Is The American Dream A Possibility For Black America?

There are countless Black men who feel that they are living the American Dream and what many would consider a successful life here in the United States of America. So there will be many who read the title of this article and say that I’m being negative, are delusional or simply being an instigator because anyone can make it here on these shores because of the fine examples of success that many of us exemplify.

But first we must agree that success is a place that is vastly different for many of us. One person’s success might be considered by another person to be a failure.

So what we call success is an individual perception and who am I to say that anyone’s version of success is wrong?

You might have the Black man who was raised in poverty and feels that after building an economic empire that will leave his family very wealthy for generations to come is the epitome of success even if the next man who feels that the accrued material items do nothing for him if he must forsake his higher spiritual connection to the universe and the Creator who made him.

…….it’s all relative.

So understand that we can split hairs all day long when it comes to what it means to attain a measure of success here in the United States. That would be a perpetual argument that would never end due to the vast amount of variables present I each individuals unique situation and I really wouldn’t want to invest the time in that debate because we all see reality from a different perspective.

But the one thing that is for sure is the understanding that the present system put in place here in America is NOT one put into place that shows anyone Black any favor at all.

American Dream

This is why we must rise despite the obstacles placed in our way in such a hypocritical fashion by those who are members of the dominant culture who brazenly claim that in this modern day that anyone can make it big here in the U.S.A. while working like hell to smash any real chance of you pulling yourself up by the bootstraps as a person of color.

This is why I take an extreme pleasure in every dollar that I earn independently from their job system as an entrepreneur as well as every higher level of spiritual awareness attained amidst the decadence that America is known all over the world for in abundance.

You see, I am not complaining about the heavily saturated institutionalized racism that is embedded to the core of this stolen land, I am merely saying that it is by design that we as a collective DON’T make it and everytime those who possess the mentality of being superior to you (despite the truth of them being thieves who’ve twisted the history books to make them out to be the heroes) see you rise to exude the brilliance placed in you so abundantly, they appear to have experienced a supernatural event!

They don’t know how to handle it when they realize that you haven’t fallen for the well placed traps so abundantly scattered about in our communities to benefit them in the long term.

Muhammad Ali

They don’t know how to handle it when they see you not consuming the poison that the world so blindly accepts as “food” while vehemently refusing to poison your temple/weapon to maintain a superior awareness in how to navigate around their constant attempts to bring you to shame, ridicule and failure.

You see, while there are many here in this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah who have tasted the sweetness of what they feel is success to some minor degree, the fact of the matter is that the masses of us will probably never live a life free of the poverty, oppression, stress and exploitation that will be their constant companion until the day that they transition.

Sad but true, and no matter how high that I know I’ll rise in this world as a truly free Black man who will never be known as one who was afraid to speak his mind, the sadness that overtakes my heart is that most of us will live a defeated life when it never had to be that way.

Malcolm X

If we would only think beyond the narrow constraints of their wicked system to understand that they have nothing good in it for us – other than being a servant catching the crumbs while they feel entitled to enjoying the best that life has to offer – then maybe this realization would jump start us on a cerebral level to cause us to want to do for ourselves.

No matter how well I live how can I enjoy the amenities that I’ve attained for myself when my Sisters and Brothers have not and are living an impoverished life?

While it wouldn’t make any sense to simply give all that I’ve accrued on a mental, physical and spiritual level away to those who could use it, the best and most effective way to impact their lives would be to affect a great change on their thought processes to see that they can attain so much more than their oppressive job will ever give them as they will always remain (J.O.B.) Just Over Broke.

So if we want to help our people we must first help them to redefine success and not accept the concept that we are separate entities that must pull away from the rest of our people once we’ve “made it” but like most other cultures we stay to inspire, guide and motivate the rest of us into cultivating those God given seeds of greatness that someone else feels entitled to exploiting for their own advancement.

While to many our collective success appears to be impossible, understand that their is a new shift overtaking the land in the awareness of Black people as we are waking up in record numbers to see what reality truly has been for us here in America and are pulling away from the belief that THEIR American Dream is something that we would even want to be a part of.


As it is being revealed in staggering numbers to the world on a daily basis, the American Dream was built on theft, murder, rape and evil.

The righteous balance of the universe must be maintained and while even though the injustices have been allowed for time time to transpire, the divine shift to correct this wicked system will be massive and those who are the beneficiaries of our Holocaust will severe judgment if they don’t turn away from their lineage of oppression.

So let us attain our success in a manner that our Creator intended through the collective love that others hate to see us extend amongst each other.

Marcus Garvey

Let us attain our success by understanding that all we really have here in this land soaked in the blood of our ancestors is us.

Let us attain our success by truly living a God centered life no matter how much this place called the United States tries to get us to go against every divine principle ever mandated to guide us into Heaven on Earth.

For us to be truly successful forevermore we are going to have to obey our true God and not this rebellious demonic entity who wants us to worship him as a god beside the REAL GOD!

…….until that very crucial metamorphosis transpires in the deepest recesses of one’s soul, then expect to be forever lost in this hell called North America from sea to shining sea!

“Come Out Of Her My People” must happen first from within before any manifestation of true independence and success can happen as to refuse to change ones thinking will ensure that you will remain a permanent slave!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,
Your Brother,

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