Why Do We Always Block Our Own Blessings?

If I were to tell you that the Postal Service has been trying to contact you for months because it has a 10 million dollar check for you that must be hand delivered but you kept ignoring the notices, you would break your feet off running down to the Post Office to pick that check up to deposit it into your bank account!

Post Office

Your feeling of self importance kept you from looking at that little piece of paper stuck to your door that reminded you of an item waiting for you to come and pick it up. You were too busy and your attitude got in the way of you receiving that money that you so desperately need.

Looking back on my life as it was, I can truly see how I’ve gotten in the way of God’s blessings in my life due to my own foolish choices and carnal decisions.

…….too much to list indeed!

I also suspect that many of you reading this know exactly what I’m speaking of because you’ve probably came to the same conclusions also. If so, my hat is off to you because these admissions set the stage for massive growth in ones life.

On the other hand, if you’ve lived life enough and find it difficult to submit to the higher power whether you care to acknowledge it or not, then you are probably in a very stagnant toxic place that has to be extremely uncomfortable.

Toxic Dump

Our pitiful bit of so called “knowledge” that we possess is a joke when we truly understand how vast this creation that we depend on is and even more so how awesome the Creator of this creation has to be.

So if this is the case then why is it that we seem to carry on as though we know more than The One who made us and everything around us?

What could possibly pump us up to be so foolish that we could ever think such a thing? In my case I guess that I just wasn’t mature enough to realize this but wisened up really quick when life got all up in my backside with the lessons that I had to learn in order to truly understand. I had to learn the hard way but afterward I can tell you that it was the absolute BEST way!

But look at the time that we threw away in our arrogance thinking that we knew it all when we could have submitted to what was right and arrived to that pristine life so much sooner. It’s true and you don’t have to take my word for it but you have probably gotten in the way of many blessings that God had for you!

Our attitudes are comparable to trying to construct something that we’ve just purchased straight out of the box without reading the instructions to understand how to assemble it. You may get it right up until near completion but there is always that one nut, bolt or screw that you just can’t tell WHERE it goes and you’re FORCED to go right back to the manual to find out what to do with it.

Reading The Instructions

Everything that was ever created has a purpose and a proper way of maintaining it whether we want to acknowledge that or not. All things created by man fall under this law just as everything created in the universe by God and we can’t escape this law no matter how hard we try.

For man, everything that we need to know to have a relatively smooth life (Much smoother than you’ve experienced doing it YOUR way!) can be found in the Holy Scriptures, but why is it that this is the last place we go whenever we find ourselves in a jam that our disobedience caused us to be in?

If we would only maintain that connection to God then the memories of our lives would be so different from what it is and those elevations that He always had for us can finally be dusted off and presented to us as He always intended.

If we can look beyond our own pompous pumped up narcissistic mentalities and egos, we will see that we can’t live without the grace of God and not the other way around.


Just think of how our Creator loves us to give us the gift of life every single day, yet we don’t even thank Him for it as we race to indulge in some kind of activity that He wouldn’t probably approve of anyway.

God has gifts beyond measure for us and we think by the way we act that WE can do for ourselves better than what He can do for us.

Look around and you will see such brilliant people who you would have bet your bottom dollar would have made it big in their chosen area of expertise but never made waves in their field because they got in the way of themselves by not submitting to the One who gave them their abilities.

…….and the sad thing is, you have so may successful non-believers out her who are receiving the blessings that maybe YOU should be getting because while they may not have acknowledged God, they have submitted to the Godly laws and have reaped the benefits of them over and above all expectations!

So if you think that you can play God by doing whatever you wish and getting to where you want to go without His help, then think twice because He will just as quickly bless one whose NEVER acknowledged Him rather than bless YOU who know of Him and refuse to even give Him thanks.

What we need to do is just get out of the way of divine order and follow its lead. We come to this world with a clean slate of consciousness and there’s NO WAY that we are going to “know” more than He who created it all!


What school in this world can you go to that could teach you all that God knows even if you attended it for 10,000 years?

After living 50 years on this planet I know for sure that the best way to receive all that is for you on a divine level is to submit to His will, get OUT of the way and allow yourself to be blessed because of your obedience.

…….You can waste precious time all you want to but I’m through with tripping my own life up and that’s why from now on if it ain’t right, I’m not doing it!

I’ve returned too many Heavenly gifts back to the sender from above!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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