The American Public School System: A Breeding Ground For A Culture Of Mediocrity?

When I see the schools letting out the children at the end of the day, it truly behooves me to experience what our children are developing into overall in comparison to what I would consider the higher scholastic standards of yesteryear.

When we speak of the degradation of our society, many will agree that it is getting increasingly worse with each passing generation than it was before.

Sure, back in the days of the flower power Hippy movement, you had the drugs being used, the free love happening and the general rebellion from the younger people to do things the way that they wanted to do without the stringent guidelines of expected behavior placed upon them from their fore bearers.

I understand that part, but even though we have the equivalent of that time period today as far as the activity goes, there is an extra factor going on where it appears that it is desirable to be mediocre or rather downright stupid.

Hippy Movement - School

Okay, so I’m going to look past the excessive weed being smoke as well as the “Molly pills” being popped, but even after doing that I am not seeing any glimmer of hope for our youngsters in general and we need to ask ourselves why is this happening and who is to blame.

I must point out that many of those apparently out of control youth from yesteryear in the Vietnam war era who were as wayward as they came eventually went on to become the successful CEO’s of many of today’s leading corporations.

Understand that while they may have wasted the few years that they did in their rebellion against the system, at least they had a structured foundation from which to stand on that became the bedrock for their future ascension into the corporate world.

I ask myself today as I look at these youngsters of the present generation…….”what foundation do they have to stand on when they don’t even know the basic skills that will get them through a mediocre life?”

Who do we blame?

Or rather who do we hold accountable for this?

Is it the fault of the teachers?

Mediocrity Sign -School

Well, from what I’m seeing and hearing – and do understand as I write this I do not have any statistics from which to draw from so I’m not claiming any concrete facts as I am just speculating – it appears that too many teachers are passing these kids to the next grade as long as they don’t fail too bad and can make it across the line just slightly above a passing grade.


What aren’t these teachers meeting these children where they are in their world to figure out ways to make school interesting so that our children will be so full of enthusiasm to attend that they literally run to school to prove how smart they are?

What happened to that?

Why are our local community schools being shut down in favor of sending our children elsewhere to other communities where they are not truly accepted but merely tolerated on the surface with people who do not really want to connect with them?

Not to go slightly off topic, but haven’t you noticed how the schools in the Black communities across the land are being shut down?

School Closings = More Violence

When I grew up in New York City the neighborhood schools were there forever and the adults that taught there even went to those same schools for the most part.

There was a strong sense of lineage and legacy that we all were so proud to be a part of and even though we’ve all had our rebellious periods, it never ventured past a certain level and degraded down to what I see in the present day because there was an accountability on all fronts!

On the weekends or even after school when I would go to the supermarket or the pizza restaurant with my friends, we would often see those same very teachers whose classes we were in because THEY LIVED IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD that we lived in!

They had a direct interest in our success and not only that, but our teachers were our neighbors, our teachers attended the same houses of worship that we did and our teachers knew our parents well!

Shipping our youth out to schools that are not in our community creates a disconnect in the community to destabilize it the way that this government destabilizes other countries to make it ripe for defeat in their plans of war.

Yes, there is a war on our community and what better way to wipe us out than to attack the educational system of of kids so that we do not churn out the excellent and brilliant minds of tomorrow that will uphold and continue the fight that we’ve inherited so long ago?

In the past our teachers and educators looked like us, understood us, lived amongst us and knew how we communicated.

Black Male Teacher In School

To live near the schools that we attended made the learning process something that wasn’t so foreign to us because the very schoolyard in which we played after school and during the summer vacation loomed over us as a reminder that learning was a constant part of our lives to be pursued.

To subconsciously “not see” the school that we attended because we were bused across town somewhere else to a different community made the thought of learning something a task that we didn’t do in our community.

This practice is a definite psychological counter move to defeat our young minds from advancing into excellence.

But to be fair, I’m not going to sit here and just blame the system as well as accusing the system as being totally responsible for our deterioration because there are other factors involved and at work here.

Let me ask you, is it the schools fault or is it the lack of morals and work ethic that’s sadly absent from the home front?

Parents, guardians and caretakers…….you have got to shoulder some of the responsibility for our children feeling as though mediocrity is a highpoint that is to be proud of.

Your standards of excellence should be so very high and your expectations should keep your children  always gunning for the top spot, but how can they do this when they witness mediocrity up close and personal everyday in the examples that you set for them?

Teacher - School

They witness the drunkenness and slothfulness at home.

They come home to bad habits and a disheveled living environment.

How can they excel where there is no order in the household?

They see how lax the adults are in the home where all kinds of immoral behavior is tolerated and ignored.

They grown ups feel as long as they bury their heads in the sand to the preexisting issues and problems in their midst that they will simply vaporize and the children won’t ever notice it.

Well I’m here to tell you that our children don’t miss a damn thing and will most likely grow up to emulate what it was that they were exposed to for too long.

This in turn will make it most likely that the same habits absorbed at home will play out in the classroom.

Black Boy In Trouble At School

…….and then you want to get mad at the teacher for not correcting an attitude or way of approach that they should have never left the house with unchecked.

It’s NOT the teacher’s job to raise your children, it’s your job to do that so that the teachers can focus on teaching them instead of wasting the time on the unnecessary bouts of conflict resolution.

Excellence in education and the raising up of a mighty nation is a two way street and we as parents cannot expect to simply ship our youngsters out for the day to the school so we can have time to gossip with our friends or “get our grooves on!”

We have got to invest in our youth so that they do not reflect the mediocrity that is all too common and so readily accepted in the world today.

Excellence In School

We have got to urge them to better than we ever were and help them to not make the mistakes and poor choices that we did so that we can show them the way to go.

We will never grow old to see that glorious future if we don’t guide them and they will never bring their potential to fruition without our encouraging words and hard earned wisdom.

Only then will our schools once again manufacture the champions that they were once know for creating.

But remember, YOU have the minds of your children first and if they turn out to be mediocre then it’s only because YOU’VE allowed it!

…….God made not one of us to ever be mediocre with the vast talents and abilities that He so abundantly placed inside of us!

As parents it is us who are commissioned to extract them for the world around us to benefit!

It’s on you to do what’s right…….

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Creatively Relentless Brother,


High School Graduation

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