America! You Toss Your Loyal War Veterans Aside Like A Snotty Used Wet Napkin!

If the United States Government truly believes that the women and men of the Armed Forces are our real live heroes after sacrificing their lives and limbs in protecting our country in these dangerous times, then why do they have to work to make ends meet while others are encouraged by this very same government to sit down doing nothing, receiving a check, housing, food and free health care to nothing accountable with their lives except to produce more babies?

Why isn’t it made possible that these women and men wouldn’t have to concern themselves with the basic needs for themselves and their families when they come back home? Why are some on drugs and forgotten…..or just plain out of their minds? They didn’t forget to protect your fat lazy backsides in Washington D.C. while you traveled in a high class safety that those women and men hoped to secure. You eat in abundance and live in a luxury that some of these courageous individuals will NEVER see in their lifetimes!

Why do they have to even LOOK for a job when they come home? Shouldn’t they be lauded as the countries finest? You toss them to the side like a wet napkin you blew your nose with after a swift meaningless ceremony of pomp and ceremony akin to a man promising a lovestruck lady the world to get her disrobed for his carnal purposes while in his heart knowing the union will only amount to a shallow meaningless one night stand!

Sure there are some success stories, but they are far and few between and definitely in the minority…..but what of the majority who have to fend for themselves after serving with their mind, body and souls? Living under bridges and in cars not knowing when their next meal will come from? And what of the sexism and racism that quietly thrives amongst those ranks?

You are just using their patriotic spirits for your own corporate monopoly games and you will pay for what you are doing to these poor families who have to suffer major losses. Will you take care of them? Fathers and mothers who have lost their lives and will never see their children grow……will you sooth their hearts? Something is definitely wrong with your military system and until something is changed you will never be blessed as the so called leaders of these gallant women and men!

And how come every time there is a war to fight for the corporate interests abroad, Black folks who do not partake in the spoils of the land are all of a sudden considered Americans? When the Twin Towers in New York City came down all of a sudden we were told to show love for one another because “the enemy” is upon us! My enemy?

You mean YOUR enemy!

My enemy is poverty! My enemy is disease! My enemy is homelessness! My enemy is hunger! My enemy is unemployment! My enemy is the ignorance that is begotten from a lack of the proper education! My enemy is the spiritual wickedness in HIGH places that uses our precious lives to be the cheap pawns for their wicked cravings for world domination by any means necessary!

When America gains yet another adversary how come it is the poor and downtrodden of us of ALL COLORS on the front lines dying on the other side of the planet while back here AT HOME we are scorned and looked down upon initially as second class citizens?….and some of US allow it!

While my heart goes out to the victims and families of the World Trade Center “9-11” tragedy and all other unfortunate happenings where innocent lives worldwide are sadly taken for no reason, we have to look at the BIGGER picture and not allow our thinking to get caught up in an emotional fervor that is fanned by the media and their untruths.

Corporate America has their agenda. The government enables them by initiating a war. The war machine begins to turn and guys like Dick Cheney benefit from the manufacturing of the tools of war. The poor people of this country who subscribe …to the media’s patriotic frenzy give their lives as though the greedy entities up top view them as nothing more than a casualty and business as usual.

Bodies are returned in caskets.

Everyone bows their head while those corporate entities who merely posture in a sentimental lie display dry eyes and full pockets go off to their mansions while a mother suffers a lose and a further life of heartbroken poverty.

Need I say more?

This government does so many dirty deeds worldwide that the American public has NO knowledge of. They are not “coming clean and correct” with us. Many are beginning to become aware of this fact. READ BETWEEN THE LINES AND GET FIRST HAND INFORMATION DIRECTLY FOR YOURSELF WHILE DISCARDING THE PROPOGANDA! It’s truly your BEST weapon in these end times!

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May 21, 2010 11:15 PM

Living here in the deep south my take on this is different. If you notice a lot of soldiers come from small towns and places you’ve never heard of. There’s a reason for this in that in many of these towns the military is one of the few paths to a sustainable career that doesn’t require specialized skills (like a plumber or electrician) or … See More advanced degrees. Literally, it’s Wal-Mart, McDonalds or the Armed services.

Having said that it’s what YOU make it. There’s a LOT of retired military doing quite well and living quite well all around the country. The medical care is good, the benefits (speaking of GI benefits) are pretty good and the retirement pay is not bad given the economics of small town life.

The armed forces has issues with caring for wounded vets returning from war, but overall considering the options in rural America it’s not as bad as you might think.

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