Akintunde Ahmad: The Bright Young Scholar Who Would Probably Be Judged As A Criminal On Sight In Amerikkka!

Akintunde Ahmad is a seeker of true knowledge.

Who is he? More on him later…….

But first, allow me to say that whether you realize it or not, true knowledge is contraband in today’s world.

If you are one who seeks only what is real in this world, you’ll have to wade through the endless sea of garbage which litters the airwaves and cyberspace that has no substance and no nutritional value for the mind to get to get your hands on it.

This – as far as I’m concerned – is why there are more television channels available for one to view more than any other period in time. But even with the hundreds of channels to view, isn’t it something that many times too often we turn off the screen in disgust saying to ourselves that “there isn’t anything on the TV to watch!”

Akintunde Didn't Get Smart Doing This!

Yet, we have regressed to the point where even the most simplest task requires an overwhelming effort to simply execute over an above the energy that was once required before just to get it completed.

If you happen to be under the age of thirty, then you probably cannot recall a time when cell phone usage wasn’t a normal part of everyone’s life.

Why I mentioned this is because for the most part, if I were to ask you what were the phone numbers of your family members and closest friends, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell me.

It’s not because I’m discriminating on your age, it’s because you probably never had to remember their numbers – like those of us who grew up without cellphones – once it’s programmed into your phone.

…….and what happens when your phone malfunctions or even worse LOSE your phone?

A Lost Cell Phone Was The Last Thing On The Mind Of Akintunde

You’ll lose all of your numbers and have to start all over from scratch. Then we’ll usually go to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to ask everyone to send is their numbers to us via e-mail – a common occurrence indeed.

I feel that we have to step away from these modern poisons of technological advances and go back to our roots when you actually used our brains and memories in the most efficient of ways.

We have become mental couch potatoes and no excuse can distance us from being accountable for the fate of our own minds.

So we must reject the foolishness placed in front of us on these social media platforms as well as the television to seek out what will truly develop and increase our mental capacity to the powerhouses that they were made to be!

Yale Black Law Students, The Classmates Of Akintunde

There are no excuses!

This cuts across racial divides, lifestyle, societal pedigree, affluence, cultural origin, age and country of origin. We’re losing it as humans and need to get back on track!

As an example this brings to mind the feel good story of an exceptional young man named Akintunde Ahmad that I came across while surfing the internet for those rare positive and relevant stories to absorb into my subconscious.

Akintunde Ahmad is from Oakland California and what made his story so amazing to me is that he maintained a 5.0 GPA and a 2100 SAT Score in school despite living in a neighborhood that will never be mistaken for the swanky Rodeo Drive.

Akintunde Ahmad

He was accepted into several Ive League and Top Level Schools including Columbia, Brown, Yale, Northwestern, USC, UCLA, Howard, Chapman, Cal State East Bay and Cal Poly.

And if you haven’t figured it out by his name, Akintunde is a young Black Man who wouldn’t have looked strange if he happened to be seen walking down the street with Trayvon Martin when he was alive. Heck, they could have been cousins!

Television Talk Show Host Ellen Degeneres invited Akintunde to her show and presented him with a check for 15,000 Dollars – to help with his tuition – simply because he is an inspiration to many in the world who may have thought that their goals were impossible to reach because of their immediate circumstances.

I applaud Ellen and her staff for reaching out to this amazing  Brother to encourage him on his righteous path because God knows that in this country, especially in Florida, he could have been followed by an imbalanced dysfunctional stranger, shot and killed, then called a violent thug by Amerikkka after minding his own business simply walking home from the store after purchasing – not stealing – some Skittles and an Iced tea.

That being said, it’s safe to say that Akintunde is realistically ahead in his achievements scholastically in his life when compared to the brief life of Trayvon Martin, whose to say that young Trayvon couldn’t have been inspired down the road to pursue his education to becoming the answer to defeating Cancer or HIV if he so chose?

Didn’t Malcolm X develop into a fine example of manhood after coming through some rocky times and could have been called a certified thug much more than a young Trayvon Martin was ever painted to be by an agenda laced media?

Akintunde Did Malcolm X Proud

Young Akintunde Ahmad is literally light years ahead in the intelligence/education department when compared to those immoral losers who would automatically deem him to be something that he is not just like they did Trayvon.

But as is the case with gross ignorance coupled with that acute sickness called racism, anyone who has the shared characteristics of an Akintunde or a Trayvon, would immediately be considered a thug who is up to no good by Amerikkka’s unwritten and unspoken “standards.”

My hat goes off to Akintunde and anyone who can rise beyond the surroundings, circumstances and immediate distractions to seek true knowledge amidst the carnal indulgences that has taken many off of our true mission here on this Earth.

Akintunde can do anything he wants to do and become whoever he desires to become.

We can do the same thing too if we only knew that we could. Thank God for his wonderful parents.

I guess it’s all a matter of what you really want out of life.

I know one thing, he didn’t get to where he is now in such a short period of time by living his life trying to LIVE DOWN to the demonic expectations of those inbreds who would judge his character on his rich melanin content with no proof of what resides below the surface.

Thank God The Police Klan Never Touched Akintunde

Akintunde Ahmad forces those who have the evil quality of the racist mind – that caused The Honorable Elijah Muhammad to rightfully call them devils – to see and feel what dwells deep inside of them, but most will choose to walk the face of this earth in denial of it their entire lifetime while gravitating toward killing us off at will off of a false perception.

…….so maybe some of us need to learn from this exceptional young man’s example to become real critical thinkers and judge a man on the content of his character.

Thank God Ellen Degeneres isn’t suffering from that same sickness. God bless her!

“…….I’m just saying…….”

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Discerning Brother,



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