Today, we have organized a great show. Over the last 2 weeks there has been a lot of noises and propaganda concerning the Russia-Ukraine war. I do not call it news but noises where mainstream news outlets like DW, BBC News, CNN, and MSNBC News are shamefully distorting the truth about everything. Remember when Marc Lamont Hill went to Palestine and was recorded reading a speech defending the right for Palestinians to have their land returned to them. Western news outlets focus on only one sentence from the whole paragraph that gives context to what Marc was saying; they distorted it and used it to cancel Marc from CNN and almost got him fired from his tenure at Temple university.

I am anti-cancel-culture. I am anti-propaganda and anti-conspiracy because the truth cannot take a side; the truth cannot serve my or your agenda; the truth cannot be political or partisan; because if it is so, that would no longer be the truth. Marc may have not been in a position to defend Palestine but as a Haitian woman, it is my entitled right to say “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” “From the Dominican border to the sea, Haiti will once again be free.” “From the West to the East, Donbass, Crimea, Ukraine will be free.” Because Ukrainians, you are not free. You think the United States is helping you? NO! Right now, you are caught up in a malicious proxy war between the United States and Russia where the victims are only you. I can understand that you have hatred in your for Russia but that hate should be directed to the Western governments that are constantly using you as a human shield against Russia without you even realizing that.
The truth has no side and the truth must be meticulous, moral and reasonable to all. If not, that is not the truth. That’s why I speak how I do. Down with Imperialism! Freedom of my mother fucking right to speak!

Russian Media being suppressed:
Based on Axios: On Tuesday, the National Association of Broadcasters called on all U.S. broadcasters to “cease carrying any state-sponsored programming with ties to the Russian government.” Therefore, RT America, whose operating offices were in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC, permanently laid off most of its employees after being immediately dropped by DirecTV. Dish Network has yet to take action or to decide to drop RT America or not.

On February 27th, President von der Leyen stated that the European Commission besides closing its airspace to all Russian-own and Russian controlled aircraft, meaning Russian planes can neither land, take off or overfly EU territory, but they also have banned all “Kremlin’s media” machines. Russia Today and Sputnik, along with their subsidiaries will no longer be broadcasting in EU territory, spreading “lies” as they say. However, yesterday I noticed that the Shanghai Eye, a mainland Chinese funded organization, has become the new “mouthpiece for the Kremlin.” Why are the U.S. government and the EU not sanctioning Shanghai Eye or CCTV? Is it because Mainland China has 1.5 billion consumers of European and American goods that could be severed and causing the West trillions in deficit? The Hypocrisy and arrogance only makes us look even weaker as a nation.

RT and Sputnik are being called Vladimir Putin’s mouthpieces for promoting Russia’s agenda. Based on Axios, Google, Roku, TikTok, Facebook and Microsoft are also banning and restricting access to Russian state-owned media within the EU. But even so, the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany have similar rights to freedom of speech and expression that are currently being violated both for RT journalists and the viewers. If they can shut down major broadcasting networks such as Russia Today and Sputnik, what will they do to smaller social media platforms sharing the same opinion? How is the EU different from Mainland China, Iran or North Korea heavily censoring their broadcasting news and social media. How are we different from Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Mainland China deciding what the people should watch or not; what the people should think or not?

Further more, NATO and the European Union are threatening to put a no-fly zone over Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin, immediately responded on Saturday that it would be “viewed as a participation in an armed conflict of whichever side whose territory will pose a threat to our service members. That very second, we will view them as participants of the military conflict, and it would not matter what members they are.” That means it would ignite World War III. Did we the people ask you to put a no-fly zone in Ukraine? Did we the people ask you to put a no-fly zone on all E.U. territories? Did we the people ask the United States government to put sanctions on Russia, Iran and Belarus? No, we have not! And we should be vocal towards Western governments and ask them to show us the burden of proof? Show us beyond a reasonable doubt that Russia is, in fact, the antagonizer.

Although it seems that we are already in World War III where the only victims will be the people who made the mistake of electing greedy, warmongering and corrupt politicians. Russia will retaliate and make no mistake; Russia is not standing alone. Its allies may not reveal themselves as allies but if President Vladimir Putin thought he couldn’t get away with invading Ukraine, he wouldn’t have initiated the war. Russia will retaliate and all we must do is prepare for the worst.

And in order to train the feeble American minds with anti-Russian sentiments, Western mainstream media such as CBS News, MSNBC, BBC News, Sky News and unfortunately, Al Jazeera are saying feeling weary because “European people with blond hair and blue eyes are being killed. They are not refugees coming from Syria but prosperous, well-dressed, blond-haired, blue-eyed white Christians from a civilized world.” Remember that before you embrace White Supremacist Western ideology.

I am probably the first on social media that assurely told you that war was coming. And I will probably be the first that has also announced that there will be a revolution in the United States. The bombing in Tennesse, January 6th and the Trucker “Freedom Convoy” are only appetizers or a warning that something is festering in American society and can no longer be rectified. It is an open wound begging for the infectious pus to come out. And as I said before, it won’t even be us, black and brown brothers and sisters, but the pissed off, hardworking, destitute blue collar white people. Remember that.

