How Would America Be Affected If All Blacks Really Went Back To Africa? – The LanceScurv Show

There are not many Black people who live in the United States of America who haven’t been told at some point in their walk here in this country to “go back to Africa.”

Now for the most part these words are usually shot toward Black folks during their younger more formative years but after experienced, it never really leaves you. The reason it never leaves you is that it’s usually the first wake up call to the fact that you are not considered an American after being told most of your life that you’re part of “One Nation Indivisible.”

Surely Black people are not monolithic in their beliefs, aspirations and backgrounds. But this matters not when told to go back to a place that for the most part have never truly known personally.

As we succeed and overcome the ignorant rhetoric thrown at us out of fear, many Black people that I’ve known chuckle to themselves at the thought of what would White America do if we truly left all at once to the Motherland Africa?

This is a conversation that I want all to participate in to share their deepest insights. What is revealed should really be an eye opener especially to those Whites who feel that they would be better without Blacks here as well as those Blacks who feel as though America is the only place in the world to live a good life.

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