America Loves Its Alcohol, Cocaine & Illicit Sex: But Whatever Happened To Naturally Getting High On Life?

Living in the United States of America is quite different and more complicated than most who briefly come to visit here understand.

Depending on where a visitor or tourist comes from, they already have some preconceived notions about what this country is all about and what the diverse set of citizens here are like.

Most often, many come here expecting America to be this damn near perfect Utopia that welcomes all who has an abundance of opportunity and unlimited resources to live this fantasy styled dream of a perfect life.

…….nothing could be further from the truth.

So unless you’re part of the upper echelon of the privileged few, you will eventually find out the truth about this place called the United States of America if you happen to stay a little longer here on your visit than a hot minute.

You will see that many who are citizens here will not have the glowing testimonies of this place that a naive tourist fed a regular diet of Walt Disney Theme Park propaganda would.

Disney Magic

That being said, the feeling here for those who have found out that the American Dream is nothing more than a faded apparition at best has caused many to seek out other means of feeling good about the sad reality around them.

It’s a fact that America consumes the majority of the hard drugs produced in the entire world yet we are but a fraction of the planet’s population. What gives?

Sure, positive thinking works each and every time it is applied along with being spiritually grounded, but understand that many do not even have the foundation to comprehend these principles that sound good on paper but do not change their immediate life of survival by any means necessary.

So most will reach for the immediate substitute pleasures of escape because it removes them from the immediate harsh pressures that they have to face moment by moment.

So many will reach for the alcohol, the drugs, the food addictions, the reckless sexual escapades as well as the gambling addictions and other well documented destructive indulges.

Snorting Cocaine

But what is at the root of this mass exodus into the sinful behavior of humankind when they know the difference between right and wrong?

It’s the total lack of acknowledging the spiritual aspects of their lives.

By never feeding their spiritual selves with the nourishment that every single man and women needs to navigate these shark infested waters of this world, they’re simply setting themselves up for a certain failure down the line when all of their ineffective carnal options are exhausted.

You see, what the staunchest of inexperienced Holy Rollers refuse to express as they condemn you for your indulgence in your transgressions is that there is a great pleasure to be derived from sin.

Yes, I said it because it is true, there can be an OVERWHELMING sense of satisfaction to be derived from ones getting into the various vices that are all too available to the curious who possess a spiritual void in their hearts.

Injecting Heroin

We who know better should show better!

While many who are involved want to escape the mighty grip that the sinful practices have on their lives, others are lost in it but require a special brand of sympathy because that could have easily been you and I.

Helping those to learn how to get high on life the natural and proper way is a huge undertaking for one who wants to help someone come out of sinful practices because lots of patience is required.


Shame Graphic

The best way to influence someone is to lead by example, this speaks volumes to those in that lost world of decadence more so than anything that can we utter out of our mouths.

When you can display the joy that comes from living a clean God fearing life, it will intrigue those who are living on the other side of the spiritual tracks.

There is a natural high that comes after a good deep night’s slumber to waking up and hearing the birds singing joyously.

There is a natural high that embraces you when you experience seeing the sun go down after a long productive day knowing that you are a part of such a glorious creation.


There is a natural high that washes over your being when you consume a delicious well prepared meal full of the nutrients that you need after a hard days work which makes you know that you deserve such a divine sustenance.

The natural high from that comes from making love in the proper context according to scripture and those intense feelings that are not driven by foreign substances can’t be beat no matter how much you sniff, snort, inject or drink!

You won’t always get people to gravitate toward you because the mere sight of you would cause some to regress into their decadence even deeper.

So to preach relentlessly to those who are in need will turn them off from hearing anything that you have to say that can truly help them.

Soapbox Preachers

What was written in scripture has come to pass because Satan has truly deceived the masses into believing that what is bad is good and good being played out or old fashioned. This further confuses many who know that there is a better way but just don’t know where to turn.

Through our example of clean living, understanding and a loving firm approach to the major issues that we desire to help in others, we can make a difference to showing them how much better and wholesome it is to get high on life the way God intended for us.

You see, no matter how much of a rush cocaine may bring to you, there is a crash not only on a physical level, but in that unseen part of you that has been leeched to cause a severe imbalance and inability to live in the wholesome manner that our Creator meant for you.

With clean living your spirit is strengthened as you simply know that you are in line with not only creation, but by the very one who made you and knows what’s best for you.

So we have to understand the actual depths of depression from which some of our Sisters and Brothers communicate to us from.

Deep Depression

It may seem easy for us who are not in the clutches of addiction to say “well just stop doing what you are doing” because we may not understand the other unseen factors that exist within that person and the personal perspective that they possess from which they stand.

There is a whole lot of hidden guilt and shame behind the smiling faces who try so hard to blend in with those who are living a more wholesome life.

We do not walk in their shoes and most often do not have a clue as to what a day in the life is like for them as well as the trials and tribulations that they must endure.

So in the United States of America, behind the facade of a mighty nation who is known to grant countless billions of dollars of aid to needy nations, we ourselves are the ones who are more so in dire need because of the unacknowledged rot that is happening right here below the glossy surface of the ever diminishing illusion of prosperity.

Government Greed

And what most of us have to realize is that America does not stand for anything righteous like they claim to do, especially since they profit from the flow of drugs and other illegal substances while those who are lost in spiritual darkness are the battery that drives the last of this dying “economy” for the rich.

The slogan “In God We Trust” has become no more than a faddish television commercial jingle because those in power do not believe in it or they would do better by those who are suffering from the abuse that comes from not being fed spiritually.

So we cannot wait for them to do for our Sisters and Brothers what we can do for ourselves.

Reach out to become that influence and portal to restoring that lost human being back to what they were created to be…….a productive human being who is striving and thriving on the physical, mental and spiritual planes in order to be better off as a person leaving this life than when they arrived!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Compassionate Brother,



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