Allow Chance To Take The Wheel In The Vehicle That Is Your Life & Take A Joyride Straight To Misery!


Its a word that can mean so many things to so many different people.

Most haven’t a clue as to the depth and power of this word, many feel that it is merely something that one would concern themselves with when taking a long trip or trying to find the right address to attend a party.

While no one would fault those interpretations of the word, I would beg to differ that it holds a much deeper meaning because that word if not honored properly, brings me a massive sense of frustration if I don’t have an idea of what MY direction in life is……

Many of us dream about a grand future but seldom do we understand that our future is connected to the present directly and that all we do now will either bring us closer to that wonderful dream or take us further away from ever realizing it!

So what direction are you headed in?

Are you that woman who has worked at the same low paying dead end job yet tells everyone that she will one day live in a mansion when she hits the lottery?

Are you that young man who has a taste for the finer things in life materially yet has refused to go to school and work toward raising your earning potential because you feel that your goals could be met much easier from selling illegal pharmaceuticals on the street corner?

Are you that middle aged gentleman who craves to live a long healthy and productive life but feels because you have never indulged in drinking and smoking you never had to watch your overweight condition, high blood pressure and late night food binges?

Are you that career driven diva who feels that your sex life is nobodies business but your own and thinks that because you work hard in school maintaining high grades, work a full time job as well as a part time gig that when your downtime comes to enjoy yourself you can sleep with as many people unprotected as you wish?

I can rattle off as many examples in rapid fire succession as I wish but I believe you get the point, that we can “think” all we want about how we want things to turn out in our lives but unless we take the necessary precautions to truly turn our righteous desires into reality our lack of planning, discipline, control and adherence to proven laws will keep us from our dreams into a sad broken reality.

That delusional woman will probably work in that same low paying job until the day God calls her never made to understand that the mansion she dreams of is DEFINITELY attainable if she were to make a plan and proactively move toward it if she is willing to move herself out of her comfort zone.

Know that your dreams are NOT a gamble!

That misled Brother who feels on top of the world silently chuckling to himself as he adds another huge wad of cash to his stash while his neighbors get up early everyday “to work for mere pennies” will one day very soon while gazing from within a cold lonely prison cell might grasp the concept that to take ones time to righteously work is the ONLY way to go to attain the finer things in this life!

Know that to reach your dreams you DON’T have to break the law!

That middle aged man who doesn’t feel as though he needs to curtail his late night eating and feels his overweight/non active lifestyle is something that he need not concern himself with might realize different in the moments that he clutches his chest in extreme pain as he falls to the ground with a massive heart attack that it only took a little effort to live in a way with proper eating and exercise habits to keep you here alive on this earth to see another beautiful day!

Your life is not to be taken for granted and thrown away carelessly!

That much envied go getter of a high achieving woman will know one day as she sits with her head buried in hear lap crying her eyes out after finding our her HIV positive status now knows that all of her sweet victories enjoyed in the scholastic arena and overtime worked wouldn’t protect her from the foolish choices with her health that she made and justified by saying that she “needed to have a little fun”  after all of her hard work.

Know that with all earthly knowledge attained that it can NEVER replace common sense!

These are some of the lessons that I have absorbed through observing the plights of others in this lifetime and has helped me to gain a strong sense of urgency in sticking to the right direction in my life and never allowing myself to fall into denial about any one aspect of my course as I constantly check my progress to insure that my “ship” stays in the right direction to eventually see the light of victory!

It aint easy with so many pitfalls and traps thrown in our path but if we stay connected to that ULTIMATE GPS SYSTEM given to us by our Creator, we will always find our way to our destiny……..

You might get there a little weary…….

You  might arrive there a little tired…….

But you will ALWAYS arrive on TIME happily without a SCRATCH

Now what direction will YOU choose to follow today in YOUR life?

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