Alabama Pimp Pastor Juan McFarland: Another Womanizing HIV Positive Demon In The Pulpit Revealed!

The members of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama are currently living in a state of shock after their long term Pastor since 1990, Juan McFarland, admitted from the pulpit that he knowingly slept with members of the congregation and has full blown AIDS!

Is he to be applauded for his confession or should he be held accountable for his gross abuse of trust in a position that gave him access not only to the church funds that he misused but the lives he destroyed from his obvious manipulation to get sex.

I personally think that he is a calculating cold-hearted demonically driven man who should be held accountable for the full weight of his actions even though legally where he lives what he did classifies as a Class C Misdemeanor.

Pastor Juan Demetrius McFarland

What is happening to our churches in 2014?

Now I can go on and on about how I stay away from the church because these Pastors and congregations are hypocrites but I won’t go there today.

What I want to say is that we need to be careful no matter WHERE we go in this world because EVIL IS EVERYWHERE!

Now I don’t know if any of the Pastor’s sex partners have contracted the AIDS virus and I pray that they don’t, but I believe that if some of these women slept with a stranger that they met in a nightclub they would probably get more honesty than they did from this Pastor!

But so many will act baffled at what happened and question the women as to how they could be so foolish but the fact of the matter is that the power, popularity and celebrity of being a Pastor is a very powerful intoxicant and aphrodisiac to both the smitten and the possessor of this positioning.

Now matter how many people out in the world hear of stories like this they will still be tempted to indulge in such reckless behavior because you’ve got to understand that human nature is frail and easy to be weak even when a person knows better.

Even when one is at a place where a God centered mind should be the standard by which we conduct ourselves.

But having the power and celebrity of being a Pastor is a heck of a responsibility as it can have a drug like effect when one’s ego gets involved after having the praise given to you rather than the God that the church claims to serve.

Then you have the women who are admiring you as they only see you dressed down and groomed to the smallest detail so the Pastor now appears to be larger than life and larger than Christ.

It’s easy to begin to have a closer relationship with God’s so called representative than with the Creator Himself because the Pastor is who you see constantly as opposed to the God that you know is there that you don’t see.

So I won’t play the blame game to say one side is wrong over the other because when it comes to sleeping with the Pastor I would say that BOTH are at fault.

But you couldn’t tell me that this man moved so smoothly than absolutely no one picked up on what was going on at some point.

Black Church Service

I will even go out on a limb and say that many in the church knew something was happening as nosy as we can be to every small change in behavior and movement.

Where did the Pastor have his rendezvous’ with these women who were intimate with him?

Did all of these women keep their mouth quiet about their escapades with Pastor “Don Juan McFarland?”

I find it hard to believe that “Don Juan” had an airtight style committing his sins because most women that would find themselves “servicing” the Pastor after the church service (Or even right before! LOL!) would have to tell someone because of the temporary ego boost to an already low sense of self esteem!

They caught the prize and would want the world to know!

I can hear it now: “GIRL!!!! You won’t believe how the Pastor laid hands on me tonight! He sure had the anointing in his touch and had the horny ghost running all up and down my spine while I fell out in the lust spirit and spoke in tongues! And baby, he was on his knees kneeling down in front of me for a good loooong time and it damn sure wasn’t to pray! Whew! Heavens gates opened real wide for him all night long!

Stocking Top

Trust me, as a bus driver down here in Orlando I get to overhear many conversations that are discreetly held in public that are along the lines of the previous paragraph.

Not that it always involves a pastor, but from what I hear there are many congregations that are in need of some serious healing as the facade of church is going strong while the internal substance is rotten to the core.

I won’t even get into the finger pointing or name calling because I’ve done enough of that on this blog because it’s getting too late in the season and we’ve got to get it together before it’s too late.

We have got to hold ourselves seriously accountable for what we are doing in the name of God.

The punishment for misleading those who were lost into a life that is built on deception and cloaked sin is even worse because those in power are making evil fair seeming.

It’s to the point now that I believe many in the flock have gotten so used to the lower standards of holiness that actual sin doesn’t shock them because they “live” their lives so close to it already.

The world has infiltrated the church and there doesn’t seem to be any separation anyone.

Red Light District

The floodgates are open wide and no one really seems to have the courage to open their mouths about it.

How can this “pimp in the pulpit” be a pastor for 24 years and do what he has done for so long and no one say anything about it?

He couldn’t have acted alone and had to have a circle of cohorts to enable him and his movements because no matter where you live EVERYBODY knows the pastor!

We’ve got to stop playing church and letting those who have position in the church slide merely because we don’t want our institution to look bad or are so caught up in a mere man that we treat him like a God beside God!

Something has got to give because the church overall is losing ground and credibility as well as true spirit moving POWER!

A word to the wise:

A church is like a hospital emergency waiting room, which means there are plenty of people there who may possess a spiritual ailment.

Emergency Room

While they are there to get well, some of those who are present may just spread their particular brand of sickness to someone else close by because they haven’t been completely healed yet.

So understand that you run the risk of catching another stronghold in your life that you never had before merely because you opened yourself up to someone in church who came with a good word (Praise the Lord Sister, you are looking so stunning tonight!) but really was motivated by the spirit of lust.

Now you can’t get this person out of your head because their words piggybacked on your chronic sense of low self esteem and now found a way to get you to indulge in another area of sin that you never had a problem with.

I’m quite sure that these willing victims of Pastor Juan Demetrius McFarland didn’t go to the church to purposely sleep with the pastor, but I’m quite sure that they dropped their guard because he WAS their pastor never knowing that Satan will get to you at the very moment that your guard is dropped from a source that you would have never expected!

So test the spirit EVERYWHERE you go because there is no place on the physical face of this earth where evil can’t rear its ugly head.

Never be fooled by an individuals positioning or apparent authority and when they attempt to do something that is wrong you must immediately call it out!

To remain silent is to sign off on the evil that will transpire in your midst.

I really wonder how many people at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama silently signed off by turning their head to the obvious while he could have possibly inoculated these women who were so caught up in the lies he spewed.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Big Mouthed Brother,



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