Adrian Broner Exposed: The Hilarious Final Act Of The Circus That Rudely Came To Town!

This past Saturday night a hard lesson was learned by a well paid fraud of an athlete who found out that he could receive just as many painful hits in the ring as he does for his buffoonery on Twitter.

His name if you haven’t already guessed is Adrian Broner, he lost his slice of the Welterweight Boxing Championship but in actuality lost his self proclaimed air of invincibility as he found himself feeling like a narcissistic frustrated Pastor preaching to empty seats in his own church of self deception.

His opponent, Marcos Maidana, not only had the goods to give that circus clown of a pretender a thoroughly convincing beat down, but was a class act throughout the entire buildup to the match and remained humble even as the crown was placed atop his cool thinking head.

Marcos Maidana

The sport of boxing loves no one. But the boxing Gods who rule from the same heavens that have observed the rise and fall of all great fighters almost always seem to never favor that one who takes not the fight game serious enough regardless who they’re fighting and will part the clouds to allow a divine beating to transpire to anyone who doesn’t respect the basics.

And we, the mere mortals who watch this most compelling of all sports, already knew that the handwriting was etched permanently on the wall for the celebrity named Adrian Broner, because it appeared that most of his time was spent not on practicing the craft that garnered him the spotlight in the first place, but in celebrating a Page Six status that he really hasn’t yet attained.

He really thought he was a celebrity.

Broner Graphic

It’s comparable to paying the interest only on a newly acquired Mortgage and merely ignoring the principal, it just doesn’t add up and it’s just a matter of time before the inevitable foreclosure papers arrive to ones front door.

Well for Adrian Broner’s bout with his tough as nails opponent Marcos Maidana, not only was his hype job foreclosed on, but unbeknownst to Adrian the Sex Tape Star, Mr. Maidana just happened to be the Sheriff who evicted him from the glass house in which he felt was his humble abode forevermore.

So what makes this loss more of a story than any other fighter who lost the “0” on their record in the past?

Well, not only is this a lesson for those participants in the game of prizefighting, it’s a lesson in life for anyone who hopes to achieve a stellar level of success in any area of expertise.

Adrian Broner

You must stick with the basics and understand that unless you possess that “once in a lifetime level of natural ability” to forgo the basic laws of of your chosen craft, you must ply your trade with a focused work ethic that will ensure the harvest of success for many years to come, but only if you remain as a willing and humble student of the game.

It’s as simple as that. Work hard. Play by the rules. Stay humble. Remain willing to learn while living a clean life void of the spiritually draining indulgences of the world that are sure to sap your drive to remain at the pinnacle of your profession.

What is so hard to grasp about that?

It’s an easy concept to digest when you keep that thing called ego in check.


Yes. Ego.

While it seems almost to be a contradiction when I mention that a fighter’s ego needs to be kept in check when in fact it’s the ego that fuels a fighter to become a champion in a sport that can break even the most staunchest of competitors.

An unchecked ego raging out of control and into the vulnerable areas of one’s life will put the preferred spartan routine of a warriors existence in jeopardy.

Sex tapes, rap concerts, endless shopping sprees and doing just about any foolish thing imaginable merely to be the center of attention are NOT the practices that great fighters are made of.


But there will be many in this present generation who will still remain loyal to the Adrian Broner mindset of buffoonery. You have to understand, he is their champion. As a matter of fact it’s not a stretch of the imagination to say that Adrian Broner was the first boxing champion OF the Facebook generation.

He’s manifested himself just like the rebellious teenagers as well as those who’ve barely squeaked past the age of twenty the world over who follow him like a prophet, all hype and no substance is all that’s needed to satisfy their hero worshiping requirements.

In a world where your life has been reduced to nothing more than the illusion of a heavily Photoshopped Facebook profile page picture, the Great Andy Warhol‘s suggestion that we’ll all get our fifteen minutes of fame are long gone in favor of the few self manipulated megapixels that will eventually float on forever in the vast sea of that endless place called cyberspace as our virtual tombstones.


So Adrian Broner found out the hard way that all opponents are not the non threatening harmless cardboard cutout entities that will drop when you say so because in your mind you are the arrogant self serving heir apparent to the throne of greatness.

Boxing just doesn’t work that way no matter how many CEO’s and profit hungry investors tell you that you are the next best thing since Floyd Mayweather, for they are no better than the philandering married men who tell the their mistress that they love them, they are only interested in getting what they want as a return on their investment of hotel fees, flowers and cheap dinners.

Let Adrian Broner lose once again and he will feel exactly like that “side piece” who gave up some good freakish sex to that promise filled married man who told her he will get a divorce from his unappreciative nagging wife at home just so they can be together.

…….the phone stopped ringing and he never called back. He got we he wanted and now it’s on to bigger and better things to run his game on yet another dreamed filled concubine to drop his hot murky load in on the promise of marriage.

Adrian Broner has seem to have forgotten that the love he received from the corporate world is based on his ability to continue winning. For him to think anything else would make him appear to be just as foolish as “the other woman” who believes her discreet rendezvous with that married lover will bring her the marital bliss that he promised.


Sometimes it takes a person a few years in living on this earth to know that some things in this world will never happen.

So Marcos Maidana was either a wake up call or the end of a sham hustled on the boxing fans for the sake of a quick buck. Regardless as to what the Broner gravy train may be, some adjustments must be made in the sideshow of his crumbling world for us to know what substance and character is below the painted face of this urban clown below the surface of the circus act.

But in contrast we never had to question the mettle of Marcos Maidana’s character, while he came as a humble student of the craft of boxing, most of us were guilty of not focusing on the quiet confidence exuded from this humble warrior that screamed out just as loud if not louder from his respectable demeanor.

We now know that what he possessed internally as far as character is concerned was much more than the childish Adrian Broner could ever display at this point in his self centered life.

And this my friend is what the true sport of boxing is all about.


If Adrian Broner had an ounce of it, he would have found a way to pull himself up to represent himself better than he did even if he eventually fell to the superior man’s fists that night.


A true fighter goes out on his shield and faces the fans that pay for his excesses in the post fight interview that he avoided.


He tried to take the bitch move out to give us the greatest acting job in ring history when he attempted to convince the not only the referee ut the entire world that the “love tap” of a grazing headbutt was the reason why he went down the second time in the fight and not the sustained beating he was taking over the course of the fight.


Marcos Maidana knew that he was in a scrap and gave as good as he got, sure, he was just guilty of the illegal blows as was Adrian Broner but he took it in stride and kept on coming forward. I bet Marcos wasn’t out partying with the crowds when Adrian was and it damn sure showed in this battle of wills for sure!

Character is what we look for in our champions and the sport of boxing is so that even if we do not agree with the political stance or personal views of one of our combatants, we realize that character knows no color, race, nationality, religion or creed.

Hard work, dedication and remaining a student of the game is all we demand from our champions and if Adrian Broner can’t deliver with those unseen internal attributes in what time remains in his career, then he needs to shit or get off of the pot because there are so many great fighters in the welterweight division today that we don’t need any pretenders to waste or time or take our hard earned cash.


You know as poor as some of us boxing fans are, when it comes to paying to watch our beloved sport whether it is through a pay-per-view event or merely a Showtime Boxing cable subscription, we don’t go for the knockoff products at all.

Give us the real Gucci Bag for our wives or girlfriends, we know that it costs more money but we want the real thing, that lookalike that’s sold on the street corner for a few measly bucks just won’t do.

We’ll pay to see the great Floyd Mayweather, but we’ll NEVER pay in any form to see the knockoff that is Adrian Broner!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Brother Who Is A Boxing Fan For Life,



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