AHA! The Well Timed Beauty Of Those Effortlessly Revealed Moments Of Truth!

Isn’t it funny how the answers to questions of your personal past can spring forth to you even when you may not have thought about them at all?

They are usually called “AHA!” moments…….

According to my quick research from various online sources it is “a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom – a wisdom you can use to change your life.”

It’s that point in time when you finally grasp what a situation was all about from your past or even in your present.

It’s when that light bulb seems to go off in your head…….

You may have had a hunch or a gut feeling as to what was going on slightly below the surface but couldn’t really put your finger on it. The funny thing about “AHA moments” is that you can’t force your way into them as a by product of intense brainstorming but they usually reveal themselves to you while not even stressing over it while doing a task that has nothing at all to do with it.

It’s a totally effortless phenomenon!

Still don’t know what constitutes an “AHA!” moment?

Well remember how that former long time fiancee’ of yours had no problem driving home you best friend (A drop dead gorgeous woman who was very lusty to say the least!) home because she was always hanging out at your place and didn’t have a car of her own as well as not knowing how to drive?

You began to notice that he would always call you to let you know that after successfully dropping her home that he was either stuck in traffic behind some terrible accident that happened on the freeway or how he stopped by Walmart to pick a few things up that he suspiciously “left” behind and forgot to take with him…….

Well you had a massive AHA! moment when only three months after your very nasty breakup with your fiance, he ends up marrying your best friend who actually stopped speaking to you the very day that you broke up with your two timing fiance!


How about that church deacon who seemed to drop a sizable amount of body weight when has was always known as a husky big man who liked to eat (He was a legend at the church fund raising dinners! Brotherman could put it DOWN!). Not only was his weight loss very noticeable, but he seemed to not care for himself in the area of his formerly impeccable reputation for always being groomed at all times no matter what the occasion.

As vocal as our deacon has always been on the happenings of his personal life, nothing was ever shared on his massive weight loss. No jokes about how hard it is to go to the gym, no mention of being sick and no mention of being depressed about something going on under the radar in his life.


Now that is may have been anyone’s business but it didn’t seem right when compared to the jovial person that the church has come to know but now has become even more disconnected and withdrawn as the months rolled by.

But your answer to the concerns and questions of “brother deacon’s” change of character came unexpectedly when you found yourself detoured down a very bad neighborhood after a police barricade was put up because a crime scene that is being set up. While driving down one of the most known drug infested blocks, you notice your church deacon doing a transaction in the shadows with two young drug dealers in the form of a quick handshake after handing over what appeared to be a few bills to them. What else could it be?


Ain’t it funny how circumstances are always revealed when you least expect it?

I truly believe that those “AHA!” moments are tiny gifts from God to sooth a hurting soul. While we might receive an AHA!” moment for something that is not too crucial in our personal life but may be something that we have pondered as in the case of the “Sneakin’ Crack Smokin’ Deacon”, it may still be crucial because in the case of the Deacon maybe now someone can come forward and get him the help that he may need to break the cycle of addiction to crack. And maybe it was a good thing that you got your AHA! moment in the case of the cheating Fiancee AFTER the break up because Lord knows what tragic confrontations that could have happened if you had your AHA! moment during your soon to be ended engagement with that fraud!

So understand that if a truth is not revealed to you immediately, it will come to you at the appropriate time. Nothing ever happens before its time and if years may have passed before you’ve received your answer to an inquiry know that God knows best and all things happen for the better. Sometimes we may not be mature enough at the time to be able to handle that AHA! moment as we may have reacted in a way that may have gotten us incarcerated or even killed. So merely thank your Creator after He allows you to have a sense of closure and peace by making you privy to some info that He had on a situation all along.

Look at it this way, the more effortless AHA! moments that you experience is a confirmation that you are in direct contact and in the inner circle of God Himself, so don’t ever let anything bother you because you will sooner or later get it first hand from the Almighty!

…….and THAT realization is the best AHA! moment that one could ever have!

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