Russian booze being banned and Russia being Canceled from Wire Transfers

Before we start explaining the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we would like to announce that, so far, 10 states, including Alabama, Pennsylvania, Utah, Ohio, and Oregon have decided to take action and stop the selling of vodka in all liquor stores and bars. The problem is that Russian vodka only represents 1.2% of U.S. vodka imports. Russian vodka only accounts for $18.5 million of the $1.4 billion worth of total vodka imports into the United States.

Also, the E.U. has also decided to boot out Russia from the financial courier app SWIFT “Operations Forum Europe”. SWIFT is a messaging and financial infrastructure similar to PayPal and Zelle, where banking organizations may communicate between each other essential operations. This system has been in existence since 1973 as a less costly and quicker way to send messages or “Telex”. However, Russia had been preparing for that eventuality since 2014, during the first invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, the app SPFS was created and operates at the same level with SWIFT but has been only used in Russia. In China, the app CIPS was developed for internal messaging and transactions alone, but now, with the expulsion of Russia, both superpowers are working to make their banking system compatible along with both apps.

Here is what CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC News or DW are not telling you:
While Western authorities like the United States or European Union is training our mind to see Russia as an aggressor and white Ukrainian Nazis as victims, China along with India are abstaining from either condemning or sanctioning Russia. In fact, the Biden Administration is contemplating sanctioning India for it’s recent purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system. The Biden Administration feels that it should intervene in India’s affairs who own a stockpile and even rely on Russian military equipment. The administration will decide to apply sanctions based on the Countering American’s Adversaries Law or the “American White Imperialist Law.”

Currently, the American trucker convoy, an extension of the Canadian “Freedom Convoy ” that American and Canadian news are calling extremist, racist, misogynist pro-Donald Trump antivaxxer is progressively advancing towards Washington DC. The convoy which originally started in Adelanto, California on February 22nd, the day before Russia invasion of Ukraine, has thousands of trucks and cars that have dispersed between states such as Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. The objective was to stage in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Friday February 25th and to head out to their final destination in Washington D.C. on the following day, Saturday. One of their objectives could be to block the 64 mile Capital Beltway which surrounds Washington DC. The convoy is scheduled to arrive in DC tomorrow, among the convoy will be included the Great American Patriot Project, the People’s Convoy, hundreds of cars with doctors and politicians. Their demand is “for elected officials to work with the blue-collar and white-collar workers of America and restore accountability and liberty by lifting all mandates and ending the state of emergency. America needs to get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner.”

The looters ransacking empty Ukrainian homes, and the aggressors shooting at Ukrainian civilians in Donbass are not Russian soldiers as CNN and DW are claiming but in fact Ukrainian Nazi separatists as reported by French journalist, Anne-Laure Bonnel. Bonnel affirmed that since 2014, the Ukrainian government has been non-stop bombarding the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, causing over 10,000 deaths and over 2 million refugees. What Western mainstream media will also not tell you is that since February 18th, 150 thousand of refugees from Donbass have fled to Russia.

The same week Russia launched its full invasion of Ukraine, the United States has also launched a drone strikes in Somalia through AFRICOM. On February 22nd, AFRICOM claimed that it had conducted a remote strike near Duduble, Somalia. On February 1st, the United States government had launched missiles in Yemen, responding to an attack on the United Emirate by the Yemeni Houthi rebels. And on February 23rd, the exact same day Russia started its “military exercise,” Israel fired several missiles in Syria, in the province of Quneitra around midnight, targeting the anti-aircraft battery system. Thankfully, no casualty had been reported. They are not reporting that it was the third airstrike on Syria in one month where Israel is taking Syrian land by force.

Fox Business anchor Charles Payne claimed on air that the United States government bought 232 million barrels of oil from Russia last year alone. The United States, based on the U.S. Energy Information Administration, has imported, in fact, 266 million barrels of crude oil every month and 8.2% of it is from Russia, which represents close to 1 million of barrel per day,

Russia mercenaries have been active in Libya, Sudan, Mozambique, Central African Republic and Mali. Half of the weaponry coming into Africa come from Russia. The main importers are Algeria, Egypt, but now, also Tanzania, Nigeria, and Cameroon. African countries represent a quarter of the United Nations vote and none of those countries have either shown vocal support to sanction Russia in 2014 or today.

Africa imports $4 billion worth of grain from Russia and $2.9 billion worth from Ukraine. Russia has invested $190 million in developing special economic zones in Port Said, Egypt to increase their exportation of goods up to $3.6 billion by 2026.
Furthermore, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Sudan immediately sent a delegation to Moscow in order to strengthen closer ties because of Russia’s gold mining concessions in Sudan. Isolating Russia will only push it closer to African countries like Mali, CAR, or the Democratic Republic of Congo who can provide ample supply of cobalt and other rare minerals.

