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LanceScurv speaks directly to Amir Khan in this very entertaining rant after being annoyed at his constantly begging Floyd Mayweather for a well paying fight.

Amir Khan speaks an an entitled manner when speaking to fellow Brit and I.B.F. Champion Kell Brook: “When the question comes to me ‘why don’t you fight Kell Brook?’ – My body’s taken wear and tear fighting all the top guys, the world champions – so why isn’t Kell doing that? Why should I give him this big payday he’s after?”

“Let him build his name, let him prove himself, let people say he’s untouchable and then I’ll come and beat him. We’re both the same age, young and hungry and I’ve done a lot more in my career. I believe he has to step it up a bit.”

What kind of space dust is Amir Khan smoking? The very advice that he gave Kell Brook in the previous paragraph is the very approach that he should be taking himself!

I don’t know how you feel about it but I believe that Amir Khan will simply fade off into an unannounced retirement if he doesn’t get a fight with Floyd Mayweather only to reveal what he was made of all along.

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