Am I Wrong To Wonder If Michelle Obama Is A Lesbian?

Don’t allow the title of this video fool you!

There is a lot more than meets the eye if you delve into what I had to say about our President.

After a few questionable actions from him that need to be addressed, I feel that I am in my full right to inquired if his wife is living her life as a lesbian because if those very same actions are any indication as to the character that he possesses deep down inside then I would HAVE to say that Michelle Obama is in a same gender loving relationship because Barack doesn’t seem to have the balls to stand up with the AUDACITY to defend what is right!

Why do I say this?

To find out please watch the video to understand where I am coming from.

My point of view is a lot more popular than the liberal media lets on to and I must say that many of you will agree with the spirit of what I said even if we all know that Michelle loves Barack and is living 100% as a straight woman in a monogamous committed relationship with her husband.


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