And finally, the United States government through, the National Endowment for Democracy, an extension of the CIA that is entirely funded by Congress, has spent $37.7million on anti-Russia rhetoric in Ukraine and other European countries. NED has also spent millions of dollars on right-wing rhetoric in Nicaragua and Venezuela. Their main target of NED in Ukraine has been Donbass, the same city journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel claims where Ukrainian separatists have been committing genocide on Russian speaking Ukrainians.

Presently, Canada is sending CF-18 jet fighters and hundreds of troops additional to the 24,000 regulars that were already there to support Ukrainian soldiers on a training mission.

Yesterday, in the region of Kherson, as Russian troops are advancing, loads of T-64 tanks, cars, trucks and armed personnel carriers, military equipment and an arsenal of small rocket propeller, grenades and a vast quantity of ammunition, specifically 4,500 tonnes of ammunition including 122mm mines, tank shells with charges, guided missiles canisters, explosive mine head detonators, 50 tons of weapons left in thousands of crates. All were abandoned by Ukrainian soldiers. There were 4000 Ukrainian servicemen who all deserted their camp in a hurry, leaving apparently personal effects behind. They are suspected to be hiding in civilian clothes among the unarmed civilians. All were left behind in a vast Ukrainian military field camp. Before that, on February 25th, 150 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered to the Russian Army.

So far, since the conflict, 1,597 Russian soldiers have been wounded and 498 soldiers have been killed.

The Reality of Colored Students

There have been over a million refugees fleeing Ukraine. Among them, thousands are students of color coming mainly from India, Morocco, Congo, Kenya, and Nigeria.
20% of Ukrainian students are Africans, mainly from Morocco (8,000 students), Nigeria (4,000 students) and Egypt (3,5000 students). Currently, there are also 3000 Indian students in Kharkiv, 900 in Pisochyn and 670 in Sumy. The Russian Embassy in India had announced that it would dedicate a special team to evacuate the students stranded in Ukraine. Hundreds of bus have been provided to evacuated the students and they will stay as long as it is needed: “The Indians turned to us for help and we responded. The task now is to provide conditions for the safe evacuation through the territory of the Russian Federation.”

The problem is that it would be hard to rescue them from the conflict zones. Therefore, the student will need to be guided to an area that is not under fire from Ukraine. “There, it will be possible to safely transport the Indians to Russia.”

Black African refugees have been discriminated against and marginalized by Ukrainian guards. In one video, Nigerian students are seen pleading with armed Ukrainian guards, pleading that they were not armed and that they were students. They were grouped in different train wagons than white Ukrainians for example. Or they would be told “No blacks” at gun points. They have been stuck for hours waiting to cross the border either to Poland or to Hungary.

Some African students have reported that there was a hierarchy where Ukrainians first were served, then Indians and Arabs, and then black people. In some cases, African students were told to take arm and fight for Ukraine.

African refugees, students in Kiev, aware of the racism faced by other black Africans in Poland, instead had to walk to Hungary in order to cross the border. And so far, 1 Indian and 1 Algerian student have been killed from the bombardment of Kharkiv.

Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on February 27, 2022, that Nigerians would be granted visa-free access to Hungary and Romania. President Buhari of Nigeria also took to Twitter to condemn the reported discrimination against Nigerian students by stating:
“While efforts to begin talks between Russia and Ukraine are underway, paramount on our minds is the safety and human rights of some four thousand Nigerian citizens and many others from friendly African nations today stranded in Ukraine.

There is a long history dating back to decades of Nigerians and other Africans studying in Ukraine, particularly medicine. The majority of Nigerian citizens in the country today are university-enrolled students.

From video evidence, first-hand reports, & from those in contact with their wards &/or Nigerian consular officials, there have been unfortunate reports of Ukrainian police & security personnel refusing to allow Nigerians to board buses & trains heading towards Ukraine-Poland border.
In one video widely circulating on social media, a Nigerian mother with her young baby was filmed being physically forced to give up her seat to another person.

There are also separate reports of Polish officials simply refusing Nigerian citizens’ entry into Poland from Ukraine.
One group of Nigerian students having been repeatedly refused entry into Poland have concluded they have no choice but to travel again across Ukraine and attempt to exit the country via the border with Hungary.

We understand the pain & fear that is confronting all people who find themselves in this terrifying place.
We also appreciate that those in official positions in security & border management will in most cases be experiencing impossible expectations in a situation they never expected.
But, for that reason, it is paramount that everyone is treated with dignity and without favor.

All who flee a conflict situation have the same right to safe passage under UN Convention and the color of their passport or their skin should make no difference.
As a nation, we are proud of those educated in Kyiv & Kharkiv & other cities and centers of learning who have returned to Nigeria to perform great service for our nation & our people.

Without the generosity of spirit of the Ukrainian people that would never have been possible.
We pray for those directly affected by this conflict.
Nigeria, with our 200 million people, support all and every diplomatic effort to bring this war to an end.”


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