Amerikkkas Latest Super Hero: George Zimmerman!

George Zimmerman supposedly saves a family by pulling them out of an overturned SUV in Sanford Florida approximately one mile from where he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.


Isn’t it obvious why he would even show his murderous ass in the first place in a cheap attempt at an image makeover only four days after his not guilty verdict and acquittal for killing a child? Click here for the full story.

Zimmerman Super Hero

Nothing in Florida surprises me anymore as this atmosphere here operates on far different rules than that of the rest of the civilized world. The funny part about it is that for so many people who live here it’s merely business as usual.

I say that this place might be beautiful with the surreal sunsets and palm trees seductively blowing in the wind but there is an underbelly of evil behind the illusion of paradise and you best believe it’s more real than Mickey Mouse could EVER be!

This place called Florida is the dirty dick of America (Look at it on the map and TELL me that it’s not a penis!) that spews toxicities that’s heard all over the world, maybe it’s the centuries of African blood that was dropped into the soil here that put a curse on this place.

Palm Trees

I don’t know.

But something is not too right here and the so called mainstream population will hold on to their take on reality with a sheer determination never recorded in any journal of a mental health specialist. These people are delusional and literally jumped for joy in the comment sections of the various online news entities who reported this story on their new found hero.

New found hero? Of course!

George Zimmerman accomplished and exuded in one cowardly act what all of the racist elements of White Amerikkka were feeling at the time of Trayvon Martin’s murder. The major news networks knew this and played them right into some huge advertising fees for themselves because the George Zimmerman “made for TV” saga paid them all well!

Police Raids

These people were purchasing guns like they were going out of style as they feared some kind of conspiracy theory where President Obama was going to have their homes raided overnight to leave them unprotected.

Most of these Fox News absorbing junkies were always vocal about their fear of the Big Black Bogeyman who was always lurking around the corner just waiting to come into their gated communities well armed and ready to kill while they raided their homes and raped their lily white and innocent daughters.

But the fact of the matter is if you go to your very own city listing on on the MW4M section under “Casual Encounters”, you will find countless ads by White Couples who are desperately seeking the company of that same very dominate Black man to give that white Wife what her husband could NEVER give her in the middle of the night!

White Wife Cuckhold Husband Big Black Cock

Think I’m making this up?

Go ahead and investigate what is going on in YOUR city for yourself and tell me later on what you find. Your homework for tonight is to go through this site and tell me what you discovered the term “BBC” to mean.

I KNOW what I’m talking about because of the dozens of e-mails that I receive requesting from husbands that I come and take care of their Wives on a regular basis while they watch. Don’t get me to start talking!

Hypocritical Bastards!

Also, these same American “citizens” were pissed off that we had a Black President, a President who was already hated for the color of his skin but added insult to injury by stating that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.

So for George Zimmerman to do what he did made him such an honorary member of society who was confirmed to be just that and received overwhelming financial support from the companies and individuals who wanted to send a strong message to the masses that he was revered in their circles.

But for all of the hurt that the Black community has been expressing after the slap in the face of a verdict that George Zimmerman received, I’ve heard of not one incident of violence toward whites nor have I seen the out of control anger that I see coming from the White community on these anonymous message boards on blog and news websites.

Isn’t that something?

Why are THEY mad? Why are THEY angry?


Then after the acquittal was made official, White America threw George Zimmerman away like a used piece of tissue that excavated the remnants of a nasty bout of diarrhea denying any connection to him because his isn’t White, he is Latino!

How convenient! When he was going through the trial they were all for him, writing message after scathing hateful message sharing your thoughts on how Blacks are all on Welfare and crime driven and prison bound once they enter puberty.

They couldn’t wait to show their ass on cyberspace behind the safety of their computer keyboards but wouldn’t dare speak this is public to one who clean their teeth out for them in a very permanent manner.

But understand that we are sick and tired of YOUR sickness of racism just the same. Know that from what I’m seeing on my end is that your treatment of us has reached the breaking point to spawn movements that will bring this stolen country down to a halt.

You claim to be Christians yet your movements are that of a Satan worshiper but you are too possessed to see that. Your schizophrenia is well documented in every country of the world from your trouble making ways that have shattered whole countries.

Yet you focus on the easy marks here in this country who happen to be Black. You demonize us at every turn forcing many a Black man to go through the waste of time action of trying to validate themselves to you as though you are some God beside God and the end all and be all to creation!

Me? Never! I will never bow down to this bullshit in this country as my father has prepared me for this time quite well. You can’t shock someone who was trained to anticipate an attack and respond accordingly. Believe that!

So on we go with the George Zimmerman makeover as a hero for racist America. I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see him on Dancing With The Stars or maybe his own reality television show “Living Under The Radar With George Zimmerman” about an acquitted murderer and his daily struggle to live a normal life with a bounty on his head from the Black community and beyond!

Or maybe ol’ George can have a spot on the Food Channel with Paula Deen, she can cook his favorite dishes and as he stuffs himself into another few suit sizes higher, she can talk about how she can’t stand “niggers” as her approval ratings go through the roof.

Paula Deen

How about George Zimmerman as James Bond 007? He could shoot all of the evil useless criminal Black people in an epic action flick that would rake in record numbers to an adoring Amerikkkan audience who would make him the matinee idol and icon that they have yearned for over the YEARS! At least he’ll be able to bed down a few hot chicks and always win his scripted battles to the delight of his already huge loyal fan following.

Why not go for the whole sha-bang while he’s at it and run for President in a George Zimmerman/Rush Limbaugh for 2016 campaign where they can use the slogan “Taking America Back” and “Arms For Everyone!” I bet they just might win by a landslide!

While Michael Vick served 19 months of a 23 month sentence for dog fighting but George Zimmerman didn’t serve a day for killing someone that most of Amerikkka felt is not even deserving of being treated as a fellow human being and child of God. hell, after the killing, he was allowed to walk free for so long before turning himself in at his leisure!


But late at night when you can’t sleep you see those tear jerking commercials begging for money to help save stray hungry dogs in an attempt to get you to part with a few bucks so you can feel humane. But the very next day you lock your doors when you see someone as “menacing” as I walk past your vehicle yet will never really know the beauty that dwells deep inside of my below the emotional scabs accrued in my dealing with you all my

So the next time you drop your wallet in the supermarket parking lot don’t expect me to call to you to retrieve it and do know that I don’t want it either.

The next time your women are scared of that stray dog don’t expect me to offer to protect her because you give more love to those damn dogs than you do me when you are on your computer spewing those lies about me being a criminal.

The next time you attempt to donate a few bucks to your Salvation Army hustle or Christmas lie of a hallucination don’t look my way because I will be sending my hard earned money to the Nation Of Islam, The Hebrew Israelites, The Black Panthers or the Rastafarians.

John Wayne

Leave me alone while you worship the new found modern day John Wayne called George Zimmerman as I prepare for the Revolution of the Mind that will bring down your world as we work toward a NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH in smashing down the old rule that has kept us under and in chains for so very long!

I love how many of you take the time to read my expression but know that this is real and is not a joke. I seek even more discipline to secede to the next level of awareness and spirituality because this oppressive order of things will never be defeated until we as a people get closer to God.

Reject everything of this man made world and be blessed with eternal life as nothing man made will last forever especially when that place I speak of is the modern day Babylon!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Fired Up Brother,



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