales that I could share of the trials and tribulations of others, but I also have a ton of my own but the point is that in this life we HAVE to be able to adapt to the unknown speed bumps in our path while clutching tight to the guidance that is in God’s word as a form of a Spiritual GPS.

You see, if we depended on our own foresight and wisdom we would fail miserably because NONE OF US except the Most High can see what lurks for us awaiting right around that dark corner. So we must take our egos out of the decision making process and never make a move unless it is in line with divine will.

This can sometimes take lots of patience but it is time well spent because when you stay grounded in righteousness and have the ability to adapt to the unexpected, you would be able to look back on a life that would have been far different than the one that you look back on now because those major choices wouldn’t have been made alone by one who excluded God!

If you are truly honest with yourself you would agree but if you are unable to humble yourself then you will continue to be reminded everyday who is in charge and why you must submit to something bigger than you. The sad part of it is that too many of us will remain on that rigid path of doom to never see that if we only took another route other than the one we were so adamant on going down that the wonderful life that we anticipated would have been realized so much sooner without allowing ourselves to get in our own way.

Adapt to your circumstances, submit to God’s will and He will show you another route to avoid the unnecessary storms that will oftentimes come into your life.

…….there is no other way.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

From The Man Who Is STILL Learning To Adapt & Submit After All Of These Years,

Your Brother,



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