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Kellie Everts is a dear friend of mine to whom I’ll never forget, in a friendship that has lasted the better part of 33 years at the time of this video-posting, I have to say that absolutely no one can shift gears in a conversation like “Rasa von Werder” because of her vast resume in the golden ages of the adult entertainment world as well as the Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding.

As a 17 year old kid when I first laid eyes on her back in 1981, I simply couldn’t believe her larger than life physical proportions that would shame any hourglass for sure but most impressively the depth of character that she possessed once I got to know her closely at the age of 19 less than two years later.

So kick back and enjoy this exchange of old war stories that will have you amused beyond measure and know that it is those precious days that we spoke of that is a testimony to the very interesting life that I’ve always lived.

Be warned: Her viewpoints may be hard to accept by many but do know that she is a dear friend and I am simply sharing a personal conversation that she wanted us to share with the world…….

This is the first of COUNTLESS exchanges that Kellie Everts and I will have so feel free to not only share your perspectives on this conversation but to also ask any questions that you may want to ask Kellie – a.k.a. Rasa von Werder – for our subsequent cerebral journeys into the glorious past.

Thank you for listening and God Bless you ALL!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother With A Very Interesting Past,



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