Always Stay Connected With Your Inner Flow!

It amazes me how many people think that there is some secret to success other than consistent hard work, major sacrifice and extreme discipline. They will see this formula executed in those they idolize who have reached their goals over and over and still just don’t have a clue as to how their icon got there.


And at this point in my life, many would say that I am not at a point yet where I could say that I’m successful but that depends on whose opinion you seek. My definition of success might be a whole lot different than yours and maybe a whole lot easier to attain, especially since I am in my own happy little world enjoying every known measure and increment of time that my Creator has granted me!


What I do know is that whatever path I’ve traveled in this life thus far I’ve always refused to go against my own personal grain which would cause myself massive discomfort in order to merely be accommodated by the bigger system that really doesn’t have my best interest in mind and ultimately would NOT manifest the personal sense of achievement that comes from being the captain of your own ship.


No way!


How many of us will say “NO WAY” behind closed doors but when its time to get up and make our own way out in the world we become cowards?


Let’s be real!


In order to make the gains and improvements that we crave so badly we have to be willing to give something up!


We have to be willing to take that uncharted road that no one else has traveled yet will reap massive rewards once one dares to venture it.


The accepted institutions of higher (propaganda) learning and worship (religious indoctrination) will NEVER encourage you to think for yourself to BENEFIT YOURSELF and bring you to a TRUE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION with the One God who created you! These entities for the most part go unchallenged because they have taken control of every facet of our thinking and have us truly believing that worshiping a statue of some pagan saint or the false image of a watered down man made Jesus will bring us to a better existence.


We feel so empowered when we achieve a degree in this satanic system but feel duped when we slowly realize that it is no more than a pass that enables one to behave subserviently in their limited  matrix like a trained monkey.


But it will NEVER bring you to that vast unlimited reservoir of mighty power that exists within you as your inner flow!


Now don’t take it to mean that I am suggesting that it is a bad choice to get an education because I would NEVER condone such a thought! But do know that attaining a degree by repeating back to a professor the bits of retained information that they teach you is NOT teaching you how to think for yourself!


The education absorbed from the Universities and Colleges  must be combined with that divine intuition that we all are born with but lose as we are blinded with the distractions of this world.


The materials necessary to build a beautiful home are rendered useless if they are left in a pile at the home site unless the builder comes along and breathes life into them by using his intuition, experience, and passion to bring about the combined interlocking systems that will eventually comprise that cherished place that will soon be call home.


So the only way to breathe life into your education is to know where to utilize it to benefit not only you but all that is around you in your community and world. But this would literally be impossible without that connectedness within to guide you righteously.


I call that intuition your inner flow…….


I also sometimes refer to it as your Third Eye…..


Its that little voice from within that is your constant companion in your life that guides you in everything that you do. Oftentimes when we find ourselves in trouble or in some sort of major jam we will say to ourselves that we should have “followed our first mind” and took another course that wouldn’t have landed us in the present mess!


So as time goes on we have learned to listen to our Godly intuition from within enabling us to avoid the tragedies that accompany foolish decisions.


If we refuse to be influenced externally and stay synchronized with our deepest thoughts we can’t go wrong. If we make a decision in life based on what is good for us instead of what would please the crowd around us we would always be better off!


You MUST do the things large and small that enable you to maintain a happy equilibrium in this life and give you peace of mind no matter what it may be! You must guard your daily personal rituals like it is the money in an armored truck after a pick up at the bank! Let NO ONE get near it! Your peace of mind and balance is necessary to being empowered to “hear” that inner voice communicating with you!


Never allow your inner peace to be disrupted by the “hijackers of joy” who roam the earth seeking to devour YOUR tranquility as they are unable to find their own joy by their refusal to submit to the righteous laws of our Creator! They are like the thieves who refuse to work yet want to steal YOUR well deserved paycheck at the end of a hard work week, BANISH them from your midst immediately!


If you like to be in quiet meditation a little everyday and this makes you strong, watch out for that person who always makes a point of calling you or dropping by when they KNOW that your quiet time is important to you!


There will also ALWAYS be someone “in need” when you are about to do something for yourself! While I am all for helping out my fellow man above and beyond the call of duty, there will be those who PURPOSELY handicap themselves in order to force you to come to their aid so they won’t have to be responsible for themselves, let them learn a HUGE lesson and do not ever go against the Holy Spirit when it tells you that they are a fraud! So if their lights are cut off, let them enjoy that expensive hair style that they paid for a week earlier in darkness! Never allow anyone to prostitute YOUR good character against you for THEIR benefit!


When shopping for shoes for a special function, if we purchase the shoes that are the most comfortable we will enjoy that special occasion more so than the individual who purchases their shoes based on how good they looked even though they must suffer in them because they are a size TOO small! They might look good to everyone else but they sure don’t feel good and that person won’t be enjoying themselves at all!


What’s the point?


Stay centered in this life and NEVER allow yourself to be pulled out of that special “zone” because if there are any secrets to true success then that is it! So many of us waste our important energy on frivolous endeavors that amount to absolutely NOTHING as time goes by! Was it really important to run with the so called “in” crowd years ago when you were club hopping and acting like a fool? Do you even still KNOW those people that you ran with years ago who you swore up and down would be there in your live forever? Where are THEY and what are they doing with their lives now? Get the point?


But what we have to understand is that all that time Gods voice Was with you (Even if you refused to listen!), IS with you and WILL ALWAYS BE with you! And what HIS voice gently whispers to you will ALWAYS be the right word and will never lead you wrong! When you submit to that divine inner flow you will never find yourself LOCKED UP, KNOCKED UP, hungover, beat down or broke!


Just live life a little bit and you will agree with these words one hundred per cent and if not then you definitely have a lot more lessons to learn in this lifetime for sure!

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