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While many will split hairs defending the Not Guilty Verdict in the George Zimmerman case, to battle those who are in denial of how the laws were manipulated to paint an entirely different picture of the actual tragedy would be a waste of time.

Black people as well as many others are simply sick and tired of being handed to dirty end of the stick when it comes to the injustices in the courtroom that usually don’t get the attention of the George Zimmerman case but are still affecting the lives of the faceless millions that have no defense in the present system.

In years past in the Civil Rights Movement, the Bus Boycotts for example brought a region to its knees as a huge statement was made that made the racist establishment feel it most where it counts: IN THE POCKETS!

So as we are handed not only these unfair decisions in the Judicial System, we are also disrespected by many of the very politicians who are in office to serve us yet treat us as though we as a community have no clout. This has to change!


Since we hold our destiny in our hands we also have to acknowledge that we as Black people have remained inept and ignorant to the very workings of the political process that will continue to ignore us as long as we allow them to!

This is why we now must mobilize our efforts not only in the City, State & Federal levels in the political arenas but in a multiple attack on those various industries that make huge profits off of our hard earned dollars under the umbrella of Corporate Amerikkka.

Before we can accomplish this, we have to make those who are unaware in our community to understand how they support businesses that actually suck the blood from their lives without a healthy return of commerce back into their community as well as jobs that treat them fairly and with dignity.

You see, the powerful reaction to the George Zimmerman Not Guilty travesty was not merely about just one case as many who are disconnected with the Black Struggle in this country might think, but it’s about the accumulative bullying that we receive at every turn of our lives and this slap in the face was the wake up call to take action.

As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us, “We must do for self”, truer words have never been spoken but instead of the rioting that the media had attempted to provoke for a quick profitable news story for them, WE have got to move forward with a strong sense of urgency and legally attack every racist corporate stronghold with the countless billions of dollars that WE control!

Either we are finally dealt with properly and in a respectable manner or we will make a statement that will change the playing field in this country forever.

But it can’t happen merely as the by product of a passionate speech, it must come from the meeting of the minds who know strategy along with the foot soldiers who will go out into the field to execute the plan with a pinpoint accuracy never before seen in the Black community in America.

Let us begin our dialogue here on The LanceScurv Show as I welcome all to contribute to what will be an ongoing think tank to continue a movement that will make everyone dead or alive who has ever felt the pain of injustice PROUD!

How to shut down Corporate America? It begins with ourselves and the discipline that we must execute from within to conquer that bloodsucking beast that lurks in our midst!


Time: Friday July 26, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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  • decodeSOR says:

    Great strategic layout. In addition, plans for short-term and long-term strategies should be included, to have far-reaching effects to get a specific message across. If the Montgomery Bus Boycott has proven to be the most effective economic weapon/platform in sending a h-u-g-e message without one spoken word, then we should not underestimate its potential in addressing contemporary challenges.

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