Al Sharpton: Are You Kidding Me? Who Are You Preaching To In Charleston South Carolina?

When the good Dr. tells you something, you better listen! Well in our corner of cyberspace the good doctor happens to be Dr. Ramona Brockett.

She is our Criminologist/Lawyer who packs a verbal punch every time she blesses us with her experienced perspectives on all things socio-political.

So when she asked the question about who Al Sharpton was preaching to in Charleston South Carolina, we know that she saw something happening that needed to be addressed immediately.

Once again the circus is in town and this time the destination is Charleston South Carolina.

Now why would I call it a circus at this time especially since we know that that place called Charleston is synonymous with being the latest location of a police officer fatally shooting an unarmed Black Man.

So would circus be a bit insensitive when one thinks of the pain and sorrow that lives there under the shadow of tragedy?

It sure would but while we are not referring to the victim or his mourning family or friends, we are speaking about the infamous media whore named Al Sharpton.

He couldn’t help himself now could he?

Al Sharpton can’t resist the lure of the podium and the touch of the microphone especially when the world is watching and the stage is set.

But really what is his purpose? What is his agenda? Who IS he speaking for?

Surely not the family of Walter C. Scott or for that matter any one else who has found themselves in such a deadly and fatal situation.

Listen in to what Dr. Ramona Brockett has to say about Al Sharpton’s trek down to Charleston and what she feels is his real goals are that he has made a career of attaining off of the backs of those who he sees as an opportunity for self advancement more so than an opportunity to be the real servant of the people!

Please leave your viewpoints and perspectives on this discussion in the comment area below and let us continue the enlightening dialogue.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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  • Rachel Easton says:

    Al Sharpton and people with his same mindset, made me stop believing in
    God, If God is real why would he support hate.

  • David Lomax says:

    Al Sharpton was fending off the fiery slings and arrows of the NYC ( and US
    ) monied “elite”, championing the causes of Blacks from back when you poser
    / YT posters were having youthful nocturnal emissions; sighing over

    Reverend Sharpton was BUSY illuminating the injustices being done to NYC
    Blacks during the super-fascist NYC mayor Ed Koch’s horrific 1980’s Reagan
    – era reign of terror. Sharpton, ; boldly, defiantly, marching, right out
    front, often in super-segregated , hostile NYC neighborhoods such as Howard
    Beach, and Bensonhurst , Brooklyn , where any psycho-racist with a 30.30
    rifle with sight could’ve blown his brains OUT, and he KEPT ON MARCHING.

    You sucka “Johnny-come-lately-to the rodeo” types; mainstream media
    suckling CHUMPS. Your lot couldn’t carry Al Sharpton’s BRIEFCASE.

    Stupid; don’t you ignorant, ill-read types UNDERSTAND that the reason WHY
    these fascist, yellow-journalist-types have DREDGED up misrepresentations
    that are DECADES old, is because the Reverend Sharpton’s National Action
    Network ( still in effect, also, for decades ) was poised to have its
    annual convention, which the white, monied, elite was trying to derail,
    along with this year’s honored speakers; you may have heard of them: the
    new NYC mayor Bill DiBlasio, and POTUS Barack Obama?

    Case closed, fools.

    Consult Al’s history, you keyboard -“bad-asses”. The
    “Sharpton-as-informant” BS is at least TWENTY YEARS OLD. But you folk DON’T
    KNOW YOUR HISTORY; nor are you fully aware of Sharpton’s contributions to
    the raising of the nation’s awareness of the corruption running rampant
    within the NYC Police Department, among other official agencies, and his
    getting VITAL press coverage of wanton murders of Blacks by the NYC police
    and other, neighborhood racists

    And yes ( to head off another typical, ill-informed ,anti-Sharpton ignorant
    screed ) he has LONG gotten into the asses of we Black folk, about our
    getting our sh*t together, and that we fight the oppressor and NOT each
    other .

    You ignorant people posting here, with your half-assed knowledge of the
    courage and power that Reverend Sharpton has used in behalf of my / our

    You f*cking DISGUST me.

  • SPIN News with Sven Gali says:

    This clip slams Al Sharpton in the news ticker. But it’s all about race.
    Not sure if it’s racist or not, but isn’t that the problem?


  • manweller1 says:

    Brilliant show keep up the good word I learnt a lot from this.

  • Juanita Mitchell says:
  • Tarver S. says:

    Both of you are awesome. I enjoy your guest on your radio.

  • Josh Bo says:

    Al $harpton…. “Black Live$ matter”

  